13 Best Trivia Board Games

Top 13 Trivia Board Games

I Should Have Known ( That! Trivia Game)
Product Highlights:
  • ...i should have known that!tm is an addictively entertaining trivia game with over 400 questions about things that you should know
  • age: 14+ / players 2+
Wits End Board Game (Board Game)
Product Highlights:
  • more than just trivia, wit's end is a game of brain teasers and riddles in diverse categories.
  • in teasers, you solve mind riddles; in odd-1-out, you find which one of the four options does not belong.
  • in sequence, put things in order (by year, weight, size etc); in wild card, anything goes.
The Office Trivia Game ( Players Ages 16 And Up)
Product Highlights:
  • your favorite dunder mifflin crew is back for this game where you test your knowledge about the show and characters in it.
  • are you a true dunderhead? find out with 150 questions testing your scranton smarts!
  • 3 different categories of questions - multiple choice, show facts, and character questions.
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit ( Family Edition)
Product Highlights:
  • quick play trivia for the whole family
  • features cards for kids and cards for adults
  • includes over 1,400 trivia questions
Spin Master Games Best ( 400 Cards - Hours Of Family Friendly Entertainment)
Product Highlights:
  • the best of tv and movies – this game of great fun will test your knowledge of 100s of tv shows and movies from past decades to today. an addictive attraction, this game requires players to identify logos and answer trivia questions about over 200 hit television shows and blockbuster movies
  • use special cards - if you have heard enough trash talk from the competition, earn a mute card and you can use it to silence an opposing player. if you can't answer a question, use the change channels card to get a new question. a fast forward card allows you to skip it entirely
  • players to the ready - the best of tv and movies is made for 2-6 players who are ready to answer over 1500 unique questions. includes 1 game board, 400 cards, and 6 playing pieces. no batteries required
Good Guess A Social ( Things. 309 Tantalizing Clue Cards!!)
Product Highlights:
  • race to unriddle fascinating clues about everyday people, places and things. the game is part riddle, part trivia and part sound logical reasoning.
  • the clues are fascinating and challenging...everyone will be on the edge of their seat to see who guesses the answer!
  • creates more conversation than (dare we say) any game ever! fantastic trivia game for adults for get-togethers, dinner parties and nights with the extended family.
Trivillennial The Trivia ( Millennials [A Party Game])
Product Highlights:
  • note - the answers are on the reverse (back) side of each card at the bottom!
  • 1,000 trivia questions for millennials, plus answer cards
  • from psy to beyonc, covfefe to yanny, keyboard cat to pizza rat test how well you know the icons, moments and controversies that have defined our generation
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit ( Ages 16 And Up(Amazon Exclusive))
Product Highlights:
  • the trivial pursuit master edition game is for the trivia buff who loves to show off how smart they are. play traditional rules or quicker gameplay
  • this master edition of the trivial pursuit board game includes 2,950 intriguing, challenging, and sometimes humorous questions
  • this trivia game features 6 question categories including geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit ( Classic Edition)
Product Highlights:
  • features classic trivial pursuit gameplay
  • 2,400 trivia questions from traditional game categories
  • features retro looking gameboard
Death By Trivia ( With A Killer Twist)
Product Highlights:
  • harness your knowledge of the morbid and dark to defeat your friends in this creepy trivia game with a killer twist.
  • perfect game for halloween, friday 13th , horror movie nights or any other game night with friends and family. two or more players can play.
  • this game lets players test their knowledge of the dark, disturbing, debauched and diabolical. it's splattered with humor and is easy to learn too.

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