15 Best Reverse Osmosis System For Hydroponics

A top-rated reverse osmosis system for hydroponics makes sure your plants receive the purest water for healthy plant growth.

15 Best Selling Reverse Osmosis System For Hydroponics

Buying Guide

The purpose of this buying guide is to give you the items that you would need to consider when choosing the right filtration system. 

1. Storage

The storage is area should always be the first item that you would consider when looking for a filtration system. Although modern reverse osmosis systems do not take up much space and can easily fit below your sink, it would still make sense if you check it out before purchasing. 

If you cannot fit a filter under your sink, then a portable tabletop filter is for you. Just ensure that you can route the supply easily. 

2. Water Pressure of Raw Supply

All reverse osmosis filtration systems do not function properly if the water supply is below 40 psi. If your home’s water supply does not have the required pressure, then you can purchase a water booster pump to increase the pressure. 

3. Replacement Filters

Like any other filtration system, the filters themselves have a lifespan and must be replaced based on their specifications. Take note the RO system has more than one filter that you would need to maintain. 

Although there are contractors who can do the maintenance for you, it is more efficient if you can manage to do it yourself. Find systems that can easily be maintained. Modern-day portable systems already feature this technology.

Here are the 15 best Water Filters and RO Filtration Systems For Hydroponics:

15 Top Rated Reverse Osmosis System For Hydroponics

Water Quality Tester Accurate Water Test Meter For Drinking Water, Aquariums, Etc.
Product Highlights:
  • ✔accurate and reliable: to achieve high accuracy, equipped with premium quality titanium alloy probe, and reliable automatic temperature compensation (atc) ensures reading always be accurate at various temperatures.
  • ✔multifunctional and upgraded: professional tds, ec and temperature pen 3 in 1. upgraded with big backlit lcd for easier reading, and auto-lock function for easier use.
  • ✔easy and instantly: just turn tds meter on and stir water gently, then stabilized readings will be auto-locked on lcd in seconds, and the tds ppm meter will shut off automatically if without operation over 2 minutes.
  • ✔multipurpose tds tester: test the purity of drinking water to ensure it's healthy, monitor if reverse osmosis (ro)/di system works properly, whether filter need replaced, maintenance aquarium, hydroponics(test nutrients), pool and spa, etc.
  • ✔3 years warranty. and we offer 90 days money back guarantee if not totally happy with the digital tds water tester meter.
VIVOSUN PH And TDS Hydroponics, Household Drinking, And Aquarium, UL Certified
Product Highlights:
  • application: great for all home and laboratory tds & ph testing applications including aquariums, swimming pools
  • ph meter: full measurement range of ph 0 - 14, reliable and quick readings
  • 3-in-1 tds meter: measurement range 0-9990ppm, 0-9990µs/cm; accuracy ± 2%, 0.1- 80.0°c, 32.0-176.0°f; note: this meter can't test sea water
  • features: comes with protective case; lightweight, handheld design for portability and convenience
  • included: ph meter, 3-in-1 tds meter, 3 calibration buffers
APEC Water Systems FilterSet Reverse Osmosis System, Standard , White
Product Highlights:
  • apec ultimate high capacity pre-filter set is usa made and built to last 2x longer than other brands
  • 1st stage polypropylene sediment filter to remove dust, particles, and rust
  • 2nd & 3rd stage extruded carbon block filters to remove chlorine, taste & odor
  • compatible with apec ro-45, ro-90, ro-ph90, ro-perm, ro-pump, ro-hi, wfs-1000 and all other standard size under counter reverse osmosis systems
Alkaline Water Ph Test Strips PH Starter Kit Drops Easy To Use
Product Highlights:
  • test any clear liquid in a ph range of 4.0-10.0
  • easy to use squeeze bottle
  • all parts and ingredients made in usa
  • instructions included
Waterdrop 10UA Under Sink Faucet, NSF/ANSI 42 Certified, 8K Gallons, USA Tech
Product Highlights:
  • less than $25.99 per replacement filter (search " b085g66jtz "on amazon), save over 50% of cost on subsequent use.
  • [after sales assistance] waterdrop backs the wd-10ua's high-end technical performance with a comprehensive prorated performance service; should a quality issue arise with the filter, you can contact us.
  • [deep filtration and wqa certified] based on independent testing, this filter can efficiently remove large-particle contaminants such as rust, lead, chlorine, heavy metals, chemical impurities, and sand through thorough purification for clean drinking water. the filter is made of high bpa-free and lead-free materials and is certified by wqa against nsf/ansi 372 standard. the water filter has been certified by wqa under nsf/ansi 42 standard and can successfully reduce chlorine, taste, and odor. it can lower lead when tested by a third-party laboratory against nsf/ansi 53 standards. please use the "wd-10ua" search term to review the 42&372 certification on the wqa website.
  • [innovative design] only a cold-water source should be used to power the filter. its twist-and-lock construction and push-to-connect fittings enable installation in three minutes, three second replacement, and safety-assuring integration. this filter comes with a 3/8" line that connects directly to us sinks' standard 3/8" feed water valves. the system is connected to 1/2" and 3/8" cold water pipes and faucets with the use of the 3/8"-1/2" convertor fitting.
  • [filter replacement and long lifespan] this filter system may be upgraded with a uf filter or a mz filter to meet your water needs. it is compatible with several filters with various functions. each filter system has a maximum service life of 12 months or 8k gallons when used with municipal water, which is sufficient to cover the needs of an entire household.
ISpring RCC7AK NSF Certified Under Sink, Superb Taste Drinking Water Filter
Product Highlights:
  • certified to nsf/ansi 58, 6-stage alkaline remineralization layered filtration - exclusively designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of water; this reliable and ultra-safe reverse osmosis (ro) water filtration system converts your water into clean, pure and healthy drinking water by removing up to 99% of over 1,000 harmful contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead (removes up to 98%), arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium and more.
  • great-tasting mineral water - a standard 5 stage ro system produces slightly acidic water with a ph of 7. 0 or below because the ro membrane removes not only harmful pollutants but also a few helpful minerals. the ispring rcc7ak reverse osmosis water filter includes an additional 6th stage - an alkaline remineralization filter which restores healthy minerals and produces a balanced alkalinity, which gives your water a more natural taste than regular 5 stage ro water filter.
  • low maintenance - transparent 1st stage housing for easy visual inspection. three extra long life pre-filters to remove large contaminants and protect ro membrane. ultra fine (ro) filter to remove contaminants down to 0. 0001 microns; fine gac filter to provide final polishing to the purified water and (ak) filter to finally restore just the right proportion of healthy minerals and a natural alkaline balance. the end result is great-tasting bottled-water quality.
  • easy to install & no leaks - the water purifier is designed for do-it-yourself installation and all necessary parts for installation are included. backed by clear installation manual, instructional videos, and access to life-time technical support. the entire alkaline water filter fits nicely under a kitchen sink. for leak-free installation, simply push tubing ½ inch deep into quick-fitting connectors and lock; no threading pipes needed.
  • 100% satisfied customers - rcc7ak from america’s favorite brand of under sink water filter is the highly rated reverse osmosis systems. comes with 1-year limited manufacturer warranty upon registration and lifetime personalized support from ga, usa, combined with premium quality components, this water filter is to deliver endless bottled quality drinking water right in your home for many years to come, eliminating plastic waste.
APEC Water Systems ROES50 Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System , White
Product Highlights:
  • supreme quality - designed, engineered, and assembled in usa to guarantee water safety & your health. wqa certified to provide unlimited clean, refreshing crisp tasting water superior to bottled water. tank dimensions-11 x 11 x 15 inches
  • premium long-lasting filters remove up to 99% of contaminants such as chlorine, taste, odor, vocs, as well as toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals and 1000+ contaminants. max total dissolved solids - 2000 ppm. feed water pressure 40-85 psi
  • america's no.1 rated water filter brand with 20 years of success guaranteeing trouble free, noise-free system for long lasting, dependable, pure drinking water. 2 year extended manufacturer warranty is available upon registration
  • system comes with 100% lead-free designer faucet, plus certified jg food grade tubing and parts to provide safe, contamination-free pure water. pipe size: 1/4 inches.
  • high quality leak-free quick connect fittings require no extra lock clips to seal leak - not relying on water leak detector to protect your home like other brands. comes with all parts and industry's best instructions and videos for an easy diy experience.
Express Water RO5DX Reverse Plus 4 Filters – 50 GPD, 14 X 15 X 5, White
Product Highlights:
  • reverse osmosis water filter: experience what water should taste like with the express water reverse osmosis water filtration system reducing up to 99.99% of lead, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, calcium, arsenic, and more.
  • water purification system: drink the healthiest water on earth. all our water filters are specially engineered to work together, producing the safest and best tasting water you’ll ever drink
  • under sink water filter: don’t waste money on professional installation. express water’s quick and easy-to-understand design means you can install and understand everything about your new water filtration system
  • under sink water filter system: no need to mess with refilling or activating your water filter, express water’s water filtration systems automatically fill your water tank with high quality drinking water
  • leak detection: each under sink water filter includes an emergency leak stop detector that shuts off water flow when it detects unwelcomed moisture
EZFLO 017 Inch ID 10 Foot Length, 98615
Product Highlights:
  • pvc clear vinyl tubing: the ez-flo clear vinyl tubing can be used in a wide variety of settings involving chemicals, gases, and liquids
  • versatile: flexible tube can be used for drainage lines, potable drinking water, beverage dispenser, laboratory tubing, and aquarium tubing **not recommended for ice makers**
  • protective: plastic tubing protects against acids, alkalis, and a variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids
  • durable and non-toxic: tubes are composed of clear, non-toxic material ideal for low-pressure applications, and the tubing can be cut to size as needed
  • specs: tubing roll features a tubing wall thickness of 1/16 inches, a pressure rating of 19 to 55 psi and a maximum temperature of 170 degrees f; fda compliant material can be used in potable water applications
Bluevua RO100ROPOT Reverse Osmosis Purified Tap Water, Portable Water Purifier For Home
Product Highlights:
  • countertop filtration + premium-quality carafe: no plumbing or installation is required for this ro system. simply plug this portable piece of tech into any power source and you're ready to fill it up and go! better yet, the water container is constructed of high borosilicate glass carafe instead of the traditional plastic, reducing the risk of secondary pollution and making this one of the best countertop water filter systems.
  • power saving/water saving: water system automatically enters power-saving standby mode when not in use to reduce power consumption. leftover water from a cycle isn't deemed wastewater so more water is saved to use for various household purposes.
  • 4-stage filtration: 4 levels of filtration are utilized to ensure the purest water possible. 99.9% of all possible contaminants are filtered out so you can confidently drink your own tap water.
  • filter life monitor: the countertop water filters last for a long time between 12-24 months to provide 1-2 years of clean drinking water before needing replacement. filters are also designed to help save water with an impressive 2:1 pure to drain ratio. monitor display shows the service life of filters and water quality so you can easily keep track of filter replacement and periodically switch out filter tubes.
  • technical support/warranty: 1-year warranty can be found in the manual or bluevua official website. simply scan the qr code and fill out the purchase information for 1-year manufacturer warranty registration. in addition, online customer service is also available for help. we stand behind our products and our company. if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your bluevua products, we offer a 30-day full refund and a 1-year warranty on all our products.
SimPure Y7PBW UV Countertop Dispenser, 4: 1 Pure To Drain No Installation Required
Product Highlights:
  • 💧tested by sgs - according to gb/t 5750.4-2006 and epa 537 standards - against nsf/ansi 58 standards, converts your tap water/well water into great tasting drinking water by reducing chlorine>99.4%, pfoa/pfos>98.3%, lead>98.4%, arsenicetc>99.6%, mercury>98.3%, chromium>99.2%, tds>90%, fluoride>97.2%, nitrate>96.2% and etc.
  • 💧 exclusive reverse osmosis & ultraviolet tech - simpure uv purification system combined with 3-stages 0.0001μm ro filtration system, can take water purification to another level, provides highly pure water for you. taste the difference!
  • 💧 no installation required - plug-in and you'll have purified water right away. one full set of quick changing twist-and-seal filters come included it. get rid of the troubles caused by complicated installation and filter replacement. compared to traditional under-sink filtration, y7p free from water source and space constraints, you can place and move simpure water purifier to anywhere with power supply available, perfect for home, kitchen, office, camping, outdoor rving etc.
  • 💧 high efficiency in water purifying - 4:1 pure to drain, highest water utilization rate of the ro system on the market. using the recycling multi filtration technology, can save your water up to 1500%. your will get a cup of purified water in about 15 sec by the the faster dispense flow rate (418 gpd).
  • 💧serving usa since 2006 - seattle, wa usa, simpure dedicated in providing world-class quality of water filtration solutions. if you are not satisfied with your purchase, then we want to hear from you. please contact our trained water specialists. and is available to answer any questions during the life of the product. (please scroll down for replacement filter purchase options).
Hromee Air Line Tubing PCS Compressed Pipe And Accessories Kit
Product Highlights:
  • diy air system - hromee compressed air outlet kit allow you to design and install your own pressurized air system. no more dragging the compressor and reconnecting air hose. it helps you keep the working room clean and ordered.
  • pu air tubing - length: 32.8 feet (10m); outer diameter: 1/4” (6.35mm); inner diameter: 4.15mm. max working pressure: 120 psi; bursting pressure: 360 psi. working temperature: -4℉- 149℉. pu material provides the high flexible and oil resistant.
  • connectors - all the connectors are designed push to connect that is easy to remove and offering good sealing. the kit includes 2 splitters, 2 elbows, 2 tees and 2 unions. 4 male straight fittings fit 1/4" tube od and with 1/4" npt thread. the thread need to be seal taped to avoid leakage.
  • easy to use - all the fittings work by simply pushing the tubing firmly into the the fitting to seal and removing the tubing is just as simple. cutting tool is included for meeting your tube length requirements.
  • ultimate flexibility: customer can purchase additional fittings to customize your air line installation, based on your space and compressed air requirements, which is a perfect solution for garages, workshops, barns, etc.
Water PH Meter And TDS/EC/Temperature Meter, Pen Type And Handheld, PPM Meters
Product Highlights:
  • ph meter: full measurement range of ph 0-14; high accuracy of ±0.01 ph, reliable and quick readings.
  • 3 in 1 tds meter: measurement range of 0-9990ppm, 0-9990µs/cm, 0-80.0℃ (32.0-176.0℉); high accuracy of ±2% f.s. we kindly remind you not to use it to test sea water.
  • automatic temperature compensation: reliable automatic temperature compensation (atc) ensures testing results be accurate under different temperature conditions.
  • easy to use: large lcd backlit display; light-weighted and handheld. after calibration, put the sensor into the solution you want to test, and get the data immediately.
  • wide application: great for household and laboratory tds/ec & ph testing applications including drinking water, beer, swimming pools, aquariums, ro systems, or hydroponic water.
AQUACREST Garden Hose Water Calcium, Ideal For Gardening, Farming And Pets
Product Highlights:
  • promoting the healthy growth of plants: the garden hose filter is specially developed for garden water. we add ion exchange resin to upgrade the formula. the 5-micron filter aperture can efficiently reduce harmful elements such as 97% of chlorine, odor, sediment, protect nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, and retain necessary elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • beautifying your garden: besides promoting the healthy growth of plants, the filter can also reduce white water spots caused by air-dried minerals after watering.
  • meeting your needs: specially developed for gardens, the filter is ideal for gardening, swimming pools, bathtubs, spas, pet bathing, etc. it can also be used with the garden mist cooling system. the upgraded formula can efficiently filter out calcium ions, intercept impurities, prevent calcium deposits from blocking nozzles and prolong the life of the atomizer. this is a filter that can meet a variety of daily needs. *this filter is not recommended for direct drinking.
  • adding the hose protector: the anti-kink flexible hose protector can prevent the water pipe joint from twisting and make water flow smoother, resulting in a better filtration experience. it can also prevent the water pipe joint from being damaged and improve the service life of the filter, thereby making the filter more cost-effective for consumers.
  • perfectly fitting and long-lasting service life: the filter fits any standard 3/4" garden hose thread. the durable inline filter can fully meet the needs of garden water in 4 months, effectively reducing the odor of chlorine after watering the garden, protecting the health of your family, and creating a safe and healthy environment for children.
APEC Water Systems Ultimate Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, 90 GPD
Product Highlights:
  • supreme quality: built with super long-lasting 100% us made filters, ro-hi is the most durable system in the industry that lasts for decades. system is designed, engineered and assembled in usa to ensure water safety & your health
  • wqa tested & certified: effectively remove up to 99% of contaminants such as chlorine, taste, odor, vocs, as well as toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, nitrates, heavy metals and 1000+ contaminants. provides unlimited ultra-fresh, clean, great tasting water right at home. save money, time and hassle of buying costly, bottled water
  • quick dispense: big 3/8” fast-flow output design increases the flow rate of water from tank to faucet. the higher water flow will allow you to fill up a glass or pitcher of water much faster. reduces wait time when drawing and filling large pots of water for making soups or beverages.
  • lifetime support & system warranty: provides peace of mind with our lifetime support by certified wqa water specialist. 2 years extended manufacturer warranty available upon registration.
  • equipped with premium faucet & parts: comes with 100% metal, 100% lead-free luxury designer faucet, plus jg food grade tubing to provide safe, contamination-free pure water. the original, top-notch jg quick connect fittings for easy and secure leak-seal

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