Quick-Snap Sprinkler Review: A Beginner-Friendly DIY Above-ground Lawn Sprinkler System

A reliable sprinkler system is what your lawn needs during hot and dry seasons. Some lawns have an underground irrigation system. However, some do not. If you are an owner of a lawn without an in-ground irrigation system, you need to use an above-ground set-up. This article will help you build your own above-ground lawn sprinkler system using products from Quick-Snap.

Quick-snap sprinkler in a lawn

Quick-Snap sprinklers are available both in Amazon and on their website. This brand offer in-ground sprinklers that can be established without the need for complex plumbing underground. You do not have to dig up your lawn and install additional buried pipes.

Furthermore, these are “pop-up” sprinklers that remain hidden underground when not in use. This feature allows you to mow the lawn without any interruption compared to sprinklers that remain exposed on the ground. Also, the sprinkler heads can be easily connected to your garden hose when you need to water your lawn.

hole dug on the ground for a quick-snap sprinkler

Moreover, sprinkler systems from Quick-Snap are very easy to install. Their sets include quick hose connectors that make installation easier. These connectors do not necessitate hand tightening.  Likewise, bright orange locator caps are incorporated with the set for easier location.

You do not have to be a professional to establish your own irrigation system using Quick-Snap. Even a beginner at gardening and lawn maintenance can install the product with ease.

Aside from being beginner-friendly, Quick-Snap sprinklers are of high quality. They are well-built and can last for many seasons.

Different Types of Quick-Snap Sprinkler Systems

Quick-Snap offers different sets that you can choose from. These all depend on the shape and size of your lawn. For example, they have a spray kit suitable for small, rectangular areas. You can have your own for only $24.99.

Quick-Snap In-Ground Pop-Up Adjustable Spray, Yard Sprinkler Kit for Small Rectangular Coverage (End Spray)

Next, they also have a sprinkler head suitable to cover areas up to 5,000 square feet. The price for this is $39.95 only. (SKU: QSK-741)

Then, for a bigger coverage, you can purchase their sets that can include 2 or 5 sprinkler heads each. The set that has 2 sprinkler heads can reach areas up to 10,000 square feet while the set that has 5 sprinkler heads can cover a maximum of 25,000 square feet.

The prices for these sets are $79.95 and $199.95, respectively.

All of their sprinkler heads have adjustable ranges to suit your lawn requirements. Moreover, adjustment for a spray angle is also possible. Aside from this, you can adjust the rotation from 40 up to 360 degrees. You do not have to worry about adjusting where the water will go when you are using Quick-Snap sprinklers.

In addition to the following varied sets, you can also purchase Quick-Snap’s air purge for $9.95. This is particularly useful during winter. This will protect the sprinkler from ice formation and damage.

quick-snap sprinkler air purge

The next paragraphs will contain beginner-friendly steps on how to install your own above-ground lawn sprinkler system using a Quick-Snap sprinkler set.

1. Study Your Lawn & Purchase a Sprinkler Accordingly

Before purchasing a sprinkler set, make sure you are fully familiar with the shape and size of your lawn. This will prevent you from buying the wrong product that does not cover all the necessary areas of your lawn.

Aside from Amazon, you can also buy from their website: https://www.quick-snap.com/. Obtain a sprinkler according to your lawn requirements to avoid ending up with areas that are not watered enough. Careful planning is the key to eliminate brown spots.

quick-snap sprinkler spray logo

Aside from the shape and size of your lawn, also take note of the angle. In order for you to maximize the reach of your sprinkler, situate it to an angle that can cover the most area.

You can plant the sprinkler head in a corner of a flower bed, right next to sidewalks or in the middle of your grass lawn. The key to a healthy and green lawn is studying your lawn and using the proper product.

quick-snap sprinkler situated on the edge of a grass patch sidewalk

2. Prepare the Needed Materials for Setting-up your Sprinkler

Aside from the products included in the Quick-Snap sprinkler set, you will also need a shovel and of course your garden hose.

quick-snap sprinkler with garden hose and shovel

3. Dig & Plant your Quick-Snap Sprinkler

Before digging, do not forget to measure the size of your in-ground sprinkler. The depth of your opening will depend on this.

 Next, dig in your planned part of the lawn. Refer to the photos below for a cross-section image on how your sprinkler will look like below the ground.

quick-snap sprinkler underground cross-section when not in use
quick-snap sprinkler underground cross-section when in use
quick-snap sprinkler underground cross-section after usage

The images also show the position of the pop-up sprinkler head. As shown in the photos above, the sprinkler is perfectly hidden in the ground when not in use. You can just mow right over it.

In addition, the sprinkler head will only pop-up when there is a water source. Connect your garden hose in order to use the sprinkler. Lastly, when not in use, you can just disconnect the hose and cover it with the orange cap so you can easily find where it is whenever you need to.

4. Maintenance of Your Sprinkler during Winter

If the climate in your area can result in freezing temperatures up to 7 inches below the ground, you must empty all the water in your sprinkler before winter comes. You can do this by connecting an air purge and blowing the water out with the use of a bicycle pump.

Emptying your sprinkler will help keep it safe from damage. Frozen water can expand and damage the product if not removed. On the other hand, you can opt to temporarily remove the system from the ground during the season and then just place it back.


Quick-Snap sprinklers are indeed beginner-friendly systems that are easy to install and use. There is no need to buy additional pipes. Also, you do not need to dig underground to install them. All you need is a Quick-Snap sprinkler set, a garden hose, and a shovel. With these three things, you can now maintain a beautiful, green lawn, especially during hot seasons.