7 Best Shaft Collar Clamp 1/2

Here is an interesting quote for you for you to ponder:

“But most days,
I wander around feeling invisible.
Like I’m a speck of dust
floating in the air
that can only be seen
when a shaft of light hits it.”
― Sonya Sones, One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

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Top 7 Shaft Collar Clamp 1/2

Bore 12 Inch Double ( Style Two-Piece Clamping 4Pcs)
Product Highlights:
  • double shaft collar bore diameter: 1/2"(0.5 inch / 12.7mm) ;
  • outside diameter : 1-1/8" (1.125 inch / 28.575mm) ;width : 13/32"(0.40625 inch / 10.34875mm)
  • material : solid carbon steel with black oxide coating; collar style: clamp outside ;
AZSSMUK 12 Bore Double ( Set Screw Of 4-Packed)
Product Highlights:
  • made of solid carbon steel with black oxide coating
  • bore diameter: 1/2", outside diameter: 1-1/8", height: 13/32",with 8-32 set screw
  • package content: 4-pieces double split clamp-on shaft collar with 2pcs set screw.
Double Split Shaft Collar ( Set Style Black (2 Pcs))
Product Highlights:
  • double shplit shaft collar 1" bore width 1/2 inch oxide set style black (2 pcs)
  • product name : bore 1" two-piece clamping shaft collar carbon steel ;
  • material : carbon steel ; collar style: clamp outside ;
Climax Part 2C150 Mild ( Inch Width, 1/4-28 X 3/4" Clamp Screw)
Product Highlights:
  • effective on hard and soft shafts
  • design fully engages the shaft without marring
  • 360 degree clamping force
Aobbmok 12 Bore Solid ( Set Screw Shaft Collars)
Product Highlights:
  • product name :zinc plated set screw shaft collars;
  • id:1/2"; od:1"; width:7/16"; set screw: 1/4-20×1/4;
  • material : high quality carbon steel with zinc plated coating;
Climax Metal 1C050S T303 ( 1-1/8" OD, With 8-32 X 1/2 Set Screw)
Product Highlights:
  • effective on hard and soft shafts
  • design fully engages the shaft without any marring
  • provides 360 degree of clamping force
Ruland SP20F TwoPiece Clamping ( 1/16" OD, 1/2" Width (Pack Of 2))
Product Highlights:
  • two-piece clamping shaft collar for applications requiring a stronger holding power and higher axial load capacity than setscrew or one-piece clamping collars
  • effective on both hard and soft shafts
  • steel for weldability and rust resistance with a black oxide finish for a decorative appearance and for resistance to stick-slip, white corrosion, and abrasion

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