The Best Double Ski Bag

Traveling with your ski equipment can be quite tricky. We know that needing 3 layers of clothing is essential – and that already takes up a lot of our luggage space – so when it comes to packing our ski equipment having the best ski bags can make all the difference. Double ski bags do just that: they allow you to store and transport 2 pairs of skis in one bag to make it more convenient for traveling and storage.

5 Best-Selling Double Ski Bag

What would you need to look out for when shopping for a new double ski bag? The brightest colors and lowest price might be appealing, but this article will help you to make the best choice for your next skiing weekend or holiday to protect and transport your precious skis.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Double Ski Bag

1. Double Nordic Ski Bag

High Sierra Double Ski Skis, Black, One Size
Product Highlights:
  • designed to hold two pair of nordic skis up to 210cm in length
  • padded interior divider keeps gear organized and protected
  • quick release adjustable exterior compression straps prevent skis from shifting inside the bag
  • both ends are reinforced with high density polyethylene board

Carrying two pairs of your skis up to 210 cm (83”) in length, this double ski bag is constructed from polyester with a thread count of 600D with both ends reinforced with high-density polyethylene board for more protection for your skis. There are also exterior compression straps that help to keep your skis in place. The interior is padded and features a divider to keep your skis organized and better protected. The extra-long grip handles are padded for comfort and the bag features a self-repairing nylon-coiled zipper for added durability. This bag weighs just 2.5 lbs.

2. Padded Wheeled Premium Double Ski Bag

Element Equipment Wheeled Padded Roller Travel Bag 167 Blue Ripstop
Product Highlights:
  • premium bag - this is our top of the line wheeled travel bag. designed by skiers who actually ride. details make the difference!
  • wheeled padded ski travel bag - complete 360 degree padded protection! 600d ripstop pvc coated polyester is water resistant, super tough, and keeps your gear organized and protected.
  • sized to fit - holds 1 or 2 pair of skis. don't lug around a floppy bag way bigger than your skis. clean packing is happy travelling! bag is 31 cm wide, 18 cm tall, and fits skis up to 167 cm.
  • built to last - reinforced construction with compression straps, double stitching, waterproof liner, burly carry handles.
  • 100% guarantee. we stand behind our products.

This double ski bag features 360-degree padded protection to keep your skis safe while travelling. The bag is constructed from 600D Ripstop polyester with PVC-coating to make this bag waterproof and durable. It can accommodate two pairs of skis up to 66” (167 cm) in length and the padding lends the bag more stiffness to better protect the skis. For added durability, the bag is double stitched, has a waterproof internal liner, rugged carry handles, and exterior compression straps that secure your skis into place. The bag features hard plastics around the wheels and rear of the bag to further protect your skis and to make for smooth rolling. This bag weighs 8.5 lbs.

3. Waterproof Double Ski Bag

Athalon Double Padded Ski Black, 180cm
Product Highlights:
  • constructed of high density polyester with waterproof backing
  • holds two sets of skis up to 180 cm
  • self healing nylon coil zippers
  • fully padded end to end
  • top handles with padded grip

This ski bag can carry two pairs of skis up to 70” (180 cm) in length. It is made of polyester fabric with a high thread count of 600D with a waterproof outer and inner lining. It also has internal padding and internal straps to secure the skis in place when traveling, as well as self-repairing nylon coiled zippers to make the bag extra durable. The grab handles are padded for comfort. This bag weighs 4.9 lbs.

4. 75” Padded Wheeled Double Ski Bag

Athletico Rolling Double Ski Air Trave Black, 190cm
Product Highlights:
  • padded to protect your ski equipment - every side of this ski bag with wheels is padded with 10mm of dense foam padding to protect your skis and other gear from damage.
  • accomodates almost all skis - this padded ski bag can fit almost all skis up to 190 cm. internal straps help to keep the skis down and stop them from sliding around in the bag. this makes it perfect for even smaller skis, eliminating movement and freeing up additional room for storage.
  • heavy duty wheels for easy rolling - heavy-duty wheels that help you manage your way around the airport and parking lots - surrounded by an all-weather tarpaulin bottom.
  • rugged and built to last - made of 600d water-resistant polyester, our rolling double ski bags are built to last. the inside is lined with a thermal, waterproof material to keep your skis safe during transit.
  • backed by the athletico 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. just let us know, and we'll make it right.

Ideal for regular air travelers, this double ski bag can carry two pairs of skis up to 75” (190 cm) in length and can hold them securely in place thanks to internal straps. The bag is made from polyester with a 600D thread count to make it durable, and the inside is covered with a waterproof lining to further keep your skis safe and protected. It also sports rugged grab handles, a detachable shoulder carry strap and large external pockets with a waterproof lining to keep your gloves, goggles and other gear protected. The zip is also lockable for added security. The wheels are heavy-duty with treads to make for easy transportation over snow. This bag weighs 9 lbs.

5. Protective Double Carry Ski Case

Sportube Series 2 Ski Four Pairs Of Nordic Skis And Gear
Product Highlights:
  • holds your gear – sportube series 2 travel case can hold 2 pairs of alpine skis & poles, or up to 4 pairs of nordic/skate skis & poles. each case has: easy pull handle, connecting pin, roller wheels, 4 ski straps, and 4 rubber band brake retainers.
  • durable exterior & internal protection – lockable ski case has 100% recycled hdpe shell, ensuring light weight with high durability. each case has internal padding and straps at both ends to protect against movement and shaking during travel.
  • dimensions – series 2 ski case has an adjustable internal length between 48”-83” (122-212cm), internal width of 11” (280mm) and an internal depth of 6” (152mm), with the case by itself weighing 12 lbs.
  • travel note – whether checking sportube series 2 at the airport, shipping it, or attaching to the roof of your car, remove the easy pull handle and place it inside your carry-on luggage or elsewhere; otherwise the clip could be damaged in transport.
  • disclaimer – each series 2 ski case is made in the usa w/ a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. for best packing, the padded ends need to be tight as possible against the tips/tails of the skis to reduce movement within the case & risk of damage.

This double skin case is made from 100 percent recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic) which makes it lightweight yet durable. It features internal padding, internal straps, and the exterior is 100 percent lockable. The case is telescopic in design: depending on the size of your skis, it can be extended from 122 cm in length to 212 cm. It can fit 2 pairs of Alpine skis or 4 pairs of Nordic cross-country skis. It weighs 12 lbs.

Buying Guide

When shopping for a double ski bag, you must consider the following aspects when choosing a new bag. We have researched this to find out the most important must-haves and why you need them:

1.Types of Double Ski Bags

There are 3 general types of ski bags available to shoppers: Wheeled Ski Bags; Non-Wheeled Ski Bags; and, Travel Ski Cases.
• Wheeled Ski Bags are just as the name suggests: these are ski bags with wheels at one end to allow for super easy movement and transportation. They’re usually padded to protect your skis and they’re also mostly larger to offer more space for ski poles too.
• Non-Wheeled Ski Bags are the lightest type of double ski bag to keep your overall ski equipment and luggage weight down. They are available in padded and non-padded versions and come with grab handles and over-the-shoulder straps for carrying.
• Travel Cases are constructed from hard plastics to offer the highest levels of protection for your skis when travelling. These are most commonly available with wheels but non-wheeled versions are on offer too. They’re heavy but their pay off is their perfect protection of your skis. If you’re travelling frequently with your skis, these might just be the perfect companion for your winter luggage.

2. Durability

Your double ski bag shouldn’t last just one skiing weekend. Many ski bags are made from polyester or synthetic fabrics – while travel cases are made from hard plastics. Searching for your double ski bags, make sure that if you are buying polyester-made bags that they have a high thread count of more than 400D and aim for 600D. The higher the thread count, the greater the durability of the ski bag to knocks, bumps, drops, scrapes, and cuts. Synthetic fabric-made ski bags won’t offer a thread count, but they will inform you of the fabric type and for this, the equivalent is 1680 Denier, which is a very durable synthetic fabric used to make belts, office furniture, and protective items for defense forces. For straps and carrying ties, most manufacturers use Ripstop Nylon materials that are resistant to ripping and tearing, which are ideal for carrying heavy loads. Interior padding is important to keep your skin protected, but it comes at a cost: it makes the bags weigh heavily: if you’re flying with your skis, padded interiors are essential. Another aspect of ski bags’ materials is whether they are waterproof: most have a waterproof lining on the inside to prevent your skis from making the bag wet and affecting your other luggage, while this same material will also prevent mold and mildew from setting in your ski bag.

3. Necessities

Your double ski bag needs most of the following items to make them worthwhile for your luggage space:
• Interior gear straps: these are used to tie your skis into place.
• Exterior compression straps: keep your skis and other gear strapped inside tightly and help the bag to not deform when travelling.
• Padded grab handle and shoulder straps: after lugging your ski bag through an airport or up to your accommodation, padded straps will make it far easier and comfortable to transport.
• Pockets: inside your double ski bag, little pockets are ideal for storing your ski gear such as gloves, goggles, waxes, and ski poles.
• Large wheels: for those with wheeled bags, search for bags with larger than normal luggage wheels as your skis will be carted over snowy parking lots and rutted paths so you want them to be able to roll smoothly and not to actually weigh you further down.

4. Wheeled or Non-Wheeled Double Ski Bag

When deciding on whether you need a wheeled or non-wheeled double ski bag, you need to factor in how much you’ll be using your ski bag, whether you’ll be travelling by car or flying, and whether weight when travelling will add to your flight costs. It is no surprise that wheeled bags weigh more than their non-wheeled versions. If your luggage is over your weight limit at the airport, you’ll need to pay a penalty for that wheeled convenience. If you’re travelling by car more than flying, you might not need a wheeled bag for your skis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do double ski bags count as oversized?

When flying, your ski bags and equipment actually count as one checked bag. So long as your overall baggage weight is less than 25 lbs, they won’t penalize you.

Can you store your skis in your ski bag in the offseason?

Keeping your skis in your ski bag during the summer season is perfect. You’ll need to first make sure the bag inside is dry and that your skis are clean.

Should I pack my boots into my double ski bag?

If they can fit, it is a great idea. That way you’re reducing the number of bags you need to carry.

Can you wash a double ski bag?

Yes. You can wash a double ski bag with some water, washing powder, a sponge, and some elbow grease. Allow time for the inside to completely dry out before closing and storing it.

How should you pack your double ski bag?

Always pack your skis with the tips pointing upwards and inwards to prevent them from being damaged.


Simply deciding on the needs of your skiing holidays, the regularity of your bag’s use, and the type of skiing you do all play a role in helping you decide which double ski bag is best for you. Making sure that your ski bag is durable, not compromising on the must-have features, and that it properly protects your skis, your double ski bag will be an asset to your luggage and not extra weight to lug around.

Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag - 200cm - Black