The Best Way to Convert Your Headlights

If you’re on the fence about converting your car’s headlights, what’s been stopping you?  You might be wondering whether it’s worth the extra expense. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to drive the same car that everyone in your neighbourhood has, or do you want to really turn some heads?  If you want to stand out on the road, an LED conversion kit can be just the ticket. Here are the best reasons to convert your headlights to something more custom.

They provide increased driving visibility

Other than the fact that LED lights look really cool, their ability to increase visibility is probably the number-one people opt to convert their standard lights. LED bulbs emit a very clean, crisp white light that provided superior illumination for night driving without blinding oncoming drivers. This increased brightness also illuminates more of the road, providing a clearer view of more of the road even in poor weather conditions.


LED headlights are also very durable. There are no delicate filaments or bulbs to break, and there are no electrodes such as can be found in other types of lights. Why is this important? Because as vehicles travel over rough terrain other types of bulbs can very easily break and require replacing.  This is not the case with LED lights.


Related to an LED light’s durability is its longevity. They have a virtually unparalleled longevity when compared to other types of lights.  In fact, just one LED headlamp bulb can outlast between 250 and 350 incandescent lights, more than 40-50 halogen lights, and more than two dozen HID lights. Installing LED  headlights often means that you will replace your vehicle before you replace your LED lights.

Keeps you alert

It’s no secret that getting drowsy behind the wheel can be a deadly mistake. Aside from ingesting large amounts of coffee or pulling over to take a nap, there is something you can do to combat driver fatigue. Your choice of headlights can actually have an impact on how alert you are at the wheel. Here’s how it works: the colour of light we see can make us either more alert or more drowsy. That’s why experts suggest staying away from smartphones and tablets at bedtime, as these items emit blue-toned light which signals the brain to stay awake. LED headlights similarly emit a light that is close in colour and temperature to the midday sun, which will signal you brain to stay awake, even if you are driving at night. That’s not to say that you should drive sleepy regardless; you definitely should not. But if you are looking to change out your headlights anyway, choosing one that goes the extra mile to keep you awake is never a bad idea.

As you can see, then, there are many amazing reasons to switch out your existing headlights to LED headlights. Whether you opt to do so for practical reasons or for aesthetic ones, LED lights are a good option for most vehicles.


Patrick Cooper

Patrick has over a decade’s experience writing about consumer electronics on the web. An avid traveller, he is the father of two adopted pitbulls and a greyhound. Cheif editor at, right now Patrick lives in Austin, TX. Reach him at