8 Best Synthetic Underlayments For Roofs

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Top 8 Synthetic Underlayments For Roofs

Tyvek Protec 160 Roof ( 4' X 50' - 2 Square)
Product Highlights:
  • industry-leading walkability and offers durability and high-performance under even the most demanding conditions
  • ideal for sloped commercial and residential roofs, new construction and re-roofing applications
  • uv-resistance with up to 6-months uv exposure per astm d226 type i & ii
Prime Wrap SRUPR4250 AntiSlip ( Underlayment, 48 X 250, Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • anti-skid surface
  • high tensile & tear strength
  • light weight (40% lighter than 30# felt)
Grace TriFlex 15 Synthetic ( X 250' Roll (1,000 Sq. Ft.))
Product Highlights:
  • grace construction products (publisher)
Roof Protector Underlayment Roll ( Roll - 42" X 286')
Product Highlights:
  • lightweight for easy handling and installation with 90 day uv exposure
  • superior tear resistance compared to roofing felt for increased durability
  • ideal for for sloped (>= 2:12) commercial and residential roofs and roofing applications under asphalt shingles or metal cladding
CertainTeed Roof Runner Synthetic ( Underlayment (Single Roll))
Product Highlights:
  • uv exposure: 90-day (based on standard accelerated quv testing)
  • based on a tough woven polyolefin reinforcement laminated between layers of specially formulated uv-stabilized polymer films
  • provides a protective layer over the roof deck and acts as a secondary barrier against leaks
Ultra Roof Underlayment 34 ( Roll - 198 Sq. Ft.)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to handle and applythe membrane bonds firmly to the roof deck and forms high quality laps.
  • self sealingthe membrane meets key building code standards for nail sealability of self-adhered roofing underlayments.
  • heat resistancethe membrane is specially formulated to resist temperatures up to 300f without degradation of the butyl adhesive.
Tyvek Protec 120 Roof ( 4' X 250' - 1 Roll)
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with roofs with asphalt shingles, cedar shingles and metal roofs
  • use for repair, re-roofing and new construction applications
  • trusted quality and durability from dupont tyvek
ArmorLay 25 Synthetic Roof ( Underlayment 4' X 250')
Product Highlights:
  • 10 square roll covers 1,000 square feet
  • meets performance characteristics astm d4869 and astm d226 standards
  • 60 day exposure to uv

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