13 Best Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Shut-off valves are important in controlling the water flow in your washing machine by protecting your home from water damage. It can also provide an easy and maintenance-free way to shut off the water. Purchasing a shut off valve is surely a great investment that your home can have.

13 Best Selling Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

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Here are the best washing machine shutoff valve below:

Top 13 Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Watts 12 2TM2 Brass Water Shut Off Valve
Product Highlights:
  • single lever controls cold and hot water to the washing machine
  • can prevent washing machine hoses from bursting
  • lever can be set in any position to control water flow
New And Improved Automatic Machine Outlets, Flood Stopping & Water Leak Detection
Product Highlights:
  • protect your home or business from water damage and save money on your homeowners insurance!
  • easy installation – attach to existing plumbing, place the water sensor on the floor behind the washing machine and download the free app
  • new and improved: two notifications when water leak is detected - loud 85db continuous alarm and receive notification on your mobile phone from anywhere (attaching the wifi module in order to receive push notifications is optional)
Eastman 60250 Washing Machine Drain, 1/2" Crimp Inlet, White
Product Highlights:
  • measures 10.25 inch x 3.5 inch x 9 inch
  • equipped with 1/2 inch crimp pex inlet and 3/4 inch mht outlet connections
  • recessed design that accommodates 1 inch drywall.maximum pressure (psi):125
Homewerks VWMDUAF3B Washing Machine Thread, Brass, 1/2-Inch
Product Highlights:
  • single lever
  • compatible with hot/cold
  • long-lasting
New Floodstop Washing Machine Lead Free Inline Valves
Product Highlights:
  • each floodstop valve is screwed onto the hot and cold water hose bibs
  • water/leak sensor is placed on the floor behind washing machine
  • valves stay open until water loss is detected
Floodstop For Washing Machines 3/4-H90 Version 4
Product Highlights:
  • this washing machine leak detector will detect a leak, sound an alarm, and automatically turn off the water supply to the washing machine to prevent further damage
  • components: 90 degree motorized ball valves (two valves, 3/4 inch hose threaded with union), water/leak sensor (1.25” x 7.5”), and ac power adapter.
  • prevent water damage from flooding and leaking washing machines
Kissler Company Inc Machine Shut Off Valve
Product Highlights:
  • washing machine shut off valve with single handle
  • allow either 1/2" threaded or 1/2" solder copper x 3/4" washing machine hose threads
  • made from solid brass
Kingston Brass KF1000 12Inch Valve For Washing Machine
Product Highlights:
  • high quality brass construction
  • max 150 psi
  • inlet: 1/2" sweat
Symmons W400 LaundryMate Washing Washing Machine Valve
Product Highlights:
  • washing machine valve
  • on/off settings
  • brass valve body
American Valve M75LS 12 Machine Valve, 1/2-Inch
Product Highlights:
  • duo solder and npt threaded inlet
  • lock nut for securing to washing machine box
  • 3/4-inch hose threaded outlet
LeakSmart Automatic Leak Detection Leak Risk Appliances 1, Washing Machine
Product Highlights:
  • sku: 8810100
  • finish: n/a
  • manufactured by: leaksmart
Eastman 60245 Washing Machine Recessed, PVC, Double Drain
Product Highlights:
  • designed for a right or left side drain
  • a snap-on frame accommodates up to 1 inch drywall
  • the rough opening is 8-1/4 inch (w) x 6-18/8 inch (h) x 3-3/4 inch (d)

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