13 Best Sliding Door Electronic Lock

Electronic locks are safer than keyed locks with their locking systems it can be used in almost any application and if a person is tech-savvy and wants ease of access instead of having to search around for the keys, an electronic door lock is most definitely a good idea. The benefits associated with a keyless door, locking prevents security issues caused by damaged, lost, or stolen keys.

13 Best Selling Sliding Door Electronic Lock

Types of Electronic Door Lock

1. Bluetooth

Nowadays many manufacturers offer high-tech features such as Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to lock your door in multiple functions. Bluetooth locks can sense whenever you approach and unlock the door automatically.

2. Keypads

Using a keypad door lock requires you to set a pin to unlock the door. It is easy to set up and can set different codes for a specific person so that they can have their own code making it perfect for landlords. Most keypads nowadays are touch screens but some have physical buttons. It always depends on what you want.

3. Fingerprint

Biometric door entry is the most convenient way to unlock the door. It is very easy to program and allows you to set up multiple fingerprints.

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Sliding door Installation

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Here are the best sliding door electronic lock available in the market:

Top 13 Sliding Door Electronic Lock

C150AB Surface Mount Hook Hook Bolt
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical, keyless push-button lock
  • ideal for light-duty applications
  • easy programmable code
2500SN Surface Mount Hook Hook Bolt
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical, keyless push-button lock
  • great for sliding doors
  • easy programmable code
111 Digits Sliding Door Mechanical Code Lock For Kitchen/Balcony
Product Highlights:
  • high-quality zinc alloy shell chrome, the surface is electroplated, waterproof, and effective against violent injuries.
  • sensitive password key, easy to operate. the user can set a combination of 1-11 non-repeating passwords.
  • no need to enter passwords in order. for example, if the password is "y123y", the user can also press "123y" to unlock.
2500SCKA Surface Mount Hook Mount Hook Bolt
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical, keyless push-button lock
  • great for sliding doors
  • easy programmable code
Sliding Door Lock 111 Sliding Door In Kitchen Balcony
Product Highlights:
  • 【keyless security entry door lock】: this is a mechanical password lock, no power supply required. mechanical design【no risk of low battery】, stainless steel password lock is extra hard 【304】, it has indoor unlocking handle and outdoor unlocking handle, you can use passcode to lock it, and it's very difficult to pry open.
  • 【security and hard material】: high quality zinc alloy outer case chrome with plated surface treatment, effectively resisting violent damage. wear-free keypad material, no clues left for thieves, higher security.
  • 【no need to press password in order】: for example, if the password is "y123y", users can also press "123y" to unlock.
PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Automatic Activated With SmartKey, Large
Product Highlights:
  • customize your pet’s access: the smartdoor features programmable selective entry, exit and auto-locking options
  • peace of mind: the smartdoor works with the waterproof smartkey worn on your pet's collar; only the pets wearing the smartkey can go in and out
  • multiple pets: great for households with multiple pets; programmable for up to 5 smartkeys
XINTONGLO Smat Electronic Sliding Lock, Electronic Combination Lock
Product Highlights:
  • 100% waterproof.
  • hexagonal handle, easy to use.
  • 304 stainless steel is the best material, corrosion protection
SAMSUNG Digital Smart Door Sliding Type With 4 Pcs Touch Keys
Product Highlights:
  • easy to use button system & sliding cover system
  • keypad panel led lighting & slim/simple design
  • high temperature & fire detection sensor
PetSafe Sliding Glass Cat Large Pets - No Cutting DIY Installation
Product Highlights:
  • perfect for rentals and apartments: this rental-friendly door is easy to install and detach using removeable adhesive strips so you can easily take it with you when you and your furry friend move
  • easy installation in 2 pieces: automatically adjusts to fit into your existing sliding door tracks with no cutting; easily installs in most left or right sided sliding glass door frames up to 80 11/16 in tall
  • added locking security: the latch kit enables your sliding glass door to lock, and the slide-in closing panel adds another level of security when your pet isn’t using the door
No DrillSecurity Biometric Fingerprint Door,Password Door Lock With IC Cards
Product Highlights:
  • ✅three ways to unlock: fingerprint, password,and card.supports up to 300 fingerprints and 100 cards.
  • ✅support passage mode and auto lock mode: you can convert it to passage mode, during which the door can be open.need to press the * key to lock. if you convert it to auto lock mode,the door will lock when the door closed.
  • ✅easy to install: free of holes and free wiring.supporting double open-door and single open-door.
ULTRALOQ UL3 BT 5in1 Handle, Lock, Satin Nickel
Product Highlights:
  • world's first 5-in-1 keyless entry smart lock, fingerprint + code + smartphone + knock to open + key
  • advanced fingerprint identification, anti-peep touch keypad technology, view logs via ultraloq app; temperature: inside lock body: 14°f (-10°c) to 131°f (55°c)
  • reversible handle, weatherproof, intuitive oled display, long battery life, low battery alarm
ULTRALOQ Smart Lock UBolt External Lock IP65 Waterproof, Deadbolt Lock Edition
Product Highlights:
  • 6-in-1 keyless entry smart lock: touch and go 360° fingerprint id + anti-peep keypad + smartphone + auto unlock + shake to open + mechanical key
  • control your ultraloq smart lock via bluetooth: lock, unlock, share access and see a log of who’s entered and exactly when they did using smartphone app. grant access to your family, guests or service people via a code or an ekey for permanent access, specific dates or periods of time. ultraloq bridge wifi adaptor is required for remote access (sold separately).
  • 360° live fingerprint id: just one touch to unlock your smart lock. no more fumbling around for keys. stores up to 120 fingerprints. up to 60 customizable 4-8 digit codes for backup.
PRIMELINE E 2014 Mortise Vinyl, 3-11/16”, 45 Degree Keyway, Round Face
Product Highlights:
  • replace old or broken door locks – when your sliding door mortise lock is broken or old, don’t replace the door entirely, just get a new mortise lock!
  • easy installation – installation is quick and easy – working sliding door locks are well within reach. mounting flanges have 6-32 tapped thread
  • for sliding doors – this mortise lock can be used on sliding patio doors constructed of wood, aluminum and vinyl. also fits doors using w&f manufactured handles.

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