The Best Bike Rack for Camper Trailer

If you are one of those who would camp near the trails for a weekend of mountain biking, then having the right bike rack for your camper trailer is essential for you. Biking has made quite a comeback and is one of the most loved outdoor activities during the quarantine.

5 Best-Selling Bike Rack for Camper Trailer

What better way to maximize your camping experience than to bring your mountain bikes with you. You can always store your bikes indoors, but a bike rack is a must to maximize space. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Rack for Camper Trailer

1. Swagman RV Around Spare Bike Rack

Swagman RV Approved Around Spare Deluxe Bike Rack
Product Highlights:
  • carries up to 2 bikes
  • mounts around most spare tires
  • anti-sway cradles prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • attaches to a 4" - 4-1/2" continuously welded steel bumper
  • all hardware is included for attachment to bumper and carrying the bike

This bike rack is mounted around your RV’s spare tire and can carry up two mountain bikes. It has a generic build that can mount around most spare tire configurations. 

This bike rack has anti-sway cradles which prevent any kind of bike to bike contact. It can also attach to any welded steel bumper that is 4”-4.5” thick. All attachment hardware is included in the package. 

The price starts at $100.24.

2. Let’s Go Aero Bike Carrier System

Lets Go Aero Bike Carrier System
Product Highlights:
  • versatility - the jack-it mounts over the tongue jack and attaches directly to you a-frame trailer
  • more space - frees up space for additional cargo on the rear of the trailer where bikes are typically stored
  • enhanced stability - the jack-it allows you to carry your bikes on the front of your trailer, where there is the least bounce
  • protects bikes - foam bumpers and the new swaycontrol system enhance the rack’s natural stability and protects the bicycle finish
  • security - nomotion pins minimize wobble and can be padlocked for security

This bike carrier system is designed to be mounted above the A-frame of the trailer. If you are more comfortable with having your bikes within visual reach when traveling, this setup is for you. 

This bike rack can carry up to two bikes and fits all bike frames. Its mounting also includes most A-frame trailers and also has impact protection. 

This setup frees up your RV’s rear hitch and cargo area to maximize space. The price of this starts at $215.63.

3. Camco RV Ladder Mounted Bike Rack

Camco RV Ladder Mount Folds For Convenient Storage 51492 , Black
Product Highlights:
  • form fit cradles securely hold your bikes
  • easily installs to fit standard rv ladders
  • bonus straps provide added security
  • folds for storage
  • holds two bikes , max weight upto 60 lb

This bike rack mounts directly into your camper’s rear ladder. Straps are provided to secure the rack into the assembly safely. 

If you want a rack that can easily be folded and kept, this one is for you. It is lightweight and can carry up to two bikes with a max weight of 60 lbs. 

This fits easily to standard RV ladders for fast installation. The price starts at $49.88 for the Camco RV Bike Racks. 

4. Stromberg Carlson Bike Rack

Stromberg Carlson LA102 1Inch For Universal Ladder
Product Highlights:
  • length from bend to tip of extended bike arms is 13″
  • max distance between bike cradles is 9″
  • weight capacity of bike rack carrier is 50lbs
  • 1 complete assembly

This bike rack has directly mounted braces which are secured to any standard sized camper ladder. The bike cradles are spaced at 9” to avoid any form of bike to bike contact. 

The maximum supported weight for the bike rack is 50 lbs. This bike rack comes with all the necessary ladder mounts. The price for the Stromberg Carlson Bike Rack starts at $64.99 and comes with three months warranty. 

5. Stromberg Carlson Cargo Caddy Bike Rack

Stromberg Carlson CC125 Cargo Caddy Bike Rack
Product Highlights:
  • adapts your cargo caddy (cc-100) into a 2-bike carrier
  • accommodates tire widths up to 2.25 inches
  • includes four wheel brackets, applicable hardware, and two tie down straps
  • tire holders may be placed individually for a custom fit for each bike

If you want a sturdy bike rack and is easy to install, get this bike rack adaptor. This converts your cargo caddy into a bike carrier that can carry up to two bikes. 

It has four-wheel brackets and two tie-down straps that are included in the package. The brackets are made out of steel and are powder-coated to resist any form of corrosion. 

Do note that the Cargo Carrier is sold separately. The price of the bike racks adapter starts at $32.47. 

Buying Guide

1. Mounting Points

Different bike racks in the market vary about their mounting points. This boils down to preference. If you want to save space, A-frame mounted racks are the best way to go. 

If you need convenience, then ladder-mounted bike racks might be the right choice for you.  

2. Frame Build

Bike racks should be sturdy enough to carry your bikes and withstand impacts while traveling. Any bike rack with a solid steel frame will do. Always check the maximum weight that it can carry. 

3. Mounting Configuration

Bike racks have different configurations. Some have V-shape mounts, and some are secured with U-bolts. Always choose which one best holds your bike in place. 

4. Support

Make sure that your bike racks of choice has the necessary support. We do not want to rely too much on the rack’s mounting points. Having additional rack support adds security to our bikes.

5. Warranty

Some brands offer a warranty ranging from three months up to a year. It is best to choose one that offers in case something goes wrong with our racks of choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you carry a bike on a travel trailer?

There are many bike racks available on the market that mounts directly to your travel trailer. The most convenient are those that mount to your trailer’s ladder. They can easily be installed, as well as removed for storage. 

Do you need a trailer hitch for a bike rack?

No. There are bike racks configured to mount directly on the A-frame above the trailer hitch and not the hitch itself. 

What makes a bike rack RV approved?

Only a certain number of bike racks are certified by trailer manufacturers. Most bike racks in the market are generic and can fit most trailers, depending on their mounting configuration. 

How do I keep my bike rack from being stolen?

Most bike racks need special mounting tools and are not easily removed from the trailer. Some configurations, though, can easily be removed like the ones that are ladder-mounted. 


Buying a bike rack is a matter of personal preference, whether you want it to be mounted at the rear or upfront where your bike is within visual range when traveling.

When choosing the best racks, it is best to consider convenience, security, and ease of use.

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