10 Best Smartwatch for Kids Text Call

When you want to get a smartwatch for your kid, you want it to be  comfortable, stylish and ‘smart’. Here are the ten best selling smartwatches for kids that allow seamless texting and calling:

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Top 10 Smartwatch Kids Text Call

Jsbaby Kids Waterproof Smart 3-14 Years Old Boys Girls Students Birthday Gifts
Product Highlights:
  • 【kids smart watch no sim】:support micro sim card. we only offer smart watches, but no sim cards. the gprs function and caller id feature must be activated via the sim card. suggest that the additional gsm / 2g network sim card service is compatible with 2g traffic. this smart watch for kids currently uses only 2g of traffic
  • 【sos call and remote voice]】:if the child is in danger, press and hold the sos button for 3 seconds. it dials 3 phone numbers and performs an sos call within 2 rounds until someone answers the app notification. set the voice/camera display in the app. this smart watch phone automatically responds or turns the camera on.
  • 【smartwatches music function]】:hd high-definition sound quality .kids smartwatch phone can play music clearly. our smartwatch does not have a memory card. it needs to be loaded into the memory card. parents can download the music they like to the memory card.
2020 Model 4G Kids Worldwide Coverage In 200 Countries [Ages 4-12] Pink
Product Highlights:
  • the emojikidz 4g smartwatch comes preinstalled with speedtalk sim card. to activate service, visit emojikidz site--plans starts at only $5/month.
  • remote monitoring: parents can control the kid's watch remotely and listen to their surroundings without their child knowing it. in addition it has an alarm clock, sos emergency alarm and automatically block calls from strangers to ensure child safety.
  • sos alert: during emergency, child can press the sos button for help, you'll receive sos alert notification on your mobile app and a 30-sec audio recording from the time they press the sos button. refer to device manual to see how to activate the sos function on the watch. emojikidz smartwatch equipped with lbs/gps/wifi system. you can also set the child's safe zone range of activity, if the child leaves the set area, the safe zone feature will alert you. free app compatible with ios and android
Jsbaby Kids Smart Watch Compatible Android IOS Touch Screen Voice Chat Remote Camera
Product Highlights:
  • watch sos :long press sos key (botton2) for 3 second. it will display sos on will be on alert state.loop dialing 3 sos numbers for two will stop when call answered.if not, it will continue for two can send messae to monitor number(default “off”), at the same time send alert message to app.
  • map:view the watch real-time location.the watch and app mobile phone location can show on the “locate” to start to locate 3 minutes, the upload interval is 10 seconds,3 minutes later back to the default mode. on the map you can know the watch locate method,the red locate icon means gps, and blue means lbs. but when kids are indoor or at poor gps signal place, the positioning error range may be 0.5~4 miles, please think twice before you order.
  • multifunctions:lbs location, phone book, talk-back, footprint, watch alarm clock, safe area, sos emergency alarm, low-power alarm, remote shutdown, night flashlight, game, camera, photo album, theme, stopwatch self dialing, two way call.
4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Birthday Back To School Gifts For Students,4G Blue
Product Highlights:
  • ⌚【 4g multifunctional digital watch 】 in addition to the gps positioning and sos function, this smart watch also supports calling, step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera & album, 3 screen styles, alarm clock, class schedule, contacting friends, flashlight, camera, games, adjustable screen brightness and language. this watch is such fully functional just like a mobile phone! it is perfect for parents who don’t want to buy a mobile phone for their children.
  • 📲【 video call & voice chat 】kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative for kids. 4g smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. the smartwatch not only voice chat but also send pictures. video and voice chat interactions make communication more interesting and talkative. this is a great design for parents and children.
  • 📡【 kids safety tracker 】 4g wifi gps lbs real time positioning, more precise positioning than 2g net watch. it's also can check location history through the day. know where your children are anytime. in addition, there is a sos button, if your children are in emergency situation, they can press sos button for 3 seconds and circularly call 3 sos numbers you set for help until someone answers it. if you are outside of usa, please check with your carrier for 4g lte bands.
Padgene Bluetooth SmartwatchTouchscreen Wrist Compatible With Android Smartphone For Kids Men Women
Product Highlights:
  • 【stylish smart watch】- with a sleek, modern design, brilliant 1.54" oled display. stainless steel surface, precision laminating process. nano tpu85 material strap, anti-sweat matte surface treatment, ergonomic convex design and soft strap, which make wearing more comfortable. life water resistant, the smart watch surface can resist rainwater impact when you are in outdoor
  • 【two working model】- ☛bluetooth model: just connect the smart watch with your phone via bluetooth, then download and install the app (btnotification or funrun or fundo), so you can read whatsapp,twitter,facebook and other application push messages, make or receive calls, view and reply text messages etc.. ☛sim card model: if you install a gsm 2g/2.5g network sim card into the smart watch, you can make phone call directly from the smart watch, including answering and dial-up, send/reply messages
  • 【multifunctional smart watch】 - activity tracker: pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind. other functions: image viewer, sound recorder (need put and sd card ), remote capture, alarm clock, calendar,camera (0.3m),two way anti-lost.
Kids Smart Watch For Children’s Smart Watch For Kids Birthday GiftsBlack
Product Highlights:
  • functions: the kids smartwatch have dial, ten contacts, 7 learning games, 3 alarm clocks, music player, calculator, 5 country languages to choose, sos, wallpaper, camera, photos , calendar, time(12/24hr format for choosing) and date, silent profile, calllog, school mode, volume adjustment.
  • how to make calls: inserting a micro nano sim card (we don’t provide in the package). recommend speedtalk for us.
  • a very easy-to-operate children's watch: don’t need to download app, don’t need to connect cell phone, all the functions are built-in the watch, very easy to operate for kids. it’s a great gift for kids 3-12 years old.
Waterproof Smart Watch Phone Sports Digital Students Wrist Watch Birthday Gifts, Blue
Product Highlights:
  • 📜【more useful features】: (1). time and date (2). lbs tracker & sos (3). alarm clock (4) camera (5). voice chat (6). album (7). group chat (8). flashlight (9). math game (10). find my watch. we believe this smart watch will bring a healthy and happy childhood to the children.
  • 📱【speedtalk sim card is a must needed】: the watch itself must need a speedtalk sim card and needs open text, data and voice plan (sim card is not included in the package)! if no sim card, the watch just be useless. even the correct time can not be set without speedtalk sim card. but no limits for parents’ cellphone service, verizon, att or other carriers will be ok. as long as the watch itself uses speedtalk service if you use the watch at u.s.
  • 📐【set the watch up 】: 1. choose correct sim card: please buy "speedtalk" micro sim card as watch sim card in us and activate the card with data, voice, text plan. 2. turn the watch off, then insert the sim card with correct direction. (once the watch has signal, then continue the next steps) 3. download app "setracker " on your phone. create a new account on app and register. 4. set apn: send commands to the watch. then the watch can sync with parents’ cellphone. the watch functions can work.
Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Childrens Back To School S12 Waterproof LBS Black
Product Highlights:
  • ⌚ intelligent waterproof watch: 2019 new ip67 waterproof watch, reaching the international waterproof and dustproof level. multi-function: 1.4-inch touch screen, two-way mobile phone, voice chat, one-click sos help, lbs positioning, remote camera photo, alarm clock, lock screen 12 analog time hour mode, 24-hour digital time mode on the main screen.
  • 📞 waterproof communication function: children can make and receive calls through the watch, or send voice messages to parents. parents can send text messages or voice messages to their children's watches. this is a great way to contact your child. you can support swimming, bathing, raining, floating and washing your hands without having to remove them. (not suitable for hot water, hot water bath or sauna, underwater button) suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old.
  • 🆘 sos emergency help: parents can set 3 emergency contact phone numbers in the mobile app. when the child is in danger, press the sos button for 3 seconds. it will dial the 3 phone numbers twice to make sos calls. the phone is connected. at the same time, the mobile app also retrieves help information. of course this is an emergency. parents can also set up 10 common contact numbers for the watch at the hand app.
Lintelek Smart Watch Full Watch Compatible With IOS, Android For Men, Women, Kids
Product Highlights:
  • ✅all in touch smartwatch: full touch screen brings you a better interactive experience, offering quick access to workout data. you can find great pleasure through smooth operational procedures, vivid information display and elegant interface.
  • ✅perfect workout companion: the fitness watch will automatically track all day activity, offering you more choices with 9 sport modes. breath training helps to regulate breathing and relieve fatigue. weekly analysis gives visual look of the workout status
  • ✅24h health manager: the smart watch will continuously track heart rate and sleep status, calorie counter will also helps to record the workout intensity, helping you make adjustment to your lifestyle and workout.
Kids Smart Watch Phone Gift For Boys Girls Compatible With Android IOS
Product Highlights:
  • ✨2020 new kids smart watch: support two-way call, lbs positioning, sos emergency call, camera,, flashlight, voice chat, remote voice monitor, clock, math game, etc. parents can control and set the watch through the app.
  • 🆘sos emergency call & silence mode: press sos key for 3 seconds in any model. parents can be setting three numbers for sos emergency call, it will call 3 sos phone numbers alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. when in distress, your kid can use this smart watches fast dial to inform you, thanks to an intuitive sos feature. moveover, parents can set the forbidden time while class time during the week day. parents can set 3 period time on “do not disturb” mode.
  • 📞two way communication: kids can make and received call via parents have set contacts phone number. moreover, children can send voice message to parents, and parents can send text or voice message to children. it’s a great way to contact with children.

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