The Best Biodegradable Shampoo for Camping

Roughing it out does not always mean that we forget our hygiene. No, we do not want to be that kind of person. There may be times that we would have the convenience of having a river nearby for a quick swim or having campsites with toilets and baths.

5 Best-Selling Biodegradable Shampoo for Camping

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Biodegradable Shampoo for Camping

This is not always the case. Going out on the great outdoors is not always unpredictable, and it is best to always be prepared.

This is where no-rinse shampoos come in. But to protect mother nature itself, we have to use the ones that are not harmful to the environment.

1. Rinseless Shampoo – No Water Required

Rinseless Waterless Shampoo 16 Bedridden, Assisted Living, Surgery Recovery, Camping Use
Product Highlights:
  • no water required | no running water? no problem. our lightweight formula can be applied directly to dry hair. no need to dilute or mix; use it right from the bottle.
  • fast and convenient | for short hair lengths and styles, rinseless shampoo air dries in under ten minutes. for longer hair styles, use a towel or blow dryer to get dry in under a minute!
  • no oily residue | you don't want an oily coating or sheen weighing down your hair. rinseless shampoo leaves no oily compounds behind.
  • versatile | take rinseless shampoo along on camping trips, road trips, and long flights. take a bottle to outdoor music festivals to look and smell your best even after a day in the summer sun. store a bottle in your family's emergency preparedness bag in case you lose access to clean water.
  • made in california | rinseless shampoo is made in california in accordance to the state's strictest manufacturing and environmental standards. keeping your hair clean shouldn't be a dirty business!

Rinseless is a biodegradable shampoo that does exactly what its name suggests. There is no need to rinse after application. It has a light formula that does not need to be diluted. 

Rinseless offers a fast and convenient application for hair of all lengths and styles. Its solution also air dries in a matter of minutes. For longer and thicker hair, it is best to use a towel for quicker drying. 

This shampoo is suitable to take on camping trips, long-distance road trips, and long-haul flights. Price starts at $10.99 for two bottles of 16oz Rinseless Shampoo. 

2. Joshua Tree 8 oz. Shampoo and Bodywash

Joshua Tree 8 Oz With Organic Ingredients Lavender
Product Highlights:
  • biodegradable - safe to use indoors and out as a body wash, shampoo, even to wash your dog, for clothes or dishes at camp
  • 8 oz/236 ml size is portable with enough to last!
  • hand crafted in michigan with the finest organic and natural ingredients
  • lathers up like you expect from any body wash
  • jojoba oil to condition skin and hair

For those who do not want to carry a heavy hygiene kit during camping trips, Joshua Tree Shampoo and Bodywash is for you. It is safe for use indoors as well as outdoors in all conditions. 

It comes in a portable bottled design and only weighs 8 oz or 236 ml. It is formulated from the finest natural and organic ingredients and is manufactured in Michigan. 

Joshua Tree contains Jojoba Oil, which helps its users condition their hair and skin. Prices start at $13.99 for an 8 oz bottle. 

3. Sierra Dawn Campsuds All-Purpose Camp Soap

Sierra Dawn Campsuds Biodegradable Dishes, Shower, Shampoo, Hand 4oz In Nalgene Bottle
Product Highlights:
  • original formula campsuds in durable, reusable, leak-proof nalgene bottles
  • smells great too!
  • use as a bath soap and shampoo, to wash and spot-clean clothes and to clean anything washable

If you need a camp soap that you can use for any task, then Sierra Dawn Campsuds is the one for you. Sierra Dawn Campsuds is a biodegradable multi-purpose soap concentrate that you can use to wash your face, hands, hair, clothes, and even the dishes. 

It can be used on anything washable. It is concentrated, so it needs to be diluted. Only a few drops are needed, and it works well in either hot or cold water. It works with saltwater, too, if needed. 

Sierra Dawn Campsuds prices start at $5.95 and are dependent on the variant. 

4. Waxhead Shampoo and Bodywash

Waxhead Sunscreen For The Multi Purpose Face Wash, Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Product Highlights:
  • added sun protection - unlike other regular soaps, this castile soap liquid leaves a layer of zinc oxide and moisturizing oils on your skin and hair to reduce sun exposure. can be used as hair sunscreen.
  • zinc shampoo - this antifungal soap helps control dandruff, while the zinc oxide encourages hair growth to the scalp of thinning hair. works best on short hair. a favorite of golfers and runners.
  • baby body wash - new parents love this all-purpose gentle soap because it washes, conditions and provides sun protection in one easy step. can be used as dandruff shampoo for kids too.
  • vegan body wash - 7 edible-grade ingredients. plant-based, baby-safe, biodegradable, cruelty free, silicone free, sulfate free, paraben free, phosphate free. can be as a head sunscreen, scalp sunscreen or zinc face wash
  • use - shake bottle before use. wet face, skin, and hair with water. massage into a white lather over body and scalp. rinse to leave skin soft. pat dry.

Waxhead Shampoo and Bodywash is your ultimate biodegradable hygiene solution for the great outdoors. It is made out of the finest organic ingredients. It is also formulated with essential oils that would leave your hair and skin healthy and protected. 

Waxhead not only cleans and conditions but it also provides UV protection from the sun. It also contains zinc, which helps to fight hair loss and controls dandruff. Waxhead is non-toxic and is safe for daily use. Prices start at $22.50 for an 8 oz Waxhead bottle. 

5. Squeeze Pod Travel Shampoo

No products found.

Squeeze Pod is a biodegradable and sulfate-free shampoo that comes in 10 single-use pods. It is used best for airline traveling, outdoor activities,  and gym use. 

It comes in convenient and very portable pods that do not bulk up your hygiene kit. It is free from parabens, sulfates, phosphates, and other harsh chemicals. It is made from premium organic ingredients. 

The price for the Squeeze Pod travel shampoo starts at $8.99.

Buying Guide

1. Eco Friendly

Make sure that the composition of the products is eco-friendly. Many of these shampoos may contain SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a suspected carcinogen, as well as other unnatural fragrances and preservatives. We may not notice this in our day-to-day household items, but these chemicals are harmful to the wilderness. 

2. Price

Organic shampoos are quite pricey since they are made out of premium materials. Always double-check those items that you find that are below the normal price range. There may be cheaper ones in the market, but they might be due to the use of synthetic ingredients in their composition. 

3. Reusable/Biodegradable Containers

The saying “Leave only footsteps” means that we also have to minimize our waste. But if it is inevitable, make sure that it comes in biodegradable plastic. 

4. Multi-Purpose Use

Some products are multi-purpose and can be used for various camping tasks. These may come a bit pricier than normal but is the most convenient to use on trips.

5. Accreditation

Check if the products are accredited for use by the right government agencies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does biodegradable mean?

Being biodegradable means that a certain product can be broken down by living things such as bacteria and fungi in the environment.

Are shampoos biodegradable?

Not all shampoos are biodegradable. Most of those that we use at home contain synthetic materials that do not degrade within a shorter period once thrown away. 

Are organic and biodegradable shampoos the same?

Some shampoos may come from organic materials but may still contain sulfates. Sulfates are not biodegradable, which makes them toxic to the environment. 

How do you make shampoo eco-friendly?

In the absence of the right kind of shampoo, you can dilute vegetable-based shampoos in equal parts to further decrease the traces of sulfates. A few drops of essential oil can also be mixed to add more nutrients, which protects your hair and skin. 

How do we choose the right eco-friendly shampoo?

Plant-based shampoos are by far the safest since it comes from biodegradable organic materials. Shampoos must be free from toxins and traces of sulfates for them to be considered eco-friendly. 


Choosing the right shampoo is a matter of educating one’s self. We must not be content with simply reading what is written on the label.

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