14 Best Toy Robots

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Top 14 Toy Robots

Rainbrace Smart Robot Toys ( Years Old Boys Girls Kids Birthday Gift Present)
Product Highlights:
  • 【remote and hand gestures control robot】you can use the remote or do hand gestures to control this smart robot,it can move forward,backward,turn left and turn right simply through your gestures.it is also equipped with a collision detection sensors that enables it to detect obstacles in front of it. the eyes light up with bright red led's when it moves.
  • 【programmable actions】this robot toy can be programmed by the remote, so you can record up to 50 moves that this remote control robot can playback using its moves record feature. this could be a amazing boy toy for age group 3-12.great christmas gift for kids,boys,toddlers.perfect kids birthday gift.
  • 【singing and dancing】the toy robot is very entertaining as it sings a multiple of songs, dances with its own music and talk with a charming accent. there is a volume control on the wireless remote, so you can turn the volume down or increase the volume according to your needs.
Latest 2019 Model RoboShooter ( Robot For 5+ Year Olds - Fires Disks, Dancing & Talks)
Product Highlights:
  • latest model with voice recording: just launched for christmas 2019, this awesome remote control robot for kids is so much fun! with this latest model you can even record the message you want your robot to speak and at the press of a button your robot will speak the recorded message! one of the most fun packed toys for 5 6 7 8 9+ year old boys.
  • disk firing: the awesome remote control roboshooter includes soft foam disks which shoot out of the robots chest on command. children will have fun pretending to stop any unwanted guests with their loyal robot guard.
  • remote control fun: control the robot with the included 2.4ghz remote control. the remote control includes buttons for the various functions of the roboshooter which includes walking, sliding, dancing, firing its blaster, shooting disks and talking.
Remote Control Robot Dog ( Dancing Robot Toy, Imitates Animals Mini Pet Dog Robot)
Product Highlights:
  • top race voice controlled and remote control smart robot dog personal puppy pet, robot for kids ages 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and up.
  • 12 voice directives, imitates 10 animal forms, 7 function remote control robot toy for kids.
  • singing dancing: dances with music and does lifelike movements, your kids will love this for a birthday gift.
Really RAD Robots ( For Speed And Tricks - Turbo Bot)
Product Highlights:
  • turbo bot is built for speed! with a full function remote control including a turbo boost switch!
  • use turbo's "voice command" function to make him "spin", "dance", "explore" or even get him to tell you a joke!
  • record a message and playback to trick, prank and surprise your friends. or use the record function to spy on someone and record their conversation.
DEERC Robot Toys For ( Sensing,Walking,Talking,Singing,Dancing,Intelligent Toy Gift For Boys Girls)
Product Highlights:
  • gesture control & remote control: to control this smart and intelligent robot toy, you can use the remote or gestures. the robot can move forward, backward, turn left and turn right simply through your gestures. it is also equipped with collision detection sensors that enable it to avoid obstacles in front of it. the eyes light up with bright red led's when it moves.
  • flexible moving with multi-joints: multi-joints in shoulders, elbows and high-quality bottom skating wheels to carry out various combinations of moves and enhance the flexibility of this small robot's moves.
  • up to 50 programmable actions: this robot toy can be programmed by the remote, you can record up to 50 actions that this remote control robot can play back using its actions record feature. this could be an amazing boy toys for the age group 3-12. great and perfect gift for boys,kids,toddlers.
REMOKING Robot Toy Educational ( You,Recorder,Touch And Voice Control, Gifts For Kids)
Product Highlights:
  • smart robot toy: this remoking smart robot toy can not only bring fun to your kids with singing, dancing, walking, it also can talk back to you. long press its head and talk, it can repeat everything you said. provides hours of fun and education giving children experience with robotics and advanced technology
  • touch induction: this cute robot toy can respond to touch induction to turn left, turn right, walk forward, walk backward, adjust volume and go into other mode. please note that the robot will be power off if you say good bye or sleep to it, you should press the button on the chest to turn it on again
  • recode mode: long press the button in the chest, the robot will go into recording mode. you can take a 8 seconds recodring each time. 3 recordings can be recorded in total. short press the button, it will play the the recordings, press one time, play one recording
KINGSDRAGON Robot Toys RC ( Gesture Sensing Robot,Interactive Walking Singing Dancing)
Product Highlights:
  • remote control and hand gesture control : this gesture sensing robot not only can be controlled by infrared controller, but also can turn left ,turn right, slide backward, and slide forward according to how your hand gesture commands. multi function includes auto display and obstacles avoidance as well. the toy robots eyes light up with bright blue illuminating led when it moves.
  • intellectual programming : this smart robot toy can demonstrating a set of 50 actions inputted by the user.if you switch programming function,this interactive robot will playback using its moves record feature to repeat the movement one by one as you created like turn left+turn right+walk forward+walk backward+patrol+dance+and many others action mode you selected.
  • premium & eco-friendly material : this remote control robot is made of non-toxic and durable abs plastic, with flexible multi-joint in shoulder,elbows and thumbs ,and the bottom skating wheels are pretty sturdy to well carry out a various combination of moves.this playful robot really entertain your kids and bring you endless joys.
Top Race Remote Control ( Educational Toys For 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old Boys And Up)
Product Highlights:
  • top race remote control robot walking talking toy robots for kids, dances, sings, reads stories, math quiz, shooting discs, and voice mimicking. amazing educational toys for 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 year old boys and older.
  • intelligent educational robot toy for kids, with led lights and music, operates with wireless remote control
  • shoots discs with remote, reads 10 children favorite stories, sings 10 children favorite songs. over 40 math quizzes, its an amazing educational toy together with fun.
Really RAD Robots 27805 ( Plays, Talks, And Pranks, Multicolor)
Product Highlights:
  • here at really rad robots, we build really rad robots.like mibro, your robot partner in fun! team up together for some awesome antics and sneaky adventures!
  • be the bot with mibro and talk through him, using the really rad remote! have fun and tell jokes, give commands or talk to your friends from around the corner!
  • mibro is your secret agent buddy and can help you spy on your friends and family! be sneaky and send mibro in - hell help you listen to secrets from another room through his really rad remote.
Forbidden Planet Robby The ( Walking Light & Sound)
Product Highlights:
  • part chef, chauffeur, servant and strongman, robby the robot won audiences of forbidden planet with his charming personality and arsenal of futuristic abilities!

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