7 Best Wood Drill Bit Sets

Top 7 Wood Drill Bit Sets

DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit ( Point, 21-Piece (DW1361))
Product Highlights:
  • titanium pilot point for longer bit life
  • starts on contact for cleaner holes
  • no spin shanks.clip latch for secure closing
Bosch DSB5013P 13Piece Daredevil ( Bit Set In Pouch)
Product Highlights:
  • features a full-cone threaded tip for fast and effortless drilling
  • contoured paddle for fast chip removal
  • hex shank power groove to reduce slippage
IRWIN SPEEDBOR Drill Bit ( 6-Piece (3041006))
Product Highlights:
  • the fastest speebor spade bit ever
  • tri-flute design for faster chip ejection
  • cutting spurs have 3 cutting edges for added durability
DEWALT Drill Bit Set ( 6-Piece (DW1720))
Product Highlights:
  • precise cutting edges to reduce splintering
  • brad point tip reduces walking
  • engineered flutes for clean effective chip removal
WORKPRO 13Piece Spade Drill ( Woodworking,Nylon Storage Pouch Included)
Product Highlights:
  • constructed from carbon steel with heat treated for durability, head with polished surface for longevity
  • cutting edge with double side cutting spurs of high quality for durable and quick drilling effortlessly
  • quick-change hex shank,with groove for reducing slipping and prevent falling off, safety
COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill ( Aluminum Alloy With Storage Case, 3/64"-1/2")
Product Highlights:
  • hss titanium coating : classic hss construction with titanium coating for capability and durability. the cutting edge is hardened and honed for sharpness, chatter-free design with staggered cutting teeth ensure the precise countersinking and hole smooth clean. it can be used multiple times without deformation.
  • twist design & performance : precise 135split point, gold oxide finish and round straight shanks. prevent walking, clear chips and particles faster. produced by precision fully ground which ensures chips move smoothly. it is your ideal choice for diy projects and household maintenance and repair.
  • flutes form : 2 flutes form helps clear chips and debris away from the bit, decreasing friction and heat for a faster, cooler drilling process.
DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit ( 21-Piece (DW1342))
Product Highlights:
  • speed tip reduces walking
  • ideal for drilling in metal, wood, and plastics
  • no spin shanks

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