10 Best Walker Glides For Concrete

When you are using glides for your walker, you want to make sure it comfortable glides across concrete. Here are ten best selling walker glides that will not let you down:

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Top 10 Walker Glides For Concrete

NOVA Walker Glide Skis Fit, One Pair, Gray
Product Highlights:
  • no more tennis balls! get walker skis! the ideal folding walker glide option for indoor and outdoor surfaces. safe for wood floors and easy to clean.
  • adds style, safety & mobility to your folding walker and easily glides over door jams and small barriers.
  • easily attaches with no tools required over metal tube of folding walker. installs in just minutes.
Tulimed Grey Walker Ski Coaster Skis For Medical Walkers 1 Pair2
Product Highlights:
  • tool free installation.
  • allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces
  • easily slides onto most of the walker’s rear legs.
Walker Buddezz Glide Set Safer On All Surfaces 2 Pack
Product Highlights:
  • an ideal solution: creates a safer more stable experience on all surfaces—glide over tile, brick, wood or concrete. love the great outdoors? walker buddezz makes maneuvering over grass, walkways and thresholds a cinch. developed by physical therapy professional chad dollarhide to make walkers more user-friendly, these unique glides outperform traditional solutions like tennis balls and skis that can actually lead to more dangerous falls.
  • easy to install: each set comes with two walker buddezz. because walker buddezz are designed to universally fit walkers, they are easy to install (no tools required) and operate and offer a durable solution to other problematic aids. with three simple pieces, walker buddezz can attach in under one minute. while other products may be frustrating and tedious to attach to your walker, walker buddezz are incredibly simple and work with the mobility walkers design.
  • walk safer: once attached, walker buddezz allow you to move in all directions, turn, and maneuver over hazards like rugs or cracks in cement, making it easier and safer to go about your daily life. they even keep you stable on wet surfaces or outdoors. keep moving day after day, as walker buddezz are made from durable materials that are meant to withstand usage. they don't wear down, they don't chip, and they don't rip like other products.
Drive Medical RTL100017 Walker Walker Glide Ski, Gray
Product Highlights:
  • allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces
  • easily slides onto 1 1/8 inches tubing of walker
  • tool free installation
Driver Medical Rtl100014 Sneaker Walker Glides, Blue
Product Highlights:
  • stylish tennis shoe glides personalize the walker
  • allows walker to glide easily and smoothly over most surfaces
  • fits all size tubing; knob turns on bottom of glide for different tubing diameter
Funski Walker Glides Ladybug Ladybug
Product Highlights:
  • safe – funski walker glides glide smoothly across most surfaces, indoors or outdoors. unique design allows for safe travel over all terrain without catching on objects or oxygen tubing.
  • fun unique design – bright colors and designs are easy to see and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face!
  • long lasting & durable – funskis have a durable and self-lubricating low friction plastic “shoe” that greatly enhanced walker mobility. the bottom “shoe” has a wear indicator and are easily and affordably replaceable.
Essential Medical Supply Pop Easy Use Walker Skis
Product Highlights:
  • can easily be added on to all 1 inch walkers
  • made of high quality, durable plastic for extended use
  • rubber tip will go over existing walker leg for secure fit
RMS Walker Glide Skis Safety And Stability 1 Pair
Product Highlights:
  • a set of 2 glides.
  • universal fit for walkers: the rms walker ski glides fit all walkers with a post diameter between 1" to 1 1/8" tubing diameter.
  • indoor or outdoor use: the walker ski glides are made of durable composite material for long lasting use. it moves smoothly and safely over concrete pavement and sidewalks. the bottom of the walker glides are smooth for indoor use also without scratching or snagging.
Bundle 6 Pairs Deluxe Walker Glide Covers
Product Highlights:
  • special deal on 6 pairs of durable glide covers
  • fits existing rubber style tips (sold separately)
  • durable plastic helps protect floors
Vive Walker Ski Glides Stability - 2 Slides And 2 Smooth Sock Pad Covers 1-Pair
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with all walkers: allowing for smooth, easy mobility, the vive walker ski glides are universally sized to easily attach to all walker styles. the curved ski glides securely slide into place, with a post diameter between 1" - 1 1/8" . navigate over carpet, tile, pavement or concrete without dragging your walker or using unsightly tennis balls. this set of two walker ski glides also includes two velour glide covers for indoor use.
  • suitable for indoor/outdoor use: safely maneuver indoors and out with the smooth walker ski glides. great for concrete sidewalks, pavement and blacktop, the scratch-resistant walker glides provide additional stability on any surface.
  • curved tips with velour covers: the inclined ski tips easily glide over door jams, rugs and from tile to carpet. two velour glide covers are included for indoor use. these covers provide additional protection against snags and scratches when moving from outdoors to indoors.

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