10 Best Refrigerator Odor Remover

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Top 10 Refrigerator Odor Remover

Refrigerator Deodorizer Fridge ( - Outperforms Baking Soda)
Product Highlights:
  • keeps fridge fresh: maintain a fresh odorless refrigerator or freezer. removes smells within hours.
  • food-safe and fragrance-free: ingredients are non-toxic and safe for you and your family.
  • keeps produce fresh: extends fruits and veggies crisp and flavor keeping them fresh for up to 2-4x longer.
ZSPENG 8 Pack Refrigerator ( For Fridge,Wardrobe, Car, Lasts Up To 6-Months)
Product Highlights:
  • keep produce fresh: refrigerator deodorizer extends fruits & veggies crisp & flavor, keeping them fresh for up to 2-4x longer.
  • prevent odor: effectively absorbs the smell of foods, prevents mutual odor between foods.
  • super absorption: deodorizer absorbs odors, bad smells and excessive moisture thus to keep your home fresh and dry .
Arm Hammer Fridge ( Filter (Pack Of 4))
Product Highlights:
  • 100% baking soda
  • place it virtually anywhere
  • eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer
MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying ( Baking Soda. (2) Individually Sealed Bags)
Product Highlights:
  • moso natural bamboo charcoal refrigerator deodorizer bags are the easy, convenient way to maintain a fresh, dry and odorless refrigerator, freezer or cooler. this fridge odor eliminator is better than baking soda for eliminating odor and foul smells
  • the moso natural charcoal deodorizer bag has no fragrances or chemicals and is non toxic. this charcoal refrigerator deodorizer absorbs odors without just masking them, keeping people and pets safe from harmful residues
  • 100% natural charcoal odor eliminator absorbs excess moisture. the moso natural odor eliminator is continuously working to absorb and remove odors to clean and freshen the air.
Arm Hammer Baking ( Odor Absorber, 14oz (Pack Of 3))
Product Highlights:
  • 3 boxes, each box 14oz
  • always use 2, 1 for fridge, 1 for freezer.
  • the standard of purity. exposes twice the amount of baking soda in a spill-proof package.
Refrigerator Deodorizer Plus Food ( And Vegetable Saver & Fresh Longer - ACHub, 1 Pk)
Product Highlights:
  • keep food fresh longer adsorp harmful gases to extend the life of fruits, vegetables & perishable foods
  • innovative- contains antimicrobial, harmful gas & moisture absorption, odor eliminator ceramic pellets
  • high reusable - reusable for up to 3 years with proper use & care, compare to similar products that need 3-month refill. helps save money and environment
Fridge Refrigerator Freezer Deodorizer ( Bamboo Charcoal | Fragrance & Chemical Free | 2 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • ease of use: just peel and place the fridgeaide in your fridge and let it work it's magic. here is a fact for you... there are 7.55 septillion air molecules (good and bad) zooming off at a 1000 miles per hour inside your fridge. yes, no kidding! fridgeaide has embedded dynatekvision. this allows it to track, attract and trap each odor molecule in your fridge. trap, not mask. keeping your fridge and freezer smelling crisp and fresh. hence, popularly called fresh fridge warrior.
  • discrete nano-tech fiber. designed by weaving carbon atoms to create a nano-porous fabric. fridgeaide takes no space (yes, no space) in your precious fridge, freezer or produce drawer. now, you can use 100% of your fridge, unlike traditional charcoal bags and chloride box alternates. we know how valuable your refrigerator space is, and we leave it for you. don't stress no more. store those family holiday leftovers with confidence, in the extra space and keep your fridge smelling fresh as well.
  • fragrance & mess free. non-scented deodorizer left your fridge smelling like bleach and chlorine? ever tipped off that baking soda box? oh, the charcoal bag dust sneaking in your food? hey! suffer no more. let us free your time for stuff that matters more! fridgeaide, is actually free of chemicals, allergens, fragrances, hassle & mess. lab tested guarantee! time to make the switch, and reclaim authority over your fridge. fridgeaide is by your side, your aide-in-style. what's in your fridge?
Innofresh FridgeIt Refrigerator Deodorizer ( Charcoal And Fragrance Free, Lasts Up To 6-Months)
Product Highlights:
  • naturally activated charcoal highly absorbs, traps, neutralizes and eliminates tough smells and odors. made in the usa.
  • long lasting deodorizes up to 6 months = 6 x longer than a box of baking soda.
  • fragrance-free all-natural air freshener - no chemicals, no scents, no fragrances.
Veteble Reusable Refrigerator Deodorizer ( Better Than Baking Soda, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • get rid of stinky smells: veteble activated charcoal odor remover absorbs excess moisture in refrigerator or fridge, helps you get rid of stinky smells within hours or days, keeps you and your family healthy.
  • keep meats & produces fresh: veteble odor absorber extends meats, fruits, and veggies for up to 2-4x longer by absorbing excess moisture. it is much better than baking soda and easy to use.
  • small but powerful natural air purifier: the small odor cleaner doesn't take much space, so you can put it anywhere you want, like closet, wardrobe, room (bedroom), kitchen, toilet, pet area, car, or even shoe. you can take the carbon pack out of its case easily if need.
FO2RREST Fridge Deodorizer Refrigerator ( Silica Smell Absorber - Outperforms Baking Soda)
Product Highlights:
  • keeps fridge fresh- fo2rrest fridge deodorizer absorbs excess moisture in refrigerator or fridge, helps you totally get rid of stinky smells within 1 week. not only that, but our fridge freshener can keep fresh meats, fruits, and veggies for up to 2-4x longer.
  • all natural, fragrance free- fo2rrest fridge odor eliminator only uses natural ingredients, and is totally unscented. active silica is made from forest soil, odor-curbing agents extracted from garlic and honey, plant cellulose, and other patented catalysts.
  • "breathable" & moisturetight designer - to ensure the optimum effect, there are many air holes on the body. in the back, there is one "l" spacer on each corner, which prevents moisture in the fridge from affecting the air purifying bags.

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