10 Best Refrigerator Light Bulb

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Top 10 Refrigerator Light Bulb

GE Lighting LED 83645 ( Bulb With Medium Base, 1-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • a15 shape with medium base for use in ceiling fans, small table lamps and open fixtures. suitable for refridgerators and freezers too
  • they are dimmable and illuminate your home with soft, warm light
  • 40 watt replacement uses only 4.5 watts
MiracleLED 604724 3Watt Refrigerator ( 2-Pack Replacing Old, Hot 40W Incandescent,)
Product Highlights:
  • instant on bulb stays bright and safe for years!
  • bacteria love hot running lights -- so this bulb runs cool to the touch to keep you safe!
  • extreme multi-pack savings over other bulbs!
Westinghouse Lighting 4513400 40Watt ( LED Light Bulb With Medium Base)
Product Highlights:
  • omni a15 led provides the look of incandescent light bulbs with energy savings up to 88%
  • energy-efficient 5 watt led replaces a 40 watt incandescent and lasts 13 years (15,000 average rated hours)
  • soft white finish, medium base, brightness 450 lumens, non-dimmable, damp rated, for use in enclosed fixtures
GE Lighting 48706 40Watt ( Appliance Bulb, 2-Card)
Product Highlights:
  • average lifetime: 1000 hours
  • lumens (light output): 320 bulb finish: reveal clear
GE Appliance Clear Light ( | 2-Count Per Pack (2-Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • total of 4 bulbs
  • 40-watt, soft white light
  • dimmable
Refrigerator Light Bulb 40W ( Saving Freezer Ceiling Home Lighting Waterproof)
Product Highlights:
  • high color rendering index (cri) and luminance: compared to an incandescent bulb, our refrigerator light bulb sends off white rays without any yellow rays or blinking. it can illuminate your refrigerator like it is brand new. too many refrigerator lights on the market currently are too blue. this bulb provides a refrigerator, or any electrical appliance, with clean, consistent lighting every single day.
  • multiple uses: our fridge led bulb is useable in refrigerators, lamps, smoke exhaust ventilators and more. it is one of the most versatile bulbs on the market. most people will buy a few bulbs at a time to use them throughout the home. the only place they are a safety hazard is in the oven. refrain from ever using them inside or even nearby the oven.
  • energy-saving features: compared to energy-inefficient incandescent lights, our 120v 5w fridge light bulb is the same as 40w in a standard bulb. it can help a person save about 85% on their electric bill every single month. each bulb has overheating protection, designed to help regulate its heat and extend its life. there is no need to pay for replacement bulbs nearly as often as in the past.
LED Refrigerator Light Bulb ( Ceiling Home Lighting Lamp Non-dimmable(2 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • the best no-heat bulb for refrigerator: a waterproof alternative to heat-emitting bulbs, this refrigerator light bulb emits not the usual blue-white light, but pure white light. it not only brightens your fridge or freezer but also gives it a new life.
  • wide-ranging use: used in countless home appliances, this led refrigerator bulb works well in both kitchens and bathrooms. it is especially suited for fridges, freezers, and bedside lamps, thanks to its small size.
  • energy saving: these 120v 40w fridge light have special led filaments that consume only 5 watts worth of energy, while offering the equivalent of 40w of incandescent light bulb. incandescent light bulb light about 1.5 hours, our fridge light bulb can light about 10 hours, and is therefore good for your energy bill.
LOHAS LED Refrigerator Light ( Ceiling Home Lighting, Not-Dim, Waterproof, 2 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect for refrigerator lighting: waterproof, widely used in freezer, or normal home ceiling lighting.
  • high lighting efficiency: the bulbs features a comfortable daylight (5000k) and luminous efficiency with 420 lumen output. no flicker and no warm up.
  • standard a15 shape: suitable for most light fixtures, do not occupy too much spaces, work with 120 voltage.
A15 LED Bulb LOHAS ( Refrigerator/Freezer Ceiling Home Lighting, Not-Dim(6Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • perfect performance-- the standard a15 shape daylight white 5000k bulb giving off a clear and natural illumination, which can give your home a brightness feeling. 450lm 5 watt 240 beam angle can provide suitable lighting for you when you're writing, reading or have a nap.
  • widely application--the bulb available for all kind of scenes lamps, ceiling fan light bulbs, refrigerator bulb, freezer bulb, bathroom fan light bulb, incandescent ceiling light for the bedroom, kids room, living room, dining room, kitchen.
  • energy saving--providing more longer lifespan 30000 hours when compared to less-efficient incandescent, 5w equal to 40w can cut down 85% electricity bill for you.
JLUMI BPC4505 LED Bulb ( Bulb, Bathroom Light Bulbs, Non Dimmable (Pack Of 4))
Product Highlights:
  • compact small bulbs - compact and small. a15 bulb and g45 bulb shape. the 45mm bulb diameter is much smaller compared to standard edison a19 bulb (60mm diameter).
  • celing fan bulbs - for a variety of home use as ceiling fan light bulbs, appliance bulb, fridge bulbs, bathroom vanity light, table lamps, freezer light bulb, range hood bulbs. e26 medium lamp base fits most accent light fixtures.
  • save energy - 450 lm brightness equivalent to 40 watt incandescent bulbs, saving 88% on energy bills. bright enough on table lamps as reading light or task lighting.

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