14 Best Wireless Dslr Flashes

Top 14 Wireless Dslr Flashes

Neewer NW565EX ETTL Slave ( Receiver)+(2)Soft&Hard Diffuser+C1/C3 Cables+(2)Lens Cap Holder)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful flash with high guide no.58(iso 100, 180mm). lens coverage 18mm - 180mm
  • automatically zoom, wireless ttl, optical sensing, compatible with canon wireless flash signals, features with overheating protection, voice prompt, custom function, rear-curtain sync
  • charging socket for external power pack: adds a charging socket for external power pack. pc synchronous port: simple for you to use the pc synchronous line
YONGNUO Upgraded YN568EX III ( 1/8000 For Nikon DSLR Cameras)
Product Highlights:
  • ttl flash with high guide number, gn58@iso100105mm, support ttl, m, multi flash.
  • the yn568ex iii can synchronize with all shutter speeds, realize ttl and manual flash, the maximum shutter sync is up to 1/8000.
  • the yn568ex iii is equipped with the usb interface, you can download the latest firmware from yongnuo official website to upgrade the speedlite.
Yongnuo CA63YN560TXC YN560TX Wireless ( YN560TX Speedlight For Canon DSLR Cameras)
Product Highlights:
  • adjust flash function though the controller directly. wireless triggering function.
  • set group, up to 6 groups. set the flash output and flash mode. modify multi flash frequency and count.
  • modify zoom for each group. compatible with rf602 / rf603 / rf603 ii. transmission range: 100 meters.
Neewer Flash Speedlite With ( Other DSLR Cameras With Standard Hot Shoe (NW570))
Product Highlights:
  • 1/200s-1/20000s flash speed present clear and vivid images, 3 flash modes:m, s1 and s2 improve versatility and usability
  • built in 2.4g wireless signal and 15 channel transmitter,support transmitter wireless triggering functions
  • 8 variable flash output from 1/1-1/128,meeting your flashlight demands
Powerextra LCD Display Flash ( DSLR Camera, Digital Cameras With Standard Hot Shoe)
Product Highlights:
  • wide compatibility: great camera flash with high guide no.33 (iso 100, 35mm), supports manual/s1/s2/multi flash mode. compatible with most canon nikon panasonic olympus pentax and other dslr cameras with standard hot shoe and sony camera with new mi hot shoe like sony a7 a7s/a7sii a7r/a7rii a7ii a6000 a6300 a6500 (not compatible with canon 1500d/2000d/4000d).
  • 2.4g wireless trigger transmitter: 15-channel transmitter and receiver unit with operating range of 50m (164ft). goes into rx slave flash mode, it supports wt-u trigger, equipped with 15 channels. only need to set the flash and trigger wt-u at the same channel when using. that trigger system can set multi flashes lighting application.
  • rotation angle and more function: vertical rotation angle: -7~90 degrees, horizontal rotation angle: 0~270 degrees, fixed zoom, provide you with a rich flash perspective. additional function: power saving mode, synchronization, external charging, over temperature protection and systematic over temperature protection fuction.
YONGNUO Wireless Flash Trigger ( 60D/70D/400D /500D /600D /700D /1000D Series)
Product Highlights:
  • rf605=rf602+rf603
  • tx/rx/trx multiple working ways
  • a/b/c/d/e/f 6 groups (compatible with yn560-tx)
Neewer 750II TTL Flash ( Cameras With Wireless Trigger Diffuser Lens Cap Holder)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful flash with high guide no. 58 (m) / 19ft(at 15mm focal length,iso 1 in meters/feet).
  • 2.4ghz wireless flash trigger with 3-in-1 functions: will trigger off-camera flash units, studio lights and cameras from up to 1meters / 328 feet away
  • charging socket for external power pack: adds a charging socket for external power pack. pc synchronous port: simple for you to use the pc synchronous line.
2 Trigger Pack Altura ( D5300 D7100 D7500 D610 D750 D500 D5 DSLR Cameras))
Product Highlights:
  • kit includes: wireless flash trigger kit (1 transmitter, 2 receivers).
  • compatible with all nikon cameras with a standard hot-shoe. (wired trigger not compatible with nikon d3400 and d850
  • operating distance: up to 30 meters (100ft)
Altura Photo AP305S Camera ( A6000, A9-2.4GHz TTL Speedlite For Mirrorless Cameras)
Product Highlights:
  • wireless manual trigger: the rt-305 manual wireless trigger has 16 channels for communication. note: when using the rt-305 manual wireless trigger with the ap-305 flash, hss and ttl is not supported and flash sync speed will work up to 1/250s. hss and ttl is only available when using one or more of the ap-305 flash.
  • advanced wireless functions: incorporated 2.4ghz makes it easy to shoot with advanced wireless multiple ash lighting, in the same way as ttl auto-ash shooting when using several flash units. multi-angle and multi-directional photography setups are simple, since flash units dont need visual proximity to one another. the rt-305 manual flash trigger enables wireless transmition with a manual set up, it does not support ttl mode.
  • compact, lightweight with professional performance: same professional power in a 30% lighter package. includes one altura photo ap-305s speedlite flash for sony + one rt-305 manual wireless trigger + mini stand + protective pouch.
GODOX X1TN TTL 24G ( Cameras +Andoer Cleaning Cloth)
Product Highlights:
  • godox first ttl wireless flash trigger transmitter x1t-n is suitable for nikon series cameras.
  • 2.4g wireless transmission, 32 channels, the max. flash synchronization speed is up to 1/8000s*.
  • featuring multi-channel triggering, stable signal transmission, and sensitive reaction.

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