13 Best Science Kits For Teens

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Top 13 Science Kits For Teens

AmScope 120X1200X 52pcs Kids ( And Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W),White)
Product Highlights:
  • beginner compound microscope provides high magnification for educational applications
  • monocular viewing head with led and mirror illumination and built-in color filter wheel
  • forward-facing rotating turret provides 120x, 240x, 300x, 480x, 600x, and 1200x magnifications
4M 5557 Crystal Growing ( Educational Gift For Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls)
Product Highlights:
  • this science kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth experiments
  • a special display case is included to admire the crystals once they are fully grown
  • perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in geology
Sillbird STEM 4WD Car ( Engineering Gift Toys Car For Kids And Teens.)
Product Highlights:
  • diy assembly toys: diy building block toys includes simple fastening, screwing assembly and simple wiring. including snap-fit/screw-together assembly tool screwdriver, assembly instructions and variety of building parts, no training or additional tools needed.
  • 4wd climbing engineering vehicle: this is a 4wd climbing vehicle stem kit car model, changing the different positions of the rivet in the angle adjuster will change its height, which will change the shape of the car while walking and the ability to climb over obstacles, can easily climb over 50 mm obstacles.
  • imagination and learning: building block toy will promote your childs hand-eye coordination and creativity, and having fun at the same time, enable childs use their infinite imagination to to complete assembly. fit for boys and girls aged 10 and up, designed to support child's creativity as they grow, improve children's social skills and teamwork. it is a perfect toy to encourage learning of mechanics and engineering in young children.
National Geographic Break Open ( For Mineralogy & Geology Enthusiasts Of Any Age)
Product Highlights:
  • discover crystal treasure when you break open these rocks to find amazing crystals inside!
  • colorful variety of hand-selected geodes for interesting, vibrant crystals
  • 100% natural geodes may be as big as a tennis ball or as small as a ping-pong ball and are the perfect size for kids
4M 3782 Green Science ( Educational Gift For Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls)
Product Highlights:
  • transform a recycled soda can into a solar-powered rover.
  • this kit includes all the parts necessary to build one solar-powered car.
  • detailed assembly instructions included.
Thames And Kosmos Chemistry (Chemistry Chem C500)
Product Highlights:
  • an introductory tour of chemistry with 28 classic experiments
  • discover the colorful effects of acids and bases
  • make fizzy and foamy reactions and write messages with invisible ink
Sillbird STEM 12in1 Education ( 8-10 And Older,Solar Powered By The Sun)
Product Highlights:
  • 12 different types of robots: 12 different building robots which can move on land or wate for your child to build, two levels as to complexity, starting from entry level for younger child to advanced level for older child to challenge their manipulative skills.this is a great way for your child to get started in robotics toy.
  • no batteries needed: powered by the sun,no batteries needed.the robot kit includes a solar power panel that collects solar heat energy into an electric energy drive motor, which drives the gears to make the machine run smoothly.offers your child practical experiences of working with green technology, let them learn about renewable energy sources and have fun doing it with.
  • support stem education: this science toys will teach children how to engineer a robot that uses solar power, while help to develop manual dexterity,problem solving skills, improve logical thinking,self-confidence and promotes the importance of teamwork & collaboration. it is also a perfect toy to encourage learning of mechanics and engineering in young children,enhance your children's science, technology, engineering, and math skills.
Wonders Of The Brain ( Human Brain, Ages 10+)
Product Highlights:
  • engaging and fun: includes hands-on activities and more than 60 full-color components all about the human brain.
  • educational value: features an easy-to-read 48-page instruction guide with colorful illustrations, activities, fun facts and 12 thought-provoking units that describe wonders of the brain like perception, memory, emotion, language and intelligence.
  • hands-on learning: build an easy-to-assemble life-size 3-d model of the human brain created from illustrations of actual human brain slices. along with the included flash cards and posters, the model helps students to visualize the location, size and spatial relationships among brain components.
4M 4605 Water Rocket ( Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls)
Product Highlights:
  • the 4m water rocket kit uses the power of water pressure to blast its rocket up to 90 feet in the air
  • the kit contains all the parts required to transform a recycled soda bottle into a functioning water rocket
  • this kit is ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those interested in rocketry and space flight
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Da ( Models: Catapult, Bombard And Ballista)
Product Highlights:
  • build three remarkable machines: a ballista (an enormous crossbow), a bombard (an early form of the cannon) and a mighty catapult.
  • send projectiles up to 15 feet! each model is fully functional; the kit comes with 15 projectiles plus 18 paper targets.
  • everything you need to assemble each model in 1-3 hours: laser-cut wooden components, rubber bands, sandpaper and clear, simple instructions. no special tools necessary.

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