12 Best Vampliers Screw Extraction Pliers

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“But monotony doesn’t make for painlessness. In the first century CE, Roman authorities punished St. Appollonia by crushing her teeth one by one with pliers. Colin often thought about this in relationship to the monotony of dumping: we have thirty two teeth. After a while, having each tooth individually destroyed probably gets repetitive, even dull. But it never stops hurting.”
― John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

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Top 12 Vampliers Screw Extraction Pliers

VAMPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( Nuts And Bolts, Makes The Best Gift (6.25" VamPLIERS))
Product Highlights:
  • uniquely designed concave shaped jaws with vertical and horizontal serrations on the inside jaws which make it possible to grab on to a stripped/rusted/corroded screw or rounded nut for extraction
  • will even work on screws which have special, tamper-proof, or unique heads like a torx screw, a single-side or security screw
  • made from treated high quality carbon steel from kobe in japan
VAMPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( Deal, Make The Best Gift (Single VamPLIERS))
Product Highlights:
  • rank best pliers by business insider "vampliers pro. these are the last pair of linesman's pliers you'll ever need to buy"
VAMPLIERS JAWZ 75 BEST ( And Bolts. VT-003-7LP Makes The Best Gift For Any Season)
Product Highlights:
  • vampiretools.com bringing the best and finest best made tools, unique time saving tool
  • vampliers jawz easily removes stripped/rusted/security/specialty/torx/low profile truss/ screws nuts and bolts
  • vertical serrations bite and grip the screw head without slippage, gripping vise remains closed securely while pliers are turned
Vampire Professional Tools International ( 6.25" Screw Extraction Pliers)
Product Highlights:
  • features and benefits: bits made of s2 steel, for the strongest hardest drivers, heat treated for strength, also available in tms34pf 34 piece torn master set
  • features 12mm side cutting blades for cutting copper wires
  • benefits: easily removes stripped screws
VAMPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( Pliers Makes The Best Gift ESD Compliant)
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for removing stripped or special screws of smaller sizes
  • designed to handle hardware between 0.08" to 0.21" (2 to 5.5mm) in diameter
  • esd safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring oil resistance
VamPLIERS Best Made Pliers ( Damage/Stripped/Corroded/Security Screws/Made The Best Gift (1, Retail))
Product Highlights:
  • remove stripped/rusted/corroded/stuck/one-side/security/torx screws, nuts and bolts
  • designed with vampliers technology. horizontal & vertical teeth in the concave jaw grips and extracts stripped screws/fasteners with ease using the top jaw or the side jaw
  • professional grade pliers with inter-meshed teeth provide non-slip grip
VamPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( (5"Mini, 6.25", 7.5" Long Nose, 8" PRO VamPLIERS))
Product Highlights:
  • made in japan!
  • remove stripped/rusted/corroded/stuck/one-side/torx screws, nuts and bolts
  • 5" mini esd safe, 6.25" vamplier, 7.5" long nose & 8" pro lineman's vampliers
VamPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( And Family Gifts That Last Beyond Christmas Season!)
Product Highlights:
  • vampliers - 5" mini screw extraction pliers
  • esd safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring oil resistance
  • designed to handle hardware between 0.08" to 0.21" (2 to 5.5mm) in diameter
VAMPLIERS Worlds Best Pliers ( Gift That Last Beyond The Season Best Gift For Anyone.)
Product Highlights:
  • vampliers world's best pliers, vampire tools inc. is committed to provide you with our finest, best and unique time saving tools.
  • make the best gift for any season best holiday gift. give the gift of time in this time giving season ,a time saving tool vampliers.
  • 3-pc set damage/rusted/security/specialty screw extraction pliers with this set you are cover for small to large problem screws and able to reach and remove those in confine spaces with out long nose vampliers
Glarks 8 Heavy Duty ( Stripped Rusted Corroded Stuck Screw)
Product Highlights:
  • 【what you get:】this package include a 8'' heavy duty screw extraction plier for you to extract and remove damaged/ stripped/ rusted/ corroded/ stuck screws nuts and bolts.
  • 【high quality:】the plier is made of high grade carbon steel and the teeth are very sharp to bite the screw firmly. soft handle grips provide the best control, portable size and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and more labor-saving to use.
  • 【uniquely designed jaw:】designed with vertical and horizontal serrations on the inside jaws which prevents slip and provides a strong bite to grab the problem screw heads of various shapes. the elaborate angle of serration enables you to bite and turn truss screws in confined spaces.

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