The Best Board Games to Take Camping

Camping is fun for all. Sleeping in tents, chopping your own firewood, exploring the surrounding nature and wilderness, cooking over a fire, bathing in a river or lake: some might consider it to be “roughing it,” but for many of us this is relaxation at its finest.

5 Best-Selling Board Games to Take Camping

The weather might turn foul for a day or two, or create more time with your children each day. That’s why board games are firm favorites for all ages on camping vacations.

Board games aren’t just ways to while away an hour or two, but it is great fun to get competitive and share a few laughs. Playing board games also helps to boost brain activity by engaging their logic skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

In this article, we’ll help you narrow down your list of must-have board games with insights on each one, offer a buying guide on what to look out for when choosing board games, and we’ll also answer your questions about board games and camping fun.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Board Games to Take Camping

1. Backcountry: The Game of Wilderness Survival – Appalachian Trail Edition

This game is suitable for all members of the family from the ages of 8 years and older, and the game allows for adjustments of the rules and gameplay to accommodate younger members. A camping- and hiking-themed game adds more fun to play board games while camping, but you can enjoy this one at home too. They model this game after the famous Appalachian Trail where players will need to manage their food, avoid bears, trade their camping gear, and plan a route. It offers complex gameplay that children find interesting in their video games. 2 to 5 players can play this board game.

2. Beat the Parents Board Game

Beat The Parents Board Family Game New
Product Highlights:
  • beat the parents brings kids together with their parents to go head to head in the fun filled family trivia game
  • prove who's the boss in the game where the adults answer questions about kids stuff, and the kids answer questions their parents should really know
  • but watch out for the wild cards, they could send you reeling back to the start or skipping ahead to the finish

4 players can play this game and it is best for players 6 years and older. For your kids, this game is already going to prove fun because of the name. In this board game, kids go head-to-head against parents in a family trivia challenge. The gameplay is fun and can be hilarious: kids must answer adult things and adults must answer kids’ stuff. It comes in a box for easy transportation and storage between gaming sessions. The pieces are solidly built, but you need to take care of the question cards if you’re playing outdoors as they are made of lightweight paper and cardboard.

3. UNO: Wilderness Edition

UNO Wilderness Card - Card Game
Product Highlights:
  • the classic card game of matching colors and numbers with a fun wilderness theme.
  • take uno wilderness camping, fishing or on any outdoor adventure!
  • players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current color or number card shown on the top of the deck.

This is a classic game. It is suitable for players 7-years and older, and can be played by 2 to  4 players. As a camping game, it is ideal: all you need to play is the deck of cards, which makes it easy to transport and store. The goal of the game is match colors and numbers together. With this Wilderness Edition, the gameplay remains unchanged but the special action cards have different tokens. Players need to play out their cards, and the one to play all their cards out is the winner. It is a fast-paced game and you can play it for many hours; the challenge never wanes as players become more competitive.

4. Obama Llama

Obama Llama The Celebrity Rhyming Party Game
Product Highlights:
  • a great family game for 4 players or more
  • the rhyming charade game with the strange sounding name
  • act out, describe and mime hundreds of celebrity rhymes to your team

2 to 8 players can play this board game and it is suitable for players 14 years and older. It is a family board game with a difference: the aim is to make as many rhymes words and sentences as possible and to identify the rhyme posed by the question cards. You’ll be playing against one another and in teams too. It makes for a great group activity. A game usually lasts around 1 hour to work through all the question cards. This game comes in a box and you’ll need to monitor all the pieces if you’re playing outdoors.

5. Monopoly: National Parks Edition

Monopoly National Parks Edition Yellowstone & The Grand Canyon |Themed Game
Product Highlights:
  • game board featuring 22 of the most popular and visited scenic united states national parks
  • features artwork from over 60 national parks throughout the game
  • includes educational game matching animals to the parks they inhabit

This is another classic board game for the entire family to enjoy. It is suitable for players 7 years and older, and for 2 to 6 players at a time. It features 22 of the best and most visited National Parks, with animals you’ll find across those parks too. The gameplay is like the traditional Monopoly, but in this National Parks Edition players aim to undertake a cross-country vacation to stop over at 60 of the best sights in America. You can buy, sell, and trade landmarks, gaining in wealth, to acquire more sights and parks to become the winner. This game is not waterproof and with paper pieces and small tokens, you’ll need play this indoors in your tent if the wind is blowing outside.

Buying Guide

1. Board games aren’t only for camping

While camping is a great time to play board games with your family and friends, choosing a board game that you can also play when back at home will help to keep the fun going for longer with your children.

2. Portability

Make sure the board game is easy to pack up and store away when not playing. You don’t want a piece of puzzle from the board game to get lost. Most board games come in boxes or pouches.

3. Durability

Playing in the outdoors means that your board game and its pieces will become dirty. They might even become wet, or the wind might blow them off the table or the base you’re using. Check that the pieces won’t break or tear, and that they’re heavy enough to not be carried off with the slightest of breezes or you’ll be spending more time running after the pieces than actually playing the game.

4. Number of Players

If your family has 5 members and the game is designed for only 4 players, you’ll have a problem. Ensure the board game you buy is for all family or camping friends to play.

5. Age of Players

Don’t select a game that will be too difficult for the youngest members of your camping party or family to understand. Even a game for a 3-year-old can entertain a 30-year-old or a 60-year-old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are board games good for learning?

Yes. Board games stimulate brain function. It boosts higher-level strategic thinking.

Q: Can playing board games bring us closer together?

Yes. Board games are interactive for groups and help foster bonding. Team games help players to work together to build trust and camaraderie and make board games more fun.

Are board games better than video games?

Yes. They are more involving in that they allow more players, more teams, and more social bonding with those around you.

Will all family members play board games?

While it is difficult to ensure that the whole family plays together, using encouragement and incentives will likely bring all players to the table for a game.

What do board games teach us?

They teach us that there are alternative ways of entertaining ourselves and others, even while away from social media, television, and the trappings of home life.


Board games are fun for all members of the family, for all age groups, and the wide variety of board games means that you’ll find a game to suit everyone around the table. Playing board games isn’t only good to ward off boredom, but it improves logical thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills for the younger players. Unpack your favorite board game and get playing around the campfire tonight!

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