The Best Smart Water Bottle

Smart water bottles should not only hydrate you, but also help instill good water-drinking habits. Moreover, they track your water consumption and sync with your smartphone and other devices like FitBit.

Here is a list of the ten best selling smart water bottles currently in the market. Click “See Details” to learn more about the specifications and sale price.

The Best Smart Water Bottle

The HYDRA SmartBottle SmartBottle
Product Highlights:
  • 20oz water bottle
  • premium 5w bluetooth speaker
  • the microphone turns your hydra into a hands-free speakerphone!
  • bright, flashing red led emergency light, white lantern, rgb color cycle!
  • 4000 mah ultra-safe polymer power bank (with 2.1a usb output)

Our pick for the best smart water bottle is HYDRA SmartBottleIt is a device that not only serves as a water bottle, but as we will soon describe below, it also serves a variety of other purposes – from entertainment to safety on the go.

Obviously, when we go out for a walk or to the gym or for a run, water is our most important requirement. HYDRA SmartBottle can hold up to 600 ml of water.

One thing that we all can not do without while on the go is entertainment. Some music to take us through our work out sessions can do wonders, and guess what, this water bottle has a Bluetooth speaker. And, to top that off, the speaker does not require us to change batteries, it is rechargeable!

In addition to this amazing feature it also has a microphone that allows you to speak while you are exercising or doing your regular chores without any hassle.

HYDRA SmartBottle Review

One of the most fascinating features of this Smart Water Bottle is that it comes with lights: white, red and rainbow. The white light helps you walk through any unexpected dark areas that you might come across. Party your way up with the rainbow lighting with some amazing music from your Bluetooth and you are way to go.

It comes in four colors: Red, Blue, Ash and Black and looks extremely trendy.

HYDRA SmartBottle comes with an Android or iOs App, the Nightime Sleeper App to make your experience extra special. This product is your companion for life!

The HYDRA Smart bottle is a BPA- FREE 20oz water bottle with premium 5W Bluetooth speaker. It has a microphone that can turn the HYDRA in to a speakerphone with  vivid LED lighting options in different colors for different moods, for example RED to communicate an emergency, the white light working as a lantern and the rainbow lights to light up your mood.

It comes with an ultra- safe polymer power bank as high as 4000 mAh with a 2.1a USB output which allows you to charge the Bluetooth or your other devices in an emergency.

It costs about $60 on with free shipping through Prime.

The HYDRA speakers are phenomenal. The sound quality is beyond expectations. The Bluetooth is accessible even from a distance of 15-20 feet and the lights are a big hit among the children with its brilliant flash of LED. Value for money is absolutely incredible given the features and the package. One can imagine carrying all of this separately for a work out or a walk, it can be extremely difficult and impractical. However with the HYDRA Smart bottle it becomes so convenient and also saves space.

The HYDRA SmartBottle is a great gadget according to recent customer reviews. However the flip side to it, which is negligible, is that the user instructions are not quite easy. But that problem can be solved by downloading the user manual or watching how to operate videos online since these days we are all usually internet friendly.

You can be rest assured that you are making the best choice by buying this product. So if you are looking for a bottle + Music player, HYDRA Smart is totally worth the price it demands.

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The HYDRA SmartBottle SmartBottle
Product Highlights:
  • 20oz water bottle
  • premium 5w bluetooth speaker
  • the microphone turns your hydra into a hands-free speakerphone!
  • bright, flashing red led emergency light, white lantern, rgb color cycle!
  • 4000 mah ultra-safe polymer power bank (with 2.1a usb output)

Other Top Rated Smart Water Bottles That Are Also Great

Smart Water Bottle Reviews

If, for some reason, our top pick does not suit your needs, here are 10 other top rated smart water bottles with a variety of features.

1. Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Sportline Hydracoach bottle is an interactive fluid measurement cup that calculates water consumption, monitors and provides feedback on the level of consumption to athletes, medical professionals and other users who are very concerned about their fluid intake.

It determines the weight of the individual and their activity level and gives a practical goal for each day for consumption of fluids. The unique and most amazing feature of this bottle is that the monitor’s settings can be manually changed to different modes to suit pregnant women, or weather, altitude etc.

The bottle is designed keeping in mind the various complexities related to hydration, such as dehydration or dangers of over-hydration, the need for athletes to stay hydrated in order to maintain a good energy level as well as stay toxin- free.

Another interesting feature of the bottle is a detachable head unit that can be used with any compatible HydraCoach system. People can refill the bottle any time and HydraCoach will monitor the progressive amount of fluid consumption. A wireless version of the same is also in the making which in future will allow data transfer to a smartphone or a computer allowing a more intriguing user experience.

Hydracoach can track your time, track your sips and calculates if your pace is in line with your daily goal. It displays the average consumption per hour, monitors and calculates your hydration goals.

The bottle costs approximately $30 and is totally worth the amount. This bottle does not beep or sound an alarm but it does show you the progress against the goals you have set and it holds about 22 oz of fluid.

An extremely helpful bottle designed to help you stay healthy. This bottle is BPA-Free therefore does not pose any harmful impact on one’s health. You may initially find it difficult to set up the Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle but once you have got the hang of it you can use it without much hassle.

The calculator is flawless and works perfectly in tracking water consumption and to know if the set goals are met. The bottle is strongly built preventing any breakage.

In my opinion if you are looking for a simple water bottle that can track your water intake and encourage you to stay hydrated this bottle is the deal. The most prominent feature of this bottle is that it helps one with their struggle of water intake and also keeps a tab on the intake which is a major health concern.

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2. Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

Keeping ourselves hydrated is a very important factor in maintaining healthy standards. Didn’t you wish that you had someone to always remind you of your water intake? Do you feel frustrated not drinking enough water? Does it affect your energy level? Then your frustration ends with the Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle. This bottle costs around $60 and is extremely user friendly.

This bottle contains a smart lid that can be connected to your phone. The start-up will take you through a process of saving some of your personal details such as gender, age etc and calculate your daily liquid consumption goal designed to suit your personal requirements.

Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle can be connected to your device via Bluetooth and it determines the temperature and level of your beverage too. The bottle is designed in such a way that it provides alerts at regular intervals to drink water without affecting your routine.

The App activity’s history allows you to track your progress of water consumption over the weeks, months and years and that acts as a motivation. The Thermos Smart lid is compatible with iOS 7+ and works with Fitbit and Bluetooth. There is an activity dashboard that shows the temperature of your beverage, level of water in your bottle and the progress you are making towards your daily water consumption goal.

Washing this bottle is easy and does not involve any trouble. It comes in two extremely trendy colors: Teal and Smoke.

The lid has a dual locking system which prevents it from accidentally spilling water if dropped. Since there is a safety clip and a release button there are no chances of the water leaking. The lid has an in-built data storage that stores information and is available even when not connected to your device. The lid contains rechargeable lithium ion battery providing 12 day battery life.

The bottle is pretty durable, however one must be careful while washing the bottle as the USB port is right behind the lid and is susceptible to getting wet. Therefore it is important that you keep that closed properly before you wash it. The bottle is not dishwasher safe therefore avoid putting the lid in the dishwasher. The only flip side to this bottle that one can think of is that the App is only compatible with Apple devices.

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3. Mark One Pryme Vessyl

In our day to day life our work pressure and regular routines takes the better of us and we tend to ignore our hydration needs neglecting the impact it has on our productivity. The 8 glasses of water intake per individual is no more the rule. Every human being has different hydration needs which must be calculated individually. Similar to the above bottles Pryme Vessyl is a hydration tracker with its uniquely built features to suit different needs of different users.

The Pryme Vessyl is designed to keep you up to date with your water consumption. You need not to go too far to keep a check on your intake. The white line on the bottle shows how you are fairing and the blue light indicates that you are at your PRYME!

Pryme Vessyl is made up of a highly durable shell called Eastman Tritan co-polyester which gives a soft touch to the grip of the lid. The interior is made up of glass to maintain hot and cood beverages.

Since the interior is made of glass it does not preserve odor or flavor and therefore one can drink almost any beverage without worrying.

The beautifully designed lid is spill resistant making your movements less chaotic. Dismantling the two parts of the lid is easy enabling easy washing and maintaining hygiene. The PRYME Vessyl is compatible with iOS and tracks your dehydration as well as hydration level.

The second edition of Pryme has updated connection error as well as the lid has been tightened.

The Pryme App provides personal insight and notifications. It syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone Up and Apple health activity trackers.

The price of the Pryme Vessyl is around $75. The only drawback of this bottle is that it has been reported that the twin lid is a little difficult to dismantle, however after a couple of usages this becomes easier to operate.

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4. H2OPal Hydration Tracker

H2OPal Hydration Tracker Review

One of the major revolutions in the weight loss system today is the water consumption level. Water helps wash out harmful toxins from our body, keeps our skin clear and glowing. Whereas dehydration causes several problems like headache, constipation etc. and therefore water intake is highly recommended for healthy living. The hassle of remembering to drink water or carry it along with oneself can be avoided if one can inculcate successful habits of drinking enough fluids. What H2OPal Hydration Tracker does is just that!

It is your faithful friend who reminds you to drink water in case you have forgotten to drink by its data logging feature. It has a specialised censor option that syncs with the bottle each time you take a sip.

H2OPal informs the users on successful completion of their goals which motivates them to maintain a healthy routine of drinking adequate fluids. It shows the progress of your consumption through different tools such as graphs etc.

H2O Pal operates through a device that is fitted at the bottom of the bottle. The bottle is made up of superior quality and incorporates exceptional iOS App configuration. H2OPal also sets an achievable goal suitable to different individuals based on different parameters.

Most of us tend to satisfy our thirst through aerated drinks which is completely unhealthy. Carrying a water bottle can save us from the unrestricted consumption of harmful drinks that only add more calories to our body.

H2OPal comes in two colors, Black and Blue, can hold up to 18oz water. It comes with 2 coin batteries; one is pre- installed while the other comes with the packaging. This bottle works on Apple devices only.

Efforts are being made to set it up with Android phones. The most incredible feature of this bottle is that it precisely measures the time stamp and the amount of water consumed at a given time however this feature works only when you place the bottle on a plain surface and not constantly travelling with the bottle.

This bottle is a little expensive and costs about $100. Hence you need to compare its features with the HYDRA SmartBottle to see if the bottle is worth it. Its distinct design, the astounding App functionality makes drinking from this bottle a fun experience.

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5. PYRUS Smart Cup/Bottle

PYRUS Smart Cup/Bottle Review

Some bottles do not provide the benefit of drinking hot and cold beverages. This drawback is solved by the PYRUS 320ml Smart Cup. The bottle is well designed to contain 8oz of water, totally eco- friendly and is made of Tritan. It requires two AAA batteries.

The timer adjustments are placed at the bottom of the cup along with a blue backlight on the bottle displaying time and date. The bottle allows 8 alarms throughout the day and the sound goes out considerably loud and can be snoozed by simply pressing a switch. The timer can be adjusted easily and is extremely user friendly.

The instructions are easy to understand and makes set up uncomplicated. It comes with a brilliant sensing technology and has a double- deck painted glass model.

The value for money is arguably fair as the bottle does not come with any manufacturing defect.

The cost of the PYRUS Smart Cup is around $40.

One of the major advantages of buying this bottle is that the customer service is extremely efficient and they are always willing to help. One disadvantage of this bottle is that it holds very less liquid and may require to be refilled frequently. Apart from this there are no more drawbacks to this smart cup!

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6. Moikit Cuptime2

This fancy looking bottle comes with a number of good points and has got incredible value for money. Moikit Cuptime2 has been created with superior quality material like premium tritan, sanitised and antimicrobial.

The plastic used is BPA- free which ensures safety of health. It possesses an excellent temperature sensor that warns you when it is very hot as well as notifies you when the temperature of the beverage is just right for consumption.

The LED screen displays time, hydration level etc. The app has the ability to analyse a complete hydration plan, it suggests healthy drinking schedules and also encourages users to imply a healthy drinking pattern.

The Moikit Cuptime2 eliminates the problem of compatibility as opposed to most of the smart bottles in terms of configuration. It is compatible with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0, Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Healthkit and a free Android APP.

The display shows the precise measurement of water before and after consumption. It takes two hours to charge the battery and stays alive for a whopping 90-day period. It runs on lithium ion batteries.

The fascinating thing about Moikit Cuptime2 bottle is that it helps remind you in two ways:

  1. Through the App
  2. On the cup by VIBRATING the cup or sounding a beep. This is a great feature for a cup to beep in order to remind us to drink.

The App works fabulously. As soon as your personal data is entered through the App it shows your personalised consumption goal automatically.

The goal can also be manually changed as desired, the real time display shows the time changes when the bottle is refilled, the water intake after the refill and total daily consumption. This bottle costs around $70 and is a massive hit among its users.

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7. AerWo Portable Intelligent Reminder Water Bottle

AerWo Portable Intelligent Reminder Water Bottle Review

The AerWo Portable Intelligent Reminder Water Bottle is a shock- proof, anti-scald water bottle designed to meet your daily needs of 8 glasses of water per day.

The bottle is designed in such a way that the double layer bottom provides excellent grip that prevents it from falling making it extra durable and safe. Since the water bottle is anti- scald it prevents injuries like burning oneself from hot beverages. It is extremely feasible and costs only around $20.

The large LCD screen shows clear reading.

The bottle is made of eco-friendly material Tritan and ABS. It can hold up to 11 ounce of water and comes in just one color, i.e. white. It requires two AAA batteries and can tolerate up to 120 degree Celsius.

AerWo’s most unique and important feature is to remind users to consume water eight times during the course of the day.

Considering the price of the bottle this is definitely a good bet for someone who just requires a reminder for drinking adequate water to stay hydrated.

Since the capacity of the bottle is to hold only 11 ounce of water it must be refilled several times during the day to achieve optimal water consumption.

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8. Homecube 400ML Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup / Water Bottle

Homecube Drinking Cup Review

Homecube Intelligent Induction Drinking Cup is a USA registered brand and is designed and developed to help people stay hydrated.  This amazingly built bottle comes with incredible features at a considerably low price.

The bottle is made up of non-toxic material safe for water consumption. It has a remote sensing feature which allows you to tap from a distance and the bottle will immediately show the temperature of the beverage in it.

The temperature is displayed on the handle of the bottle. It not just has a remote sensor but also a touch sensor doing almost the same thing as the remote sensor. It has a smart reminder function that reminds you to drink water every two hours by flashing eight times.

Homecube comes in four vibrant colors giving you more options to choose from- pink, green, orange and blue.

The bottle can hold up to 400 ml water and may be refilled according to one’s daily water intake goals.

It has a battery life of two months and can be replaced thereupon.

This flashy bottle costs around $25 and is extremely attractive due to its outstanding design, variety of colors as well as the flashing light feature.

It is rightly called intelligent as it responds to claps and taps. This bottle totally exceeds expectations within the price range due to its superior sensing feature as well as the trendy look it has.

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9. New Water Sports Bottle

New Water Sports Bottle Review

The New Water Sports Bottle is sleek and beautiful with a hydration tracker. The time stamp on the bottle determines the pace at which you are moving towards your goal.

It is made up of non- toxic materials and is BPA- free, which ensures that there is no leftover odour of any previously used beverage. The bottle can hold up to 32ounce of water and is designed to suit most cup holders.

The time stamp helps to know your water intake precisely leaving no room for confusion. The New Water Sports Bottle costs around $30 and comes with a guarantee.

One of the major advantages of this bottle is that its capacity to hold such a large amount of liquid which saves you the hassle of refilling.

A busy schedule and lethargy can prevent us from refilling our bottles constantly; therefore the big storage space is incredible.

The bottle is well designed and does not leak which is a huge plus point. It is easy to wash the bottle and maintain safety hygiene.

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10. Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark Review

This well orchestrated sleek water bottle is everything you want for a companion at your workplace or at the gym.

Hidrate Spark connects via Bluetooth to your hydration app, it is compatible with Fitbit, Apple watch and free Android App.

It is a hydration tracker as well as works as a reminder if you are in the habit of forgetting to drink water. Comes in six vibrant colors to fill up your senses and light up your mood, white, green, blue, pink purple and black.

The fascinating part about this bottle is that it has a blissful glow each time it reminds the users to consume water.

The bottle can hold up to 24 ounces of water, comes with incredible battery life and lasts for six months. The battery does not require frequent charging and is dishwasher safe. What more? You do not have to worry about carrying it carelessly in your bag as the bottle is leak-proof.

It fits in the usual cup holders and has a carrying strap to making it easy.

The app consists of some unique features such as, hydration history.

You can custom make your hydration goal, keep an eye on your friend’s water consumption, find your bottles through the location map, works with iphone and a selected android devices.

The Hydrate Spark 2.0 is ready to be launched this December with a better syncing capacity and a brighter glow.


This comprehensive analysis should have given you a fair idea on the durability, the functionality and the desirability of each of the above bottles.

If you are looking for a very basic bottle which also looks trendy but you are concerned about the price then you should go for the Homecube Induction Drinking Cup. It is good value for money and serves the purpose.

However if you want something with additional features such as music and lighting The HYDRA SmartBottle totally fits the bill, since it comes with so many amazing features at a fair price compared to the rest.

Moikit Cuptime2 can definitely be a close choice to HYDRA smart bottle however it is about $10 more for almost the very same features. Consider your personal requirements and make the best choice for your Smart bottle. Stay cool, stay hydrated.

The Best Smart Water Bottle – The HYDRA


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