7 Best Zoomers

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Top 7 Zoomers

FINIS Zoomers Gold Fins ( Gold Fins E)
Product Highlights:
  • short blade promotes shorter and faster kicks to improve technique and build leg strength
  • designed with a snug foot pocket to ensure performance. size up if you are in between sizes or have a wide foot
  • increases ankle flexibility and range of motion for a more efficient kick
FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers (Zoomers Fins G)
Product Highlights:
  • check the size chart before purchasing, if you are between sizes or have a wide foot, we recommend sizing up
  • the flex box catches water on the up kick, targeting and strengthening hamstrings and glutes
  • short blade promotes shorter and faster kicks to improve technique and build leg strength
Zoomer Playful Pup Responsive ( Realistic Motion, For Ages 5 & Up)
Product Highlights:
  • robot dog: bring home a best friend that moves & sounds just like a real dog! with sophisticated voice recognition technology, playful pup responds to sound & touch with cute barks & adorable tricks!
  • responds to sound & touch: give your toy robot pet snuggles, cuddles & belly rubs and he'll "woof" in delight! give your new best friend a unique name to unlock new tricks & he'll come when you call!
  • teach puppy tricks: with voice recognition technology, this robotic dog learns more than 25 tricks by responding to voice commands. train playful pup to lie down, shake a paw, beg, play dead and more!
Zoomer Show Pony With ( Interactive Movement)
Product Highlights:
  • trot home a new best friend! zoomer show pony is a sweet interactive toy who sings, dances and moves just like a real pony!
  • when she performs well, treat her with a yummy sugar cube! she loves to snack on sugar, and may even get hyper and perform her special sugar dance!
  • this little pony's hair is streaked a stunning hot pink and white. use the brush accessory to style her for the big show!
Zoomer Chimp Interactive Chimp ( Sensors By Spin Master)
Product Highlights:
  • zoomer chimp moves like a real chimp! he rolls, flips, move on all fours, and stands all on his own! you can even get him to follow you!
  • train zoomer chimp with 10 easy-to-remember voice command, including "stand", "flip", "let's dance","chimp talk", and "go banana's"! he's designed with progressive play, so he won't always respond the same way!
  • zoomer chimp has a life of his own - this interactive chimp has colour changing eyes, a moving his face, and wild chimp sounds to show you exactly how he's feeling!
Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Shreddy ( Rabbit That Eats, Ages 5 & Up)
Product Highlights:
  • robot bunny: adopt an interactive robotic bunny who really eats! hold a paper treat up to your hungry bunny's mouth, and they'll nibble it up! then lift your rabbit up to see colorful confetti poop!
  • responds to sound & touch: hungry bunnies love to sing & play musical games! pat them on the forehead or tummy to hear different magical sounds, or tickle their stomach to hear cute bunny giggles!
  • feed your bunny snacks: feed your robot bunny over 80 included paper snacks. from carrots to cupcakes, there are tons of yummy treats to give your bunny! then make your own using the treat tracer!
Zoomer 6040309 Enchanted Unicorn ( Unicorn Toy)
Product Highlights:
  • zoomer enchanted unicorn is an interactive toy that moves on her own; teach her to sing, dance and trot out a figure eight!
  • turn up the excitement when you feed this magical unicorn her sugar cube! she may become hyper and do her special sugar dance!
  • there's so much to discover about zoomer enchanted unicorn; use the magic wand accessory to unlock a secret enchanted game!

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