12 Best Stone 00g

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Top 12 Stone 00g

BodyJ4You 18PC Stone Ear ( Stretching Gauges Expander)
Product Highlights:
  • value pack: 9 pairs (18 pieces) of multicolor organic natural stones double flare saddle plugs.
  • size: 00 gauge (10 mm). each pair comes in separate bag and size verified. stones: created-amethyst, orange-agate, amber, created-goldstone, compressed-turquoise, white-agate, petalite, tumbled sodalite, bloodstone.
  • double flare: saddle plugs have a slightly larger lip on both sides and don't require o-rings, meaning you are far less likely to have your plugs fall out and go missing.
Qmcandy 6 Pairs Mixed ( Body Piercing Set Gauge 00G)
Product Highlights:
  • gauge material: made of highly polished natural organic stones.
  • available gauge size: 8g(3mm), 6g (4mm), 4g (5mm), 2g (6mm), 0g (8mm), 00g (10mm), 1/2" (12mm), 9/16" (14mm) ,5/8" (16mm), 11/16" (18mm), 3/4" (20mm).
  • gauge height: approx 12mm. the gauges size is the middle size of plugs and the double flare is middle size plus 2mm. example: the 6mm(2g) plug's gauge is 6mm with flare size of 8mm and height of 12mm.
Longbeauty 15Pairs Mixed Stone ( Ear Gauges Piercing Jewelry 10MM)
Product Highlights:
  • 💕assorted value pack: you will receive 15 pairs / 30 pieces ear gauges plugs, crafted from high quality mixed stone (15 pair). a great value pack of 15pair / 30pcs stunning stone ear plugs with a high polished smooth surface for comfortable all day wear.
  • available gauge size: 8g (3mm), 6g (4mm), 4g (5mm), 2g (6mm), 0g (8mm), 00g (10mm), 1/2" (12mm), 9/16" (14mm), 5/8" (16mm), 11/16" (18mm), 3/4" (20mm), height: 12mm. high polished smooth surface, do not scratches to your ear, comfortable to wear.
  • 🌈vibrant color patterns: our stone gauge plug features amazing color patterns in the right angle of the light. these assorted stone ear plugs give you 15 different color patterns to match your everyday outfit!
Evevil Mixed Stone Wood ( Plugs Stretcher (18 Pairs,00g,10mm))
Product Highlights:
  • double flared plugs size: ear gauges 00g (10mm), cap size: 11mm, height: 10mm. high polished smooth surface, do no scratches to your ear, comfortable to wear. please be aware the our plugs tend to have smaller flares (look more natural and cool on ears!) but they are the right gauge size.
  • special value pack: comes with 18 pairs / 36 pieces 00 gauge ear plugs, crafted from high quality mixed stone (15 pairs) & natural wood (3 pairs). a great value pack of 18 pairs stunning ear plugs ear tunnel.
  • natural jewelry: we tried out best to give you a true representation of the stones plugs. however, all natural jewelry may differ slightly, please allow slight variances in color due to the nature of organic material.
Jovivi Set Of 4 ( O-Ring Stretcher Expander Gauges Kit 00G)
Product Highlights:
  • multiple colors single flare ear gauges made of polished natural stone materials, smooth,comfortable and healthy wear in your ears.
  • unique design mushroom shaped ear plugs with high quality silicone o-rings, be free to express your individuality.
  • material: natural amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine, man-made opalite with silicone o-ring. gauge:10mm(00g),height:13mm
Oyaface 4Pairs Heart Shaped ( Stretcher Expander Kit Gauge-00g)
Product Highlights:
  • material:natural organic stone(opal、blue sand stone、rose quartz、tiger-eye stone)
  • gauge:2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm)
  • value pack of 8 pieces in 4 different stones as the photo shows .
6Pairs 4g1116 Multiple Stone ( Expander Gauges (Gauge=00g(10mm)))
Product Highlights:
  • hypoallergenic ear gauges single flare plugs and tunnels for ears are made of hypoallergenic natural stone, comfortable and healthy for your sensitive ears.
  • classic design classic mushroom shaped ear plugs with high quality silicone o-rings, easy to put in and take off.
  • ear gauge size 4g(5mm), 2g(6mm), 1g(7mm), 0g(8mm), 00g(10mm), 7/16"(11mm), 1/2"(12mm), 9/16"(14mm), 5/8"(16mm), 11/16"(18mm), please choose suitable size.
Kokoma Cats Eye Organic ( (Plug Gauge=10mm(00G)))
Product Highlights:
  • high quality material: made of natural cats eye organic stone & black onyx stone, durable and anti-allergic. harmless to human, safe for your sensitive ear
  • size of ear gauge: you will receive 2 pairs earring plugs(same size). gauge: 2g(6mm), 0g(8mm), 00g(10mm), 1/2"(12mm), 9/16"(14mm), 5/8"(16mm), 3/4"(19mm), 7/8"(22mm), 25mm(1''). please choose suitable size
  • classic design: organic stones double flared/saddle. with classic and fashion appearance, lightweight and comfortable to wear
TOPBRIGHT Pair Of Labradorite ( Ear Tunnels Expander Plugs)
Product Highlights:
  • natural flash labradorite stone plugs for body piercing.
  • product materials :limited aaa grade labradorite plugs
  • size:8mm(0 gauge),10mm(00 gauge),12mm(1/2 inch),14mm(9/16 inch),16mm(5/8 inch),19mm(3/4 inch),.22mm(7/8 inch), 25mm (1 inch)
CABBE 5Pairs Stone Ear ( Piercing Jewelry (Gauge=00g(10mm)))
Product Highlights:
  • 【material】:natural organic stone plugs that allowing positive,healing energy to flow into the body as negative,disease-causing energy flows out with high polished smooth surface are very light and comfortable to wear.
  • 【feature】:double flared saddle-plugs style is the preferred option for many with stretched ears.no o-rings required,meaning you are less likely to have your plug or tunnels fall out and go missing.stone height:(approx)11.5mm,gauges avaliable:2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm),11/16"(18mm),3/4"(20mm)
  • 【value pack】:each ear plugs set including 10 pieces in 5 different stones:green turquoise,white turquoise,snowflake obsidian,tiger's eye natural organic stone,gold sandstone.match your everyday outfit!
Oyaface 22pcs Organic Stone ( 2g-5/8 (11Pairs Of Gauge=00g(10mm)))
Product Highlights:
  • packet included: 22pcs of stone plugs(same size)
  • gauge:2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm)
  • materials:aventurine, turquoise, opalite stone, blue sandstone, purple natural amethyst, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian,green eye stone, blue amazonite stone

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