7 Best Walkin Cooler Door Closer

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Top 7 Walkin Cooler Door Closer

Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic ( Hook, 11094000003_11094000026)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful gas-loaded hydraulic cylinder guarantees controlled closure
  • exposed mounting model with adjustable wide hook in flush to 3/4 inch offset; model numbers 11094000003 and 11094000026
  • solid steel enclosed housing and bend-resistant hook assure long wear in heavy use
Kason 1095 Spring Action ( Offset, 11095000013_11094000026)
Product Highlights:
  • operates by direct force adding to natural swing momentum of closing door; rubber roller ensures quiet operation
  • designed to overcome slowing action of gaskets and air pressure; provides fast, full closure for heavy walk-in doors
  • easy installation; simply snaps onto concealed mounting plate
Kason 1092 Hydraulic Door ( Offset Hook, 11092000008)
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for walk-in doors or boxes with merchandising doors to prevent pressure spikes that pop open glass doors
  • brakes movement, shuts door noiselessly and keeps it closed
  • closes door opened as result of temperature-pressure build up
Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic ( Mounting, 11094000003)
Product Highlights:
  • genuine oem replacement part
  • kason builds products that are used in the commercial food industry
  • use genuine oem parts for safety reliability and performance
KASON Door Closer ( Mount With 1-1/8" Offset)
Product Highlights:
  • hydraulic door closer with 1-1/8" offset hook
  • exposed mounting model with visible mounting screws.
  • sure closure - self correction and extra-wide hook ensures roller pick-up and overcomes alignment problems.
Kason 1097 Spring Action ( Offset, 11097000004)
Product Highlights:
  • high tension closer recommended for doors exceeding 200 lbs; model 11097000004
  • spring tension can be set to close door under a wide range of conditions
  • roller rod guide assures smooth operation with either rise or fixed pin hinges
Chg W941020 Door Closer ( W94 Offset 21312)
Product Highlights:
  • chg - w94-1020 - offset hydraulic door closer
  • offset hydraulic door closer
  • chg

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