The Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Just like in any sport, comfort is of utmost importance in skiing. Using equipment that you are comfortable in does not only add protection, but it also minimizes the risk of injury. 

5 Best-Selling Ski Boots for Wide Feet

Finding the right boots is essential for every skier. Having fancy boots do not suffice in extreme sports. It should provide everything that a skier needs, from a pair of boots. Here we have listed the best boots for wide feet in the market. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Ski Boots for Wide Feet

1. Apex Ski Boots Antero XP

Apex Ski Boots Antero Open-Chassis Frame For Advanced & Expert Skiers
Product Highlights:
  • experience a truly comfortable ski boot: the apex antero big mountain boot for men provides the comfort and warmth of your favorite pair of winter boots that you can ski in at the highest level all day long. the inner walkable boot is designed with superior 360-degree support (from the boa lacing system) for advanced to expert skiers and a full-traction vibram icetrek outsole for getting to and from the mountain in comfort and safety.
  • get the perfect fit: apex ski boots are the only boots that skiers can buy online with confidence because our boots fit more like shoes than ski boots, plus our time-tested sizing system enables us to dial in the right fit for each skier. in order to find your best boot fit, use our apex sizing chart to match your average shoe size with the boot sizes, or watch our sizing guide video to see how to measure your longest foot length.
  • external frame & open chassis system: the open-chassis external ski boot frame is a unique design that offers triple the lateral stiffness of conventional boots, creating superior stability and precise edge control and adjustable forward flex. the lateral stiffness of the frame provides a direct connection to your skis, unlike traditional skiing boots, allowing powerful energy transmission on modern side cut skis.

The Apex Ski Boots boasts the utmost comfortability that comes with their products. It features a walkable inner boot that offers 360-degree support and protection. 

Getting the perfect fit is not an issue with Apex. The manufacturers provide a sizing guide that online buyers can be confident with. Wearing Apex boots feels more like wearing a shoe rather than a boot. 

The price starts at $899.00 for the Apex Ski Boots Antero XP

2. Salomon X Access 70 Wide Boots

Salomon X Access 70 28/28.5 Black/Race Blue/Wht
Product Highlights:
  • fit - two key technologies for a perfect fit: intuitive shell for easy step-in and flex liner for adaptable comfort
  • performance and energy transmission - oversized pivot and twinframe technologies deliver precise energy transmission from the skier through the ski
  • lightweight - light construction (1,65kg) for more fun with less effort

This boot features TwinFrame technology and has 360-degrees power straps. It also packs four aluminum buckles for maximum strapping power. The shell and cuff material is made out of Polyolefin. 

This boot is made for people with wider feet and is also lined with Flex Sport+ for the best comfort. The price of the Salomon X Access starts at $299.95.

3. Nordica M SportMachine Ski Boots

Nordica Sportmachine 90 Ski 28.5/Anthracite-Black-White
Product Highlights:
  • the nordica sportmachine 90 is an awesome option for intermediate to advanced intermediate level ski

The Nordica M SportsMachine ski boot is made with intermediate to advanced skiers in mind. It has a sturdy boot build, which gives the best support a ski boot can offer. 

It also has four aluminum straps that clip safely onto the boot to avoid unnecessary lock failures. The price for the Nordica M Sportmachine starts at $269.99 and is dependent on the variant. 

4. Dalbello DS MX Ski Boot

Dalbello 2019 DS MX Ski Boots 28.5
Product Highlights:
  • flex: 65
  • last: 105mm
  • material: db hyperlite

If you are looking for a budget boot for your wide feet, then the Dalbello DS MX is the perfect fit for you. It is ideal for people with a wide forefoot. 

The Dalbello features an overlap construction, which offers more safety to the user. It has a 40mm velcro strap along with four aluminum alloy straps. 

The Dalbello also features the DS MX SuperComfort Liner. The price starts at $145.00 depending on the size and variant. 

5. Salomon X Access 80 Wide Boots

Salomon X Access 80 27/27.5 Black/White
Product Highlights:
  • fit - two key technologies for a perfect fit: intuitive shell for easy step-in and flex liner for adaptable comfort
  • performance and energy transmission - oversized pivot and twinframe technologies deliver precise energy transmission from the skier through the ski
  • lightweight - light construction (1,65kg) for more fun with less effort

Salomon is the go-to brand when dealing with wide feet. They offer several wide ski boots, including the Salomon X Access 80. Same as with the other variants, it features the TwinFrame technology for more protection. 

It is also lined with FlexSport+, which provides the utmost comfortability. The price starts at $289.99 for the Salomon X Access 80.

Buying Guide

1. Skier Style

The skill level and skiing style of the athlete matters. This is because you need specific boots depending on the type of terrain that you ski in. If you are still a beginner, then you would want to opt for ski boots that offer maximum protection, but the downside is that it has a low flex index. 

2. Size and Fit

Choosing the right size for your foot is essential when skiing. Begs typically usuallywant to opt for sizes that are half a size bigger than their standard shoe size. This is because it provides the most comfort when you are still practicing out on the slopes. 

On the other hand, advanced skiers would opt for a half size smaller. This is because they would want to have a feel of the surface. Tighter boots also offer more maneuverability. 

3. Terrain

Knowing the terrain that you opt to ski in is essential since it is also needed in identifying the type of boot that you need. This is important in determining the flex index of the boot. 

4. Boot Flex Index

The boot flex index refers to how much a skier can move his legs around while wearing the boots. Stiffer boots offer better protection but degrade maneuverability. On the other hand, a boot with a higher flex rating makes the skier more agile on the slopes. This is essential for advanced skiers because they are faster and rides more aggressively down the slope. 

5. Ski Boot Shell Fit

This is a way of determining the right boot size for you. Insert your leg into a bare shell. The space between your foot and the shell will determine how thick the inner lining should be in relation to the shoe size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ski boots be widened?

No. Ski boots normally have a shell casing. But you have the option to change the inner lining for a better fit. 

Do all ski boots work with all bindings?

Yes. The bindings are universal among all types of ski boots. They can be interchanged from one ski boot to another. 

How stiff should my ski boots be?

Stiffness should be determined by your skill level. The flex rating is provided by manufacturers and is indicated on the boot’s spec sheet. 

What do I need to know when buying boots?

Ski boots have many specs that you need to be mindful of. There is stiffness, correct sizing, flex ratings, and bindings. 

Can you wear any ski boots with skis?

This is true for boots of the same size, otherwise, the bindings should be replaced with the correct fit. 


There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect ski boots for you. It is imperative that you go through our buying guide thoroughly. Boots vary depending on the person’s skill level, the terrain they ride on, and their riding style. 

If you are just starting, it is best to educate yourself properly. Choosing the wrong boots might result in injuries.

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