The Best Sunglasses for Skiing

When talking to the ski slopes this winter, you’ll obviously layer up to keep warm from the cold and wear a helmet when you go skiing: don’t forget eyewear protection, too.

5 Best-Selling Best Sunglasses for Skiing

Despite the cold temperatures and probable overcast conditions, UV rays can still cause damage to your eyes, and snow glare can temporarily blind you for a day or two.

Wearing sunglasses for skiing on warmer and clearer days are less bulky and more comfortable to wear than ski goggles. Plus, they’re more fashionable.

Having checked out the best sunglasses for skiing, we’ll offer you insight into what to look for when buying sunglasses for skiing, and we’ll answer the most common questions you have on skiing with sunglasses too.

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Reviews of 5 Top Rated Best Sunglasses for Skiing

1. Classic Wraparound Mirror One-Piece Ski Sunglasses

FEISEDY Oversized Mirror Shield Futuristic Visor Women Men B2522
Product Highlights:
  • feisedy stylish lense design leading trend - classic shield one piece sunglasses, flat top semi rimless frame, one piece lenses with side shield coverage providing omnibearing protection. one piece lenses block 100% of uva & uvb rays. restore true color, protect eyes perfectly.
  • high quality stronger upgrade framework making, high quality solid metal hinges. comfortable, removable & cleanable nose pads, exquisite temples.
  • feisedy product dimensions -- lens width: 56mm(2.20''), lens height: 54mm(2.13''), temple length: 144mm(5.67''), nose bridge: 20mm(0.79''), frame width: 151mm(5.94''). attention: manual measure, there may be 1-2mm error. please confirm before order.
  • stylish & practical, perfect all around. great fashion design for outdoor activities, like fashion street shooting, running, hiking, riding and so on... great for men and women.
  • feisedy is aim to bring you high quality fashion experience in sunshine and nature.

Offered by Feisedy, these stylish and colorful sunglasses are packed with features to make them ideal for your skiing and snowboarding. These lenses feature an anti-reflective and mirror coating, are 100 percent UVA and UVB resistant, and are made from a one-piece lens with a side shield coverage for protection against snow and ice debris you might encounter on the slopes. With a rimless design with a flat top, composite material construction with metal hinges, and nose pads for added comfort.

2. Lightweight Polarized Ski Sunglasses with Windproof Design

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With a polarized lens that also boasts visible light transmission ideal for sunny to overcast weather conditions on the mountain, these sunglasses for skiing are 100 percent UV400-protected as well as boasting zero optical distortion for crisp and clear views. The frame is constructed from lightweight TR90 composite materials that also offer wider coverage to protect the wearer’s eyes from snow, wind, and ice. A rubber nose pad also ensures a comfortable fit and the frames’ have an adjustable temple feature to help the wearer fit the sunglasses perfectly and snugly to their face.

3. Photochromic Sunglasses with UV Protection for Skiing

ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses For Glasses 100% UV Protection
Product Highlights:
  • ultra photochromic design: photochromic lenses sunglasses have different discoloration according to the intensity of the uv lights. sunny day into dark gray,cloudy into light gray, in the room or night it will be transparent and these glasses protect the eyes without interfering with your perception of color. what's more, frameless construction of sports sunglasses giving you more clear peripheral vision to avoid the frame blocking your view.
  • uv400 protection: these sunglasses are 100% protection from uva,uvb and uvc rays to 400nm,and protect your eyes from damage when you are outdoors, such as golf, cycling, driving, fishing, skiing, running, tennis, racing etc. these sports goggles for men and women.
  • lightweight: only 27g/pair, lightweight and unbreakable tr90 frame for all day comfort and protection.ultralight cycling sunglasses reduce the pressure on your nose and temples.
  • keep you comfortable: soft adjustable nose pad offer an exceptional fit for any shape of face,nose pads and temple tips are coated in hydrophilic rubber material gain grip as your sweat, this sunglasses ensuring you stay comfortable and safe at outdoor activities.
  • 30 day money back guarantee: we promise customers enjoy 30 day money back guarantee. customers can return the outdoor sunglasses or get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason. you have no risk to try.

Photochromic lenses can adjust from sunny to cloudy to low-light conditions such as evening and night in a few seconds to keep your vision perfect. While the lenses are transparent and feature no tints, their photochromatic lens technology keeps the colors true no matter the visible light. The lenses are also UVA, UVB and UVC protected, and with a wider, wraparound style it also offers clear peripheral views. Their frames are made from thermoplastic rubber with a soft adjustable rubber nose pad. These frames weigh only 27g to ensure all-day comfort.

4. Classic Glacier and Skiing Sunglasses with Side Shields

Julbo Colorado Glacier Sunglasses Mountaineering And Riding
Product Highlights:
  • design: light and strong glacier glasses sized and shaped for larger faces
  • lens: julbo spectron 4 polycarbonate lens offers category 4 protection and delivers 5% visibility light transmission. the anti-reflective coating improves visual comfort by eliminating stray reflections.
  • light conditions: high mountain sun or for activities and sports exposed to strong sun glare and maximum protection from bright sun is a must.
  • total cover: removable, nylon side shields provide complete eye coverage. shaped side frame offers solid protection.
  • comfortable & secure: non-slip, rubber covered temples can be molded for a snug, comfortable fit

These are not only stylish sunglasses, but they also offer maximum protection from the elements when you’re on the snow. The lenses have a brown tint to offer clear vision in bright sun and overcast conditions while they also filter out the sun and snow’s glare. The nylon side shields offer further protection for the wearer’s eyes from the weather’s elements. To offer a comfortable and secure fit for skiing and snowboarding, the frames feature non-slip, rubber-covered temples that can be adjusted to your face.

5. Wraparound Shield Sunglasses with Interchangeable Lens System

Oakley Mens OO9290 Jawbreaker White/Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium, 31 Mm
Product Highlights:
  • assembled in the usa.
  • oakley plutonite lenses offer 100% uv protection filtering of all uva, uvb, uvc and harmful blue light up to 400mm. oakley’s lightweight plutonite lens material offers superior comfort, clarity & protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation.
  • prizm lens technology designed to enhance color, contrast and detail so athletes can make the most of any activity. prizm snow sapphire lenses are designed to help you see contrast on the mountain in all conditions including in sunny and cloudy conditions. ideal for skiing or snowboarding. light transmission: 13%
  • patented high definition optics (hdo) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.
  • o matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight & durable for all-day comfort & protection. oakley’s injection molded thermoplastic o-matter frame provides improved strength & flexibility over traditional acetate & is built to withstand shifting or deforming over time.

These sunglasses offered by Oakley feature Plutonite lenses that provide 100 UV protection for UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The lenses enhance color, contrast and details for crisp and clear views on the mountainside no matter the visible light available. Their thermoplastic frames are stress-resistant, lightweight, and offer wider coverage and strength. Nose pads and temple grip make for comfortable, all-day use. It is also easy to change the lens to suit any weather condition thanks to these sunglasses’ interchangeable system.

Buying Guide

1. UV Protection

The most important aspect of eyewear protection is that ski sunglasses need to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. With little shade on the mountain’s slopes when skiing and snowboarding, the sun’s rays are absorbed by the snow and that snow glare and UV reflection can cause further damage to your eyes. Make sure your chosen sunglasses offer 100 percent UV protection.

2. Go Wider

To wear sunglasses on the slopes, they need to be wider than your lifestyle, and daily sunglasses to provide more coverage from the UV rays, snow, and ice. Oversized ski sunglasses and wraparound styles offer the most protection for your eyes.

3. Lens Colors

Unlike with lifestyle and daily-wear sunglasses, buying ski sunglasses with specially tinted lenses isn’t for fashion: the different colored lenses help to increase contrast and clarity for your eyes to make it safer and easier to navigate your way down the slope.

4. Polarized and Photochromatic Coatings

As with UV protection, search for ski sunglasses that offer polarized or photochromatic lenses. These cut down the glare from the sun and the snow to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

5. Frames

Find a pair of sunglasses that will hug your face. You don’t want your ski sunglasses flying off your face when you’re skiing. Most ski sunglasses have polyurethane frames with rubber arms to firmly grip your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to wear sunglasses for skiing?

UV rays and snow glare are 2 of the biggest enemies for skiers and snowboarders on the mountainsides. Sunglasses filter the harmful UV rays and protect your corneas from snow glare to prevent temporary snow blindness.

Which sunglasses lenses are best for cutting out the snow glare?

Polarized lenses protect your eyes from snow glare and they can also help you to see better in changing light conditions.

Can you wear sunglasses instead of goggles for skiing and snowboarding?

The weather conditions play a large part in determining that. While goggles offer more protection, they are heavier and bulkier while sunglasses will still protect your eyes by being more comfortable.

Are sunglasses for skiing the same as normal sunglasses?

No. They are wider to offer more coverage and protection for your eyes compared to normal sunglasses.

Are darker ski sunglasses lenses better for snow glare?

No. Darker sunglasses aren’t essentially better. The best option to protect your eyes is with ski sunglasses’ lenses that are polarized or have photochromatic technology.


as a shopper you need to be aware of the different lenses and the amount of coverage each of the sunglasses will offer your eyes. More comfortable, freer, and more ventilated, ski sunglasses will also keep you feeling cool and in control on the slopes – while making a fashion statement too.