7 Best Transfer Switch 200 Amp Whole Home With Inlet For Generator

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Top 7 Transfer Switch 200 Amp Whole Home With Inlet For Generator

Reliance Controls Corporation CSR202 ( Generators Up To 5,000 Watts)
Product Highlights:
  • outdoor, nema 3r transfer switch
  • easy to install, easy to use. max. combined load @ 125 vac - 40
  • maximum generator running watts: 5,000
Connecticut Electric EGS107501G2KIT EmerGen ( TRANSFER SWITCH KIT)
Product Highlights:
  • for use with any portable generator that has up to 30-amp output, nema l1430
  • double throw rocker switches absolutely eliminate the possibility of power back feeding to the utility line or to your generator when power is restored
  • 2 pole circuits allows 240-volt circuits - perfect for well or sump pump applications, if a two pole circuit is not needed, the tie bar can be removed to allow for two single pole circuits
Reliance Controls TF151W EasyTran ( Generators, Small, Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • designed for control of a single circuit in the event of power failure and uses standard grounded extension cord
  • 18-inch pre-wired aluminum conduit allows for easy connection at circuit breaker panel
  • maximum generator running watts: 1, 875
Conntek 80SS2GYBX 50 Amps ( Up To 12,500 Watts, Grey Cap)
Product Highlights:
  • configuration: nema cs6375 or ss2-50p
  • for use with generators up to 12,500 running watts
  • 4 knockouts @ 0.85 inches

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