The Best iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

The iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case is a must have if you use your iPhone 6 Plus on a regular basis. And, if you are a power user like I am, getting a battery case saves you a lot of trips to the power outlet.

Best Selling iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

The iPhone 6 Plus is bigger, better, and more beautiful than any other previous iPhones. It also offers much better and faster performance. However, all of this comes at the cost of your battery life.

Therefore, we are going to recommend a case that is not only going to make your phone look awesome but also keep it charged up so you can use it worry-free for hours.

Our pick for the best overall iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case is : Stalion® Stamina iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Stalion® Stamina iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Stalion® Stamina is a powerful 6400mAh battery extender case rechargeable battery that can effectively give you an additional 255 hours of standby time.

I am a “normal” phone user – (that means I am not playing games constantly or watching hours of video on one go – but I use it like most of us do – watch some videos, play games occasionally, browse web, etc. And, I have been charging my phone every 3 days and sometimes less than that. I can recharge from about 25% all the way about 3 times before I have to recharge the Stalion case itself. That is quite awesome (and a relief). This is especially great if you are travelling all the time.

The case itself feels solid and looks really good. The smooth finish design provides a nice touch.

It comes with two changeable frames. Four LED light indicators on the back of the case show you how much power your case has.

The power button is seamlessly integrated at the back of the phone. The built-in smart sensors help prevent overheating and overcharging.

It feels a bit heavy – but that’s what you’d expect from a powerful charging case. It’s a steal for 50 bucks.

There are not too many battery cases for the iPhone 6 Plus yet. Of the ones that are out there, my top choice is Stalion® Stamina iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case.

Want to know what other buyers think? Read customer reviews here.

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Other iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases That Are Also Great
Here are a few other iPhone 6 Battery cases that are great alternatives to our top pick:

The Worst: Stay Away From These iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases
In case you come across these, here are a few iPhone 6 Battery cases that customers have been very frustrated with. We recommend you stay away from these:

Top Rated iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case Reviews

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6 Plus

Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case

Tylt Energi

Besides the sleek design and cool look, Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case offers a dual-layer inner case extends above screen for greater protection.

The sliding inner case is very unique feature, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. You can use inner case with or without battery power sleeve.

The battery itself is a rechargeable 3,500mAh which is more than enough to fully recharge your iPhone 6 plus on the go.

When you slide your phone into the Power Sleeve your phone’s Lightning plug port connects with the charging end of a Lightning cable in the sleeve. Once your phone is connected, you simply press the button on the back of the case to begin charging.

Tylt Energi automatcially stops charging to save power for later when your phone reaches 100%.

The button has four LED lights at the back that show how much power your case ha. If you charge the Power Sleeve with the phone inside, it will charge the phone first and then the case.

Online customers have given it a 4.9 out of 5 stars. Read customer reviews here.

Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Trianium Atomic

Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Trianium Atomic S Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus packs quite a bit of power into a relatively slim case – But it also offers ample protection making it a great case for anyone who is constantly on the go.

The case looks sleek and has a nice rubberized feel. It charges up quickly and the four LEDs on the back let you know when you have full power.

The battery itself is a 4000mAh Li-polymer which easily ads 100%+ additional battery life to your iPhone 6 plus.

The sync-through technology is quite convenient – you can sync your phone with your computer without having to take the case off. Additionaly, the microUSB cable lets you recharge the case and the phone at the same time.

The only thing which I do not like about this case is that it comes with a weird-looking cord to plug into your headphone jack and you plug your wired headphones into that. But this really is not such a big deal.

Customers seem to love it – giving it a 4.6 stars out of 5. Read the reviews here.

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ZVOLTZ ZT6+ iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case


ZVOLTZ ZT6+ iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

The ZVOLTZ ZT6+ also comes with the 4000mAh lithium polymer battery thereby providing you a 100%+ additional battery life to your iPhone 6 Plus.

It includes other standard features such as sync-through technology to simultaneously charge your phone and the case, LED battery-power indicators, micro USB charging cable and proper cutouts for buttons and ports.

The case is mostly thin around the edges and at the back – but adds about half an inch at the bottom of the phone where the charging and headphone ports are located. While that’s not really a dealbreaker – you do need an extension cable (included) to plug in your regular headphones.

But if you are like me and prefers bluetooth for all of your listenings (I like the Mpow® Swift BluetoothMpow® Swift Bluetooth – $28), this is not really a problem.

Online customers have given ZVOLTZ battery case a 4.4 out of 5 stars. You can read the customer reviews here.

Mophie iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack


Mophie iPhone 6 Plus Juice Pack

We used to like Mophie – but now there are much better alternatives for the price ($99) – so this is not our top recommendation anymore.

Mophie’s 2,600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery gives you about 60% additional battery life.

The case itself is comparatively thinner and sleeker – with a cool design. It comes with the other bells and whistles that are common with battery cases.

This a decent product to add few extra hours of battery life after a long day of heavy use.

Read customer reviews about Mophie here.

i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Protective Battery Case


i-Blason iPhone 6 Plus Protective Battery Case

i-Blason is another powerful battery case for iPhone 6 plus that comes packed with powerful 4700 mAh built-in smart lion-thium polymer battery which wil easily give you 100%+ additional battery juice.

Its features include lightning connector, micor USB, sync-through technology for simultaneous charging and syncing and precise access to all the ports, sensors and cameras.

It has a single color-coded LED light at the back that displays different colors for varying levels of power availability. The four color-coded power levels are at 0-15%, 15-35%, 35-70% and 70-100% respectively. You press the button once to show this LED power indicator.

You hold the button for 3 seconds to begin charging your phone. You hold the button again for 3 seconds to stop charging. Please note that this is not automatic and you have to manually press the button to stop charging the phone.

One thing I find annoying about this case is that every time I unplug my phone, it automatically starts charging it. I have to remember to turn it off – every time. But you’ll easily get into the habit once you do it a few times – not a big deal.

Overall, i-Blason is a pretty good battery case for iPhone 6 Plus.

Online customers have given it a 3.8 out of 5 stars. Read customer reviews here.

The Worst iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case

Now that we have suggested some great battery cases for your iPhone 6 Plus, here are a few others that you should definitely stay away from. Not only are they not worth the money but also come with a myriad of problems making your purchase a nightmare and frustration.

Peyou – iPhone 6 Plus Backup Battery Case


Peyou – iPhone 6 Plus Backup Battery Case

At $21 bucks, Peyou – iPhone 6 Plus Backup Battery Case looks like a steal at first. It looks like a normal battery case – fully equipped with LED lights, color coded power indicators, microUSB sync charging, overall a decent looking case. However, the description and presentation of the product is very misleading.

But there is a reason why it’s cheap. Here are some of the issues we’ve discovered:

    • Inconsistent charging. It’s a hit or miss – sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.
    • Makes the phone extremely heavy.
    • Bad design/location of the on/off button. Button prone to getting accidentally switched “off” while sliding inside your pocket
    • Loose lightning connector. It might come off with the phone when you take the phone out from the case
    • The battery is unreliable. It randomly looses charge very fast

The list goes on and on. People who’ve already bought the case seem very frustrated.

You can read Read customer issues and complaints over at here.

My recommendation – even though it’s cheap and tempting, don’t get it.

Other iPhone 6 Plus Battery Cases That You Should Stay Away From

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