The Best Beginner Ski

One of the needed characteristics for beginner ski is that it should be an easy platform for learning the basics of skiing: balance, turning, and control. Furthermore, it should offer great value for the price. Beginner skis should make it faster and easier for skiing newbies to absorb and learn the proper technique.

5 Best-Selling Beginner Ski

Many beginner models are out on the market. They come either with an integrated system complete with bindings or flats. This means skiers would need to purchase the bindings separately. 

In this article, we will show you the top beginner skis that are out on the market. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Beginner Ski

1. Rossignol Experience 74 Skis

The Rossignol Experience Skis for men is one of the best out there on the market. It is made of fiber with cap construction. These skis are meant for beginners to intermediate users. So if you are serious about this sport, then these skis are perfect for you. 

The ski’s sidecut dimensions are 121/74/107, and it features a Poplar wood core.

2. Nordica Navigator 75

Meant for beginners and recreational skiers, the Nordica Navigator 75 Skis come together with TP2 Compact 10 black bindings. This ski set is designed to make the sport accessible to everybody. 

If you are just starting and would want quality skis, then the Nordica Navigator is for you. This set is easy to navigate and has a tight turning radius. 

3. K2 Press Skis

K2 2020 Press Skis Skis 169 Cm
Product Highlights:
  • all terrain twin rocker – all-terrain twin rocker is a gradual, extended rise at the tip and tail for added versatility and control in all conditions with twin tip skis.
  • aspen – lightweight and resilient, great all-around material.
  • duracap construction – a molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. duracap skis are generally lighter overall, with enhanced durability and forgiveness.
  • carbon boost braid – longitudinal carbon stringers woven into the k2’s patented triaxial braid for added pop and rebound.
  • intermediate-advanced

If you are one of the adventurous folks who opt to ski on different terrains, then the k2 Press Skis are for you. They are built for different terrains and is designed to be more versatile. 

This set is designed for severe beginners to intermediate skiers. It is made of lightweight and resilient materials with DuraCap Construction. It also features a carbon boost braid, which makes the skis more firm and has added rebound. 

4. Line Honey Badger 

The Line Honey Badger is one of the mid-tier beginner skis. It has a raised tail profile, which includes versatility when out on the slopes. It is made out of Type 4D Fibercap with wood as the core material. 

It is indeed for freestyle skiing and is friendly for beginners due to its high maneuverability.

5. Salomon XDR 76

Salomon XDR 76 St 140cm Black/Blue/Orange
Product Highlights:
  • dimensions: 131/88/114 @ 179cm
  • profile: tip and tail rocker
  • radius: 17m @ 179cm

The Salomon XDR 76 comes with its own Lithium 10 Bindings. Its dimensions are 131/88/114 with a length of 179cm. This ski set is meant for mellow surfaces, the ideal ground for new skiers. 

It comes in three colors: black, orange, and blue. The Salomon XDR is perfect for new and learning skiers since it also has adjustable bindings. No need to buy one, so it is much cheaper. 

Buying Guide

When you are opting to buy your first equipment, you must identify the type of skiing that you are going to be participating in.  There are different types of skiing, and each has other considerations as well. 

1. Ski Shape

The recent innovations have graced us with other optionsYourur skis’ shape will help you adapt and improve your skiing based on what time of terrain and style you are doing. 

The types of ski shapes are a rocker, sidecut, camber, and flat. 

2. Rigidity

The rigid properties of the skis that you will purchase are dictated by your skill level and expectations. Flexible and light skis are best for beginners, and on the other hand, intermediate to expert skiers would opt for more rigid skis.

3. Ski Size

Ski size is dictated by one’s height, skill level, and depending on what you are trying to achieve. Beginner skis are often shorter than the skiers’ height, will advance skiers have skis that are the same as their height. 

The skier’s body weight also plays a role. Light skiers will have difficulty in handling rigid skis, while heavy skiers will tire easily when using soft skis. 

4. Bindings

Bindings are what holds you to your skis. This equipment should also be taken into consideration when buying your new skis. There are two types of bindings: track mounted and drill mounted bindings. 

5. Type of Skier

The type of beginner skis is also dependent on what type of skiing you are going to do. Different types have different considerations to consider. There are skis for carving, all-rounders, and free riders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shorter skis better for beginners?

Yes. Shorter skis have better control. Beginners normally go slow, so stability is not an issue. However, when you progress, you might need the need for longer skis. 

Is skiing fun for beginners?

Skiing is a fun and very addictive sport. It may seem scary when you first engage in it, but as you progress, so does the excitement. 

What are the advantages of shorter skis?

The advantage of having a shorter ski is that they have a smaller turning radius. That means that they can turn sharply and easily. 

What is the difference between beginner ski and intermediate skis?

Beginner sets are usually shorter and flexible, making them easier to turn at slower speeds. Intermediate and advanced skis are stiffer, which makes them more stable at higher speeds. 

Are wider skis harder to turn?

Wide skis have more surface area, which means they have more floatation. They do well on powder, but it takes more effort for wider skis to turn. 


The best way to decide when buying a beginner ski is to do your research and realize what you want to do after your progress.  The terrain is also one thing to consider when choosing your skis. So do know the essentials of the ski park you are going to. It will help you greatly in deciding which skis to buy.

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