15 Best Sous Vide Magnet Weights

Do you want to have perfectly even sous vide? Then you need a sous vide magnet weights. These magnets are ideal for holding sous vide bags in place during cooking.

15 Best Selling Sous Vide Magnet Weights

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Here are the best sous vide magnet weights available in the market:

Top 15 Sous Vide Magnet Weights

HOMENOTE Container 12 Quart Cookbook For Anova And Most Sous Vide Cookers
Product Highlights:
  • [complete sous vide essential accessories] 12 qt container and lid with pre-cut holes (middle mount), sous vide rack and sleeve that make up these bundle kits are all you need to start your favorite sous vide cooking.
  • [the most suitable container for sous vide] this container/lid is made from bpa free polycarbonate, it’s resists heat very well which help keep even water temperature and prevent water evaporation. they are transparent (so you know what’s inside) and surprisingly lightweight.
  • [sturdy and adjustable sous vide rack] the wavy design of our rack is made of 304 stainless steel, hard to rust (please keep it clean, especially the welds on the rack, to extend the life of the rack), and it does its best function of keeping the food bags from floating. it also puts some space between the bottom of the container and the food bags, and this elevation allows more circulation of the hot water.
  • [heat-resistant and insulated sous vide sleeve] this sous vide sleeve is made from high grade neoprene that precious heat from dissipating through the sides. it efficiently stores heat so cooking time is lessened and fuel or electricity is saved.
  • [attention] this set of accessories has been tested perfectly for anova and chefsteps machines, but we are not committed to that it is suitable for other brands of machines. please confirm the suitability of your machine according to the size of pre-cut hole before purchase.
Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Cooking Accessories & Baking Accessories - Gifts For Bakers
Product Highlights:
  • better accuracy for successful results — whether you're a sous chef or a home cook, minor differences in kitchen baking recipe measurement can lead to major differences in outcome. these cute kitchen accessories help you consistently achieve the desired taste and texture of each dish
  • prevent food waste — these vintage kitchen accessories gadgets aid you in the precise measurement of common ingredients like sugar and flour with your baking accessories. convert the exact quantity to suit your kitchen needs and to reduce the overuse of an ingredient or worse, cooking something inedible that goes straight into the trash
  • cook for a crowd — be prepared for parties and gatherings with this cute kitchen stuff to guide you. bake a cake that's triple the size of your regular recipe with this kitchen measurement conversion chart at your disposal. nail your method whether you're cooking lunch for yourself or a feast for the family
  • no more guessing — don't fall into the bad habit of eyeballing important ingredients and risking a disaster for your taste buds. these cooking accessories gifts for bakers are your helpful sidekick for consistent victories in your kitchen adventures
  • recreate recipes with confidence — grandma's tiramisu recipe calls for 60 grams of granulated sugar, but you only have cups and tablespoons in your kitchen. simply refer to these useful gadgets to measure your ingredients correctly and carry on traditional family meals or international delights
Greater Goods Kitchen Sous Circulator With A Brushless Motor, Onyx Black
Product Highlights:
  • a premium choice: greater goods sous vide cooker is powerful and quiet—the best of both worlds and the ultimate precision cooking device. at 1100 watts, this sous vide cooker will get up to your desired temperature in no time, and with its brushless motor, all you will hear is a gentle ripple.
  • an intuitive device: sous vide is a breeze. just stick it in a water bath, set your desired temperature, add all your ingredients to a bag, dip it in, and you’re in business! like a little jacuzzi for your food.
  • the bells and whistles: at greater goods the little things matter. with our sous vide, there are two units of measurement, both fahrenheit and celsius, a manual calibration feature, a negative timer, to display how long an item cooks past your original timer, and the stainless steel cover is removable and dishwasher safe.
  • contain the heat: take your sous vide cooking to the next level with the greater goods sous vide container. maintain temperature longer through constant, consistent circulation. not only is the insulated sous vide container a perfect vessel for your sous vide—designed to work universally with most models and brands—it comes packaged with a lid, stainless steel rack, and neoprene sleeve.
  • lock it in: a sous vide container with lid and rack that will improve your cooking in every imaginable way. two consistency killers when it comes to nailing that perfect sous vide cook: evaporation and floating bags. snap the lid in place to keep your water from evaporating, and slide your food bags between the slots in the sous vide rack to keep them from floating.
EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Dividers And 2 Built-in Holder Dividers
Product Highlights:
  • no more wobbly dividers - vertical mount of the dividers stop any horizontal vibration. includes 7 dividers - 5 are removable and 2 are built-in as holder.
  • best mount in the market - designed with vertical slot to hold divides' feet firmly, dividers no longer wobbles. w8.1"xd6.3"xh6.5", 710g/1.5lbs
  • 18/8 stainless steel base and dividers, holder clip is made of bpa free nylon.
  • compatible with everie 12 qt sous vide containers and all pots or containers bigger.
  • why doesn't it wobble - the base has built-in bpa free nylon clamps that are flexible to hold the hard stainless steel dividers. as known only a contact with a soft part to a hard part stays steadily.
Zulay 2 Pack 9x12 Durable & Flexible Hot Pads For Kitchen Counter - Gray
Product Highlights:
  • premium quality trivet: our silicone pot mats are made with food-grade silicone that does not stain, warp, or chirp. this set of 2 mats is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 480°f. these are perfect for use in a microwave or freezer.
  • extra thick and non-slip: protect your countertops and dining tables from heat and scratches with our 0.47” thick silicone trivets. with a wavy stripe design, raised edges, and deep grooves, making them slip-resistant. (trivets measure 12 x 9 x 0.47”)
  • multipurpose: these large silicone mats can be used as a jar opener, a utensil holder, drying mat for dishes, spoon rest, and even a coaster! you can keep these under an air fryer or a microwave oven, or use as a food cover.
  • easy to clean & store: made with a waterproof, stain and odor-resistant material, these silicone trivet mats are super simple to clean. you can hand wash these or pop them in the dishwasher for convenience. the soft, flexible material makes these hot pads for kitchen easy to roll and stack.
  • hassle-free, zulay guarantee: we love and take pride in our trivets and back them with a lifetime warranty. if there are any issues, just contact us, and we will make it right. add a touch of pop to your countertop with our colorful heat resistant mat set.
Funnyleaf 11 X 150 Free, Great For Meal Prep, Storage And Sous Vide
Product Highlights:
  • 【original magnetic adsorption dust cover】the simple and durable magnetic adsorption cover allows the keeper to remain clean and hygienic when stored in the kitchen for a long time. the stable structure allows it to place some items and increase the storage space in the kitchen.
  • 【convenient, neat, and easy to use】the storage device and dust cover will keep the roll bag clean and tidy throughout its use. cutting with a cutter is easier, safer, and cleaner than cutting with scissors.
  • 【keep food fresh】the grid pattern can maximize the amount of air discharged and increase friction. it can hold the food tightly like a palm in the process of vacuumizing, so as to keep the shape of the food intact. prolong the fresh time of food up to 3-6 times.
  • 【suitable for most vacuum machines】this vacuum bag is designed for all vacuum machines and is suitable for solid and semi-solid food such as fruits, vegetables, raw meat, cooked meat, etc. the product is also suitable for soup and other liquid ingredients (professional machines are required).
  • 【bpa free】perfect for food storage, freeze and steam cook.
Greater Goods Sous Vide Set, Designed In St. Louis, Pack Of 3 Onyx Black
Product Highlights:
  • super sous vide accessories: no sous vide setup is complete without sous vide weights! for the most fantastic bag sinking scenario, plop one of these sous vide sinkers in with your food and never worry about an uneven cook again. note: sous vide and container not included.
  • materials matter: the key to the perfect sous vide weight is two-fold: the perfect interior and exterior. using dense stainless steel on the inside, these weights will always keep your food submerged, and the silicone exterior is food-grade as well as dishwasher safe.
  • versatile vessels: more than a sous vide bag weight, use these little guys as a trivet for a hot pot or a rester for your kitchen utensils. these are some seriously versatile sous vide accessories.
  • a thoughtful design: at greater goods, every little detail counts. that?s why we ensured that the aesthetic of these weights was classic, modern, cool, and a little bit nostalgic. because every component of the kitchen is just as important in bringing the overall vibe together.
  • true support: our friendly team in st. louis are industry experts at-the-ready to assist you with any questions that might arise about your sous vide weights. we take pride in our work and want you to have a great experience from beginning to end.
Sous Vide Bracket Clamp AN500-US00, A2.2-120V-US, A3.2-120V-US, Pro, Pro RED
Product Highlights:
  • versatile compatibility: our adjustable clamp fits container/pots with rim thickness of 0-0.86 inch and sous vide cookers with a diameter of 2.24-2.46 inches. it's compatible with sous vide cookers like kitchenboss g300, g310, g320, g321,g322, g330 sous vide machine; anova an500-us00, a2.2-120v-us, a3.2-120v-us, pro, pro red; greater goods and monoprice sous vide.
  • high-quality material: made of high quality abs and stainless steel material, it is sturdy and durable, and is a great companion for a sous-vide.
  • secure fixation: our adjustable clamp is specially designed to securely fix your sous vide machine to the pot/container, providing a stable cooking environment.
  • hassle-free purchase: if you're unsure whether our clamp is suitable for your sous-vide or container/pot, our friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you.
  • pro tip: if your sous-vide machine is less than 2.24 inches in diameter, you can use soft materials like rubber or silicone straps to secure it to the clamp-mount head.
FLAGTION Sous Vide Set Premium Sous Vide Accessory Kit To Avoid Undercooked Food
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ sous vide cooker accessories: sinker net & weights (up to 1.5 pounds) allow full immersion of vacuum bags under water. these accessories prevent sealed bags from floating, not getting enough hot water circulation, and not cooking fully. never have undercooked food again
  • ✅ precision controller: evenly cook vacuum food bags with this combo of mesh net and magnetic weights. add magnets according to how much weight you truly need. flagtion set of net and magnets give you a full versatility that adapts to your cooking needs
  • ✅ our 35x30cm (13.8x11.8 in) net consists of top-rated food-grade 304 stainless steel and is rustproof. this type of material is particularly safe to use and also known for great durability that keeps harmful metals and objects away from your food
  • ✅ universal: flagtion sous vide nets and magnets do not only help you with sous vide meals. they are also a great aid when it comes to cooking using a pressure cooker, instant pot, instapot, thermomix, oven, or even slowcooker. superiority for your electric cooking device
  • ✅ professional kitchen gadgets: while our sous vide magnets are very strong, they are also coated with silicone and are reusable. the food-grade silicone coating is safe to use and also very heat resistant, working safely even when temperatures reach 400°f
8Pack Sous Vide Magnetical Silicone-Coated Sous Vide Magnets
Product Highlights:
  • silicone-coated sous vide magnetic weights - keep your food bags from floating up as you sous vide. full submersion is essential for efficient, full, and even cooking, especially on short sous vide. with a strong magnet core, these compact weights can keep the cooking bags submerged, providing a more compact and flexible alternative to sous vide clips, racks, and weights.
  • 1.25” weighted magnets at 2.2oz/pair - small but efficient, each magnetic sous vide weight has a diameter of 1.25 inches and a thickness of 0.40 inches. used as a pair, the magnets weigh around 2.2 oz. a pair is enough to hold down a regular sous vide bag, but as the magnetic weights are compact, you can use as many as you need!
  • food grade silicone coating can withstand up to 413.6°f - food grade and heat-resistant, these sous vide magnetic weights’ silicone coating operational temperature of 413.6℉. this means that within this temperature, the silicone coating won’t cause any form of contamination. and as most sous vide recipes only require up to 195 °f and most sous vide machines having maximum temperatures of around 200°f, there’s really no risk of the magnets deteriorating during use.
  • works on all sous vide machines - whether it be a sous vide immersion circulator, a sous vide water oven, or your own diy sous vide cooker, these weighted magnets will work effortlessly. it works exceptionally on aluminum, copper, stainless steel, large-lipped containers, and even on polycarbonates!
Greater Goods Sous Vide Designed In St. Louis Onyx Black
Product Highlights:
  • perfect fit lid for evaporation protection
  • no float rack to keep food organized
  • controlled cook sleeve for keeping temp
  • compatible with all wand-style sous vide machines
Platinum Pure Large Joule, Anova, ChefSteps, Kitchen Gizmo, Gramercy Kitchen, Gourmia, And More
Product Highlights:
  • not all silicone is created equal: 100% platinum pure lfgb silicone with no fillers – surpasses minimums, the silicone in our sous vide bags is certified to the much more stringent european lfgb standards. our platinum pure curing process ensures there are no by-products, bpa, bps, pvc, or phthalates. our silicone bags are completely odorless and will not affect food odor or flavor.
  • the original silicone sous vide bag: extra-large capacity and extra wide mouth is designed specifically for sous vide cooking. the 100% silicone bag is perfect for sous vide cooking - fish, steaks, vegetables, roasts, pork shoulder, multiple chicken breasts or steaks.
  • thin design for superior cooking: silicone bag provides heat exchange and superior air displacement (no vacuum sealer needed). this superior method offers even heating compared to other bags with zipper-like seals.
  • reusable: designed for hundreds of uses and washes. no tough to clean corners makes washing easy. dishwasher safe.
  • works with all immersion circulators including instant pot, joule, anova, chefsteps, kitchen gizmo, gramercy kitchen, gourmia, and more
Hescred Sous Vide Precision Prevent Water Evaporation And Retain Flavor Black
Product Highlights:
  • 【sous vide precision cooker silicone lids】this a heavy silicone lid designed for anova, it is also compatible with most sous vide cookers,sous vide containers with lids help you to get a perfect cook while achieving great flavor.
  • 【compatible with most pots】opening diameter is 2.36 inches, fits any standard cooking pot 11 inches or smaller, 0.2 inches thick, thick silicone lid keeps a good sealing performance.check if it will fit with your cooker before ordering.reduced heating times: use of silicone lids allows for better preheating as well as reduced overall heating time and maintains an even temperature.
  • 【sous vide precision cooker silicone lids】this is a heavy silicone lid designed for anova, it is also compatible with most sous vide cookers, sous vide containers with lids help you to get a perfect cook while achieving great flavor,our upgraded lid has added handles and hooks for your use and storage.
  • 【upgraded sous vide lids】our sous vide lids are made of food-grade silicone, which is soft and heavy enough for its excellent sealing properties, food-grade silicone can withstand up to 413.6℉. on average, sous vide recipes only require temperatures up to 195°f, while anova precision cookers have operational temperatures that reach from 77°f to 212.5°f.
  • 【prevents water evaporation and retains flavor】you won’t need to check the pot’s water levels constantly as the silicone lids retain steam and heat, ensuring that the temperature is always even. they also ensure that the flavor gets trapped into the meat, for a more flavor-packed result.
Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Water, With Removable Lid And Rack
Product Highlights:
  • purpose built for sous vide: combining a curved body shape that encourages superior water circulation with a silicon sealed lid, an integrated wire rack, and a raised base, the anova precision cooker container was designed specifically with sous vide in mind. rest assured you're cooking with the best.
  • use with any sous vide: the flexible silicon lid collar allows for the use of nearly any "wand" style sous vide circulator in the anova precision cooking container.
  • put a lid on it: constructed of food-grade polycarbonate and utilizing a silicon sealed lid ensures no steam escapes your cook while maintaining maximum heat retention. this means virtually no water loss to evaporation and even more precise temperatures during your sous vide cook.
  • easy to use: simply fill your anova precision cooker container with water, attach your sous vide circulator to the container, place or clip your sealed bag of food beneath the integrated wire rack, and you're ready to cook.
  • included components: container, lid and rack

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