The Worst Platform for Gaming

img credit: samsung

img credit: samsung

Smartwatches have been created without developers giving them a real direction. While the Apple Watch’s sales have exceeded expectations, smartwatches remain a shadow of their ancestor: the smartphone. Anything smartwatches can do, smartphones can do better. And while these wearable technologies are now being used by some health buffs while running or to devise their training regimes, they’re still being overshadowed by the usefulness and practicality of the smartphone.

Desperate to find exclusivity, smartwatch creator Samsung tried to tap into gaming by integrating it to its Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch. The South Korean-based company partnered up with casino gaming developer Microgaming in order to create a special game for its customers, and the Dark Knight franchise was chosen to be integrated into the smartwatch.

“Operating in a world where technology is at the epicentre, we believe wearables are poised to offer a unique gambling experience,” said Microgaming CEO Roger Raatgever. “We’ve studied hard and we believe each technology suits a different type of gaming.”

To be fair to Samsung, it had a plausible excuse for using slot gaming to increase the popularity of smartphones. First, slot machines don’t need complex controls to play them, as all they need is one button to operate its gameplay. Smartwatches don’t have a lot of buttons, making slot games very complementary. In addition, slot games have next-gen graphics and commercially-licensed themes featuring DC and Marvel superheroes and comic book icons, making them appealing to young adults. Samsung’s idea of people being able to play casino games wherever they are with wearable tech seems like a good idea. However, it has one major flaw that they should’ve realized sooner: the screen was too small for people to enjoy games. The game integration to the smartphone failed since not many were sold on the idea.

It should’ve been obvious from the start. No matter how enjoyable or groundbreaking the graphics are, if people can barely see what they’re playing, they won’t be able to enjoy them properly. A lot of people play on their smartphones or tablets because the screens have the capabilities to run decent graphics. On smartwatches, however, people can only see so much. Slot players tend to be part of the older demographic compared to =young adults, and Samsung probably failed to take this into consideration.

Perhaps wearable tech will be better off with the concept of smart jewelries, which is an ongoing project that will try to synthesize technology with great jewelry. Most smartwatches aren’t created to be fashion-friendly but smart jewelries will be, and the idea of being a fashion accessory and Bluetooth pairing device in one seems like a good fit.

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