9 Best Sandblasters

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Top 9 Sandblasters

Sandblaster Sand Blaster Gun ( Walnut, Bead, & Sand Blast Blasting Equipment. (AS118))
Product Highlights:
  • sandblaster gun kit: the le lematec sand blaster features a fully adjustable control valve so that you can precisely choose and control what media to use. with our sand blasters you will have much better control over your blasting projects as we offer the original sandblaster gun design. don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs. for all things sandblasting gun, trust le lematec.
  • applications are endless: soda blaster, walnut blaster, sand blaster, bead blaster, media blaster, & spot blaster are just to name a few functions that our sand blasting equipment provides. diy, auto restoration, furniture refinishing, you name it, you can blast it!
  • portable sandblaster: the le lematec sandblast gun is a step above your mini sandblaster but still very much portable and user-friendly. sand blasting with the as118 also works great in sandblasting cabinets for all your small projects.
Premium Sandblaster Sand Blaster ( Media Sandblaster Gun)
Product Highlights:
  • the portable sandblaster: experience a different kind of blasting activity with lematec as118-2 portable sandblaster. this small air tool has got what it takes to be the bad wolf in media blasting. it supports various sand blasting media like steel grit, glass beads, walnut shells, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and more. use it according to your preference as media blaster, sand blaster gun kit, sand blasters, sandblaster with 10 foot hose, bead blaster, portable sandblaster, soda blaster.
  • gravity feed sand blaster gun: the lematec as118-2 portable sandblaster is designed to operate initially as a gravity-fed sandblaster which offers flexibility and perfect for spot sandblasting. perfect for diy projects and surface preparations for automotive care. this is one reliable sandblaster gun you can use flexibly in different workshops. this is your ideal gravity feed sandblaster gun.
  • siphon feed media blaster: the lematec as118-2 portable sandblaster kit is designed with siphon feed sandblasting function for small to large scale sandblasting activities. freely adjust your blasting preference by getting more abrasive from sand blasting tank via siphon feed mechanism. this sand blaster siphon works well in any small to large-scale automotive and industrial settings. good siphon feed sand blaster, sandblaster siphon, siphon feed blast gun for home workshops too!
Sand Blaster Sand Blaster ( All Blasting Abrasives Professional Series (AS118-BL))
Product Highlights:
  • trust ubiquitous company: as the only dealer for lematec co. we are the only supplier offering the lematec gravity feed sand blower.. please be worry of fake products sold by non-representative sellers.. we stand behind our tools with a complete life-time replacement warranty, please check out our 100% customer feedback rating.
  • the applications are endless with the lematec pressure sandblaster gun: renew, refresh, revive, recycle, re-finish saving you money and environment. the lematec gravity fed sand blaster is the one air tool built for versatility and dustless blasting. some applications include but not limited to: removing rust from iron, glass & mirror etching, steel, and all types of metals, etching flagstone, clean dirty grout and tile, glass etching and so on. start bringing new life to your possessions.
  • fully adjustable control valve: lets you automate media flow precisely through the gravity feed sand blaster. gravity forces the particles into a hardened steel mixing chamber where they are projected through the replaceable steel nozzle. have control over your sandblasting job with this easy to use speed blower.
Sand Blaster With 10 ( (Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV))
Product Highlights:
  • 10-ft. hose draws abrasive from bucket or bag, leaving a satin finish ready for paint or further pre-treatment
  • the siphon-feed spray gun is designed to deliver most abrasives including glass beads, aluminum oxide, steel grit, silicon carbide, walnut shells and more
  • the versatile at122601av sand blaster can be used in craft work to etch glass and weather wood
Performance Tool M549 Portable ( Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit)
Product Highlights:
  • remove rust, paint, graffiti, corrosion and scale
  • heavy duty 50lb capacity hopper, aluminum blast gun and 15' material hose
  • compatible with any abrasive: silica, sand, glass beads, and pecan shells
ATD Tools 8402 90 ( Pressure Blaster)
Product Highlights:
  • is suitable for abrasive between 60 grit and 100 grit
  • includes 4 interchangeable nozzles
  • deadman control valve for the ultimate in safety and control
The Art Process And ( Technique Of Natural Stone Engraving)
Product Highlights:
  • hodges, randi l (author)
  • english (publication language)
  • 224 pages - 03/25/2016 (publication date) - the art, process and technique of natural stone engraving (publisher)
Exterior Surface Sandblasting ( Than 2000 Square Feet)
Product Highlights:
  • thorough cleaning of surface with sandblasting
  • use of industrial grade sandblaster
  • support for multiple surface types
Sand Blasting Gun Sandblaster ( Extra Iron Nozzle Tip Set)
Product Highlights:
  • surface sandblasting, marble engraving.
  • instead of cast iron, alloy steel blast nozzle,saving steel, reduce the cost.
  • using the performance is good, strong wear resistance, long life, high efficiency.

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