12 Best Watering Bags For Trees

Top 12 Watering Bags For Trees

Treegator Jr Pro Slow ( For Trees And Shrubs)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect for low branch trees and shrubs with branches starting at least 6 inches above the ground.
  • fits trees or shrubs with single or multiple trunks totaling up to 5 inches in diameter.
  • dual pvc elbow-shaped emitters continuously provides water over 5 to 8 hour time period.
ART TO REAL Tree ( Bag With Heavy Duty Locking Zipper For Trees, 2 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • durable -- made of strong pvc that can naturally withstand uv, color and low-profile blends with landscape, reduce visibility while in use, specially-made pvc fill cap and locking cap design
  • slow release -- slow release circular irrigation bag. this slowly leaches water into your soil directly around the tree where it can be easily obtained by the roots and surrounding soil for complete coverage.
  • large capacity -- 15 gallon capacity per bag can release water about a 1-6 hour period for a deep saturation.
6 Pack TreeGator ( Watering Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • 6 pack of treegator junior watering bags
  • 15 gallon capacity for each bag
  • made of brown uv coated pvc material
Tree IV Root Seeker ( Grade Watering Systems)
Product Highlights:
  • use weekly for a natural soak-dry cycle that develops a self-sustaining root system in two growing seasons
  • small trees - one fill per week soaks the root-well and ensures localized root establishment
  • larger trees - moving out to the drip zone encourages development beyond the root-well
Remiawy Tree Watering Bag ( With Zipper-Updated Version(5-8 Hours Releasing Time))
Product Highlights:
  • multiple benefits in one single tree watering bag remiawy tree watering bag is of great benefit, which can save time, water, money and trees. there are two small holes at the bottom of bags to slowly release water, which provides supplemental water during the root establishment phase of tree growing. slow release watering bag for trees is a rather convenient way to help new trees to survive after being moved from a pot into the ground.
  • perfectly customized for newly planted & established trees this watering bag for tree is perfectly customized for newly planted or established trees from 2" to 8" in trunk diameter, with branches beginning at least 25" from the ground or higher. it is kindly suggested to zip multiple tree watering bags together for more mature and larger trees. one single tree water bag fits 2" to 4" diameter trunk. two tree bags watering zipped together fits 4" to 8" diameter trunk.
  • 20 gallon capacity to reduce your watering frequency with 3.7" width opening, you can quickly and easily fill the water bag tree with a standard garden hose. slow release watering bag distributes 20 gallon(75.7 l) of water to slowly release about 5-8 hours allowing for gradual absorption. usually, a single 2 inch caliper (trunk diameter) tree would require approximately 20 gallons of water per week. you don't need to fill the tree watering bag every day.
Highlight 2019 All New ( Watering Ring/Bag(2 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • 20gallon watering ring, 33% more capacity than market 15gallon
  • heavier body fabric & larger filling opening with inner lock device
  • deep root watering
Garden Armor 20 Gallon ( Tree Watering Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • 100% water concentration, conserves water by preventing run-off
  • holds up to 20 gallons and wraps trunk sizes of 4". can expand with multiple bags
  • made with commercial grade uv stabilized coated polyethylene
2Pack Tree Watering Bag ( Adjust Watering Bag For Trees And Shrubs)
Product Highlights:
  • high quality material: made of very durable pvc tarpaulin material,especially designed for outdoor use and withstand different weather for a long time.the watering bag can continuously release water and prevent water loss due to run-off or evaporation.a perfect tree irrigation bags for your tree!
  • slow release: the watering bag could slow release the water deep below the soil surface,ensuring water reaches the root and strong root growth,helping to reduce the effect of transplant and drought shock.the tree watering bag plays a crucial role during the new tree transplanting period.
  • advantage: employing irrigation principle and adjustable water outlet device, it can solve the problem of clogging and control water flow, watering bags help keep your new trees moist for healthier growing.
3 PackPremium Junior 15 ( Young&Newly Planted Trees&Evergreens&Shrubs)
Product Highlights:
  • bag capacity & tree size - perfectly for newly planted trees up to 15" girth(4" in dia.), with branches beginning at least 26" from the ground, and you can zip multiple bags together back to back for a bigger trees;
  • professional deep root drip watering design - save time & water& effort: innovative slow release drip system will prevent water from running off and not reaching the roots or evaporating before being drawn in by the tree. this bag have 5 to 8 hours drain time after full filling, just use it 1 to 2 times per week with 1 to 2 growing seasons or as needed, your gardening will much enjoyable;
  • easy use, no need special tools-no staking, just wrap around the tree, pull the zipper up, and full fill in minutes, then the drip system will working;
Garden Armor New Easy ( Tree Watering Ring ...)
Product Highlights:
  • provides a continuous irrigation system from two valves for even water distribution
  • durable ring is made from heavy duty pvc material that can naturally withstand uv
  • holds up to 15 gallons of water with a drip time of 5-8 hours for deep saturation of soil

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