11 Best Psychrometers

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Top 11 Psychrometers

Preciva Digital Psychrometer ThermoHygrometer Industry, Agriculture, Meteorology 9V Battery Included
Product Highlights:
  • this digital humidity & temperature meter & wet bulb temperature dewpoint temperature has been designed to combine the functions of humidity meter, temperature meter, wet bulb temperature and dewpoint temperature.
  • it is an ideal humidity & temperature meter instrument with scores of practical applications for laboratory, industrial, engineer and professional.
  • small form factor easy to use, with a white backlit dual display lcd screen can be used in a dark environment.
  • the humidity & temperature meter is for use a humidity/ semiconductor sensor.
  • dual display temperature & humidity; resolution 0.01%rh, 0.01 °c/0.01 °f,max hold and data hold function; auto power off, disable sleep mode.
Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychomotor Psychomotor
Product Highlights:
  • use for walk around testing or in-duct analysis
  • clip it to your pocket just like a pen
  • narrow tip for insertion into ductwork
  • twist cap protects sensors when not in use
  • bright backlight
Extech RH350 Psychrometer With Temperature Probes , Green
Product Highlights:
  • data logger digital psychomotor
  • min/max/average readings from the captured data, data hold and selectable auto power off
  • includes 2 type k temperature probes and four aaa batteries
  • memory stores up to 99 data records
  • displays humidity, dew point, wet bulb, temperature and temperature differential
UEi DTH35 Digital HVAC Measures Wet Bulb Dry Bulb Dew Point Temperature Humidity
Product Highlights:
  • 📏 5 measurements: the dth35 measures wet bulb, dew point, enthalpy, temperature, relative humidity. there are data hold and min/max functions to monitor fluctuations in readings.
  • 💡 backlight: our psychrometer comes with a backlit dual display to help readability in dark environments. the dual display allows you to read temperature and humidity at the same time.
  • ✋ hands free: the dth35 has a magnetic mount allowing handsfree usage. there is a screw on plastic cover to protect the sensor when not in use. the cover doubles as an extension handle to reach further.
  • 🛠️ broad application: our psychrometer was designed specifically for hvac ductwork, but also works effectively in greenhouses, laboratories, freezers, kitchens, offices, computer labs, and many other environments.
  • ✔️1-year warranty: the dth35 comes with a 1-year limited warranty. all warranties must be redeemed in the us.
Protmex PT6508 Temperature Humidity And Outdoor, Min/Max Hold, LCD Backlight
Product Highlights:
  • pt6508 temperature meter is a new type of digital temperature and humidity meter, which designed to combine the functions of humidity meter, temperature meter, wet bulb temperature and dew point temperature. and dew point is a measure of how much water vapor actually in the air.
  • dual display humidity and temperature with accurate measuring: humidity range: 0% - 100%rh. temperature range: -20℃(-4℉) - 60℃(140℉). dew point temperature :-50℃(-58℉) - 60℃(140℉). wet bulb temperature:-20℃(-4℉) - 60℃(140℉).
  • digital humidity and temperature meter used for a high range of applications-hvac,industry,agriculture,meteorology,medical,daily life,building engineer,paranormal investigator,in wine cellar ,machine room and data storeroom
  • multiple function: with data retention, data storage, unit conversion, backlight, low battery indicator, automatic shutdown, maximum and minimum functions.
  • lcd display with backlight with high accuracy sensor, lcd brighter in the darker places. auto shutdown without operation after 30 minutes.
Mengshen Digital Temperature And Temperature - Battery Included, M86
Product Highlights:
  • 2 in 1 digital humidity and temperature meter. accurately measure any environments temperature, relative humidity (rh), dew point, wet bulb temperature,
  • one-step switch between °c and °f,
  • device will power off automatically to save battery when not in use in several minutes,
  • adjustable lcd backlight for clearly showing data,
  • powered by 9v battery which is included. please attention: now we use paper box packaging, the black bag shown in the picture is not included.
Fieldpiece SRH3 InDuct Digital Digital Psychrometer
Product Highlights:
  • measures temperature and percent rh
  • calculates wet bulb and dew point
  • slim 38 inch
  • fast response time
  • depth and direction indicators
Mengshen Digital Psychrometer Bulb Temperature - Battery Included, M350
Product Highlights:
  • 【professional digital psychrometer】2 in 1 humidity & temperature meter. accurately measure environments temperature, relative humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature.
  • 【wide measurement range】humidity: 0 to 100% rh; temperature: -22°f to 212°f(-30°c to 100 °c)
  • 【fast response】only 10s response time. it can display accurate temperature humidity value quickly. with backlight, you can get clearly readings even in the darkness.
  • 【widely application】this handheld digital psychrometer can be widely used in home, apartment, industrial, laboratory, greenhouse, warehouse and aquaculture.
  • 【power supply】9v battery included in the package.
WT Meter Digital Professional Use, High Sensitive And Performance Yellow
Product Highlights:
  • this digital psychrometer and portable thermometer hygrometer is a new type of digital temperature and humidity meter, which is designed to combine the functions of humidity meter, temperature meter, wet bulb temperature and water vapor measurements that is in the air with the dew point temperature.
  • multi parameters mesures: great for accurately measure environment conditions, such as wet bulb temperature, relative humidity (rh), dew point and other parameters.
  • fast response: this digital temperature and humidity meter provides the parameters measured quickly and efficiently.
  • high accuracy and performance: best price and acurracy temperature and humidity meter available in the market which adopts high-precision temperature humiditiy sensing module technology to sample, processes data, and displays results on the lcd.
  • portable and light weight: specially designed to fit perfectly in the hand and to be easy to handle for its light weight.
Extech RHT510 HygroThermometer Psychrometer Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer
Product Highlights:
  • measures temperature (air/type k), relative humidity, wet bulb, and dew point
  • backlit lcd to view in dimly lit areas
  • data hold and min/max functions
  • auto power off with disable
  • tripod mount (optional tr100 tripod sold separately)
Amprobe THWD3 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter
Product Highlights:
  • dual measurement display
  • extended probe stem to easily access air ducts
  • temperature measurement range: -4°f to 140°f (-20°c to 60°c)
  • dew point
  • wet bulb

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