15 Best Sky-watcher Telescopes

Top 15 Sky-watcher Telescopes

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SkyWatcher ProED 100mm Doublet ( Refractor Telescope)
Product Highlights:
  • 100 millimeter apo refractor with ed schott glass, 900 mm focal length (f/9), dual speed 2 inch crayford type focuser with 1.25 inch adaptor,
  • 20 millimeter and 5 millimeter 1.25 inch eyepieces, 8x50 ra viewfinder, 2 inch dielectric diagonal
  • tube ring attachment hardware, aluminum carry case
SkyWatcher EvoStar 120ED ( Deluxe Observing Eyepiece Kit)
Product Highlights:
  • bundle includes: sky-watcher evostar 120ed / proed 120mm doublet apo refractor and deluxe observing accessory kit
  • power: wide-field telescope offers wide swaths of sky in one view
  • great pictures: can be used as an astrograph for sky photography
SkyWatcher 10 Collapsible Dobsonian ( Dobsonian Telescope)
Product Highlights:
  • 10" (254 mm) dobsonian-style newtonian, 1200 mm focal length (f/5), 2" crayford-style focuser with 1.25" adaptor
  • 4-element plossl 25 mm and 10 mm 1.25" eyepieces, 8x50 ra viewfinder
  • solid rocker-mount with teflon bearings and tension clutch, collapsible tube design for easy storage and transportation
SkyWatcher AZGTI Portable ( – Time-Lapse And Panorama Photography Capable)
Product Highlights:
  • travel-sized goto mount: weighing just 8. 6 pounds, this computerized alt-az tracking mount is perfect for portable, on-the-go, mobile astronomy.
  • 11-pound payload capacity: with a payload capacity of 11 pounds, the az-gti can support most available telescope tubes, as well as most dslr cameras.
  • wifi-enabled, app controlled: generating its own proprietary wifi signal, the az-gti blends 21st century technology with sky-watcher’s innovative astronomy equipment, allowing users to control their telescope from a smartphone or tablet.
SkyWatcher Evoguide 72 APO ( APO Refractor)
Product Highlights:
  • focal length of 420 mm
  • matched lens assembly with one ed element
  • compact and travel friendly
SkyWatcher Evoguide 50 APO ( And Astrophotography)
Product Highlights:
  • 50 mm apochromatic refractor with matched lens assembly with one ed element
  • 242 mm focal length (f/4. 8)
  • 1. 25” helical focuser
SkyWatcher EQM35 Fully ( Hand Controller With 42,900+ Celestial Object Database)
Product Highlights:
  • innovative modular design: customizable design allows for the eqm-35 to be used as a standard eq mount or as a lightweight tracking platform using a dec bracket (sold separately), making it the perfect grab-and-go telescope mount
  • all-metal construction: beefy, all-metal construction provides 22-pound payload capacity, perfect for all but the heaviest optical tubes
  • 42, 000 object database: synscan hand controller with 42, 000+ object database will keep even the most experienced astronomer busy for countless observing nights
SkyWatcher USA EvoStar 72ED ( Assembly, White (S11180))
Product Highlights:
  • 72 mm apochromatic refractor with matched lens assembly with one ed element
  • 420 mm focal length (f/5.8)
  • dual-speed 2” crawford-type focuser with 1.25” adaptor
KyWatcher 6 F8 Traditional ( Observing Eyepiece Kit)
Product Highlights:
  • bundle includes: celestron sky-watcher 6" classic dobsonian telescope and mars observing telescope accessory kit
  • 1200mm focal length: the sky-watcher classic dobsonian telescope has an 6" mirror diameter with a focal length of 1200mm and aperture of f/8
  • parabolic primary mirror: the telescope has a parabolic primary mirror to eliminate spherical aberration and a four-arm, secondary mirror bracket with fine supports (0.5mm thick), to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss
SkyWatcher S20530 Star Adventurer ( Telescope Accessory, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • star adventurer accessory
  • v-style dovetail plate
  • micro-adjustment knobs

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