12 Best Soft Pull Paper Towel

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“The leaves are tinged amber at the sides, the pale orange merging with the deep greens of summer. It’s as though somebody has dipped a paintbrush in red watercolour paint and then left it atop a green paper towel. The pain seeps gradually through the porous paper and eventually fully stains it: within the month the leaves will be red.”
― Ruby Granger, Erimentha Parker’s To Do List: A Bullying Story

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12 Top Rated Soft Pull Paper Towel

SofPull Centerpull Regular Capacity ( 320 Sheets Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case)
Product Highlights:
  • case includes 6 rolls of paper towel; 320 towel sheets per roll (1,920 sheets total)
  • exclusively compatible with sofpull centerpull regular capacity paper towel dispenser (gp item # 58204)
  • all-purpose paper towels that are good for drying hands, wiping surfaces and cleaning up spills
SofPull 9 Paper Towel ( 400 Feet Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case)
Product Highlights:
  • quality embossed towels that are soft and absorbent
  • ideal for use in office break rooms, doctors' offices and other areas where space is tight
  • sustainable choice as these towels are a usda certified biobased product
AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Center ( Towels Per Roll, 6 Rolls)
Product Highlights:
  • case of 6 center-pull paper towel rolls; 600 individual sheets per roll (3,600 sheets total)
  • helps reduce waste by allowing users to easily remove one sheet at a time for the exact amount needed
  • soft, highly absorbent, and 100% virgin white paper
SofPull 9 Automated Touchless ( 58470, 12.800" W X 6.500" D X 10.500" H)
Product Highlights:
  • hygienic touch-free design that reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • versatile and efficient as it adjusts to dispense 8-, 12- or 16-inch long towels to suit your business needs
  • sleek design impresses visitors with its professional look and functionality
SofPull HighCapacity Recycled Paper ( Linear Feet Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case, Green)
Product Highlights:
  • embossed, white sheet is absorbent and soft.
  • designed to be dispensed as 11 inch towels.
  • contains at least 40% post-consumer recycled fiber. meets or exceeds epa comprehensive procurement guidelines.
SofPull Centerpull Regular Capacity ( (58204) & 2 Centerpull Paper Towel Rolls, (28124))
Product Highlights:
  • new trial size provides a no risk obligation
  • touchless dispensing minimizes the risk of cross contamination; soft, absorbent towel dries hands quickly or wipes up large spills and tough messes
  • one-at-a-time dispensing minimizes waste; regular capacity 320 sheet rolls for steady traffic areas and extended service intervals
Genuine Joe Centerpull Paper ( Paper Towels)
Product Highlights:
  • great for the washroom as an alternative to folded towels
  • pull the towels from different angles - one at a time
  • made of recycled fiber with nonchlorine bleaching
Tork Universal RC530 Centerfeed ( Of 6 Rolls, 530 Per Roll, 3,180 Towels))
Product Highlights:
  • tork universal centerfeed paper towels offer one-at-a-time service for convenience and to reduce waste
  • high capacity paper towel roll - will help reduce labor cost and frequency of refills
  • hygienic dispensing - touch only the paper towel you need to reduce cross contamination
SofPull Centerpull Regular Capacity ( 58204, 9.250" W X 8.750" D X 11.500" H)
Product Highlights:
  • gp item # 58204 includes 1 dispneser per case
  • compatible with sofpull centerpull regular capacity paper towels (gp item # 28124)
  • dispenser dimensions 9.25" w x 8.75" d x 11.5" h
Scott Essential Roll Control ( Towels, White (6 Rolls Per Case, 4,200 Sheets Total))
Product Highlights:
  • the paper towels center-pull design minimizes waste because it's perforated for one-at-a-time dispensing (so your bathroom guests only get one towel at a time).
  • feature absorbency pockets for excellent drying performance.
  • the roll fits in standard-sized dispensers for center-pull towels.reduces dispensing problems and provides more hand dries per case.
Boardwalk BWK6400 6400 CenterPull ( Sheets Per Roll (Case Of 6 Rolls))
Product Highlights:
  • white, perforated center-pull hand towels
  • perforated sheets with 2-ply absorbency

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