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“-And there’s this twelve thousand dollars item for books.
-That supposed to be twelve hundred, the twelve thousand is for paper.
towels. Besides there is already that bequest for the library.
-Did it say books in so many words? No. It’s just a bequest for the library.
-Use it for pegboard. You need pegboard in a library. Books you don’t know what you’re getting into.”
― William Gaddis, JR

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7 Top Rated Voice Activated Stickers Paper Towel

Voice Motion Activated ( Unique Practical Joke. Funny Gag Gift For Huge Laughs.)
Product Highlights:
  • maybe if i scream louder at it! make smart people look silly, and make stupid people look downright ridiculous. "one f*cking coffee, please!"
  • turn anything into the ultimate prank! you can put these on anything: doors, computer monitors, towel dispensers, toasters, lamps, water fountains, coffee makers, printers, kid toys, adult toys, etc.
  • why aren't paper towels coming out. maybe i need to yell louder. grandma, you're yelling at the fridge. please go to bed, you're drunk.
StickIt By Gagster Prank ( Tags, Gag Novelty Stickers Vending Machines Doors)
Product Highlights:
  • a brand new way to prank your friends: this awesome set of stickers is every prankster's dream come true! the set includes 60 prank stickers of 3 different designs that will give you endless hours of fun and new tricks! the set includes 20 voice activated stickers, 20 motion activated, and 20 clap activated. stickit by gagster is the only one to give you the clap activated stickers to make your practical jokes truly unique!
  • endless fun and laughs: just imagine your friend yelling at the coffee machine or clapping in front of the tv like a loser, losing it and ending up screaming in frustration! these stickers can fool even the smartest of people and make them act ridiculous in public! just stick them on vending machines, paper towel dispensers, or electronic devices when no one's looking and enjoy the show!
  • have a laugh wherever you are: the best part about this prank stickers is that they give you the opportunity to make a fool out of everyone without even having to carefully plan the prank! just keep some of the stickers in your wallet or bag, and stick them on everything when you get the chance! the prank stickers are the easiest and most convenient way to perform the most hilarious practical jokes wherever you are!
Fake Voice Motion ( Practical Hilarious Sign Tags (Prank Stickers))
Product Highlights:
  • pack of 60 prank stickers of three different designs that will give you endless funny and hilarious hourse. including 20 voice activated stickers, 20 motion activated stickers, and 20 clap activated stickers bring more joy to your life,and makes your practical jokes truly unique
  • you put these funny prank stickers on things that are not motion and voice clap activated and then watch people stupidly yell and wave at them. hilarious!
  • hilarious & unique practical joke: makes your abs/vest line hurt - picture that a person bellowing "pepsi" at a dispenser or another one waving maniacally at the glass entrance doors
Voice Activated Say Loudly ( (2 Pack) - Sticker)
Product Highlights:
  • voice activated say loudly dispense now (2 pack) 2.5" x 2.5" sticker
  • funny prank gag sticker.
  • heavy duty adhesive. weather resistant ink & durable vinyl
Scott Essential Multifold Paper ( Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • each case 16 packs of 250 trifold paper towels (4,000 total)
  • each white multifold paper towel is 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches / 23.4 centimeters x 23.9 centimeters (may be a substitute for c fold paper towels)
  • exclusive absorbency pockets soak up water fast, so these trifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste
Voice Motion Activated ( For Hilarious Gag Gifts (10))
Product Highlights:
  • pack of 10 vinyl & glossy joke stickers: contains 5 "voice activated" stickers & 5 "motion activated" stickers
  • endless humor! make even the smartest of people act ridiculous in public while yelling at the coffee machine or hitting the water fountain in rage!
  • funny pranks anywhere! prank your friends or strangers any time you are in the mood of some fun. anywhere: work, home, out and about! funny stickers for adults, teens, & kids!
PHARMEX 178G Permanent Paper ( (500 Per Roll, 2 Rolls Per Box))
Product Highlights:
  • pharmex warning labels help ensure quality patient care through the prevention of medication errors
  • route of administration labels
  • label reads: for rectal use only

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