This Flying Camera Drone Will Follow You – Just Toss It Up In The Air

We have talked about flying camera drones and aerial photography before.  They are really great at capturing special events such as weddings or action sports endeavors.  However, someone has to constantly monitor and control the drone. In other words it is kind of difficult/awkward if you want to get yourself filmed without asking for help.

But, thanks to Lily, you can have the camera follow you and take your  photo and video.  And, it could not be simpler:

Just throw Lily in the air to get the camera started. That’s it. You can focus on your activity while Lily flies herself to capture your precious moments.

And, here is the kicker:

You can’t take over the piloting even if you want to! There is no manual mode.

Lily is a self-flying drone that is always following you, following a certain set of pre-defined commands.  She is waterproof too.

Lily follows a small circular tracking device, which you can carry in your pocket. With one tap of the tracker, Lily can execute a variety of camera moves with the focus always on you.


Lily - Self Flying Camera Drone

Lily also has a built-in microphone to capture every screams and sighs as you engage in your activity.

Lily won’t ship until February 2016 as it’s still in the prototype stage. You can pre-order one now for $499. When Lily becomes publicly available next year, it’ll be priced at $999.


Patrick Cooper

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