8 Best Ps4 Fan Cooler

There are important parts of the PS4 cooling system. The main component everyone knows about is the fan, it has different cooling modes; normal speed and turbo speed. Some of the fan coolers also have an automatic mode that turns on when PS4 gets hot and turns off when it’s already at the right temperature.

8 Best Selling Ps4 Fan Cooler

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In this article, we are going to show the best PS4 fan coolers that will protect it from overheat:

Top 8 Ps4 Fan Cooler

LinkStyle PS4 Cooling Fan For Sony Playstation Gaming Console
Product Highlights:
  • supercooling fan for the ps4 gaming console, pls confirm before you buy it, this fan does not fit ps4 slim or ps4 pro.
  • five fans and three different cooling modes: normal speed for decent gaming. turbo speed for really heavy games and hardcore gamers.
  • automatic mode cooler turns on when your playstation 4 gets hot and turns down when it gets cool again.
PS4 Turbo Cooling Fan Radiator For Sony Playstation 4 Console
Product Highlights:
  • [5 turbo fan] - features 5 turbo fans to draw heat out of sony ps4 console and maintain its working temperature, keeping it cool in heavy duty games in hot summer - the cooling fan is for regular playstation 4 only! it’s not compatible with ps4 pro and ps4 slim!
  • [3 working mode] - with manual / auto mode switch and low / high fan speeds and turbo mode control button; the fans turn on when it heat up above 38 degree of celsius, it turn off when it cools. the fan manage your console automatically with its built-in temperature sensor
  • [easy installation] - designed to be an original part of ps4 - silent, sleek, seamless fitment; tool-free and easy clip-on installation (please fasten it tight); dc 5v from console’s usb port and no extra power supply needed
PS4 Cooling FanLyyes Cooling For Playstation 4 Ps4 Black
Product Highlights:
  • new appearance, lightweight and portable, easy to use.
  • super cooling fan for ps4 edition gaming console; this ps4 edition cooling fan appearance is novel and handy.
  • convenient to carry and easy to us for ps4 edition console.simply necessary gadget for ps4 edition fans.
Kootek Vertical Stand With Console Dualshock 4 Controller Not For PS4 Pro
Product Highlights:
  • all-in-one: console vertical stand for ps4 slim/regular ps4+ cooler+ dualshock charging station+ usb hub. (note: need to remove slim clip if you console is regular ps4).
  • features 2 built-in fans keep your game console cool and calm, no more overheating after long hours of game playing.
  • it is space saving that allows game console to be used safely in a vertical position.
Upgraded Edition PS4 Slim Radiator Heat Exhaust For Playstation 4 Slim
Product Highlights:
  • [3 turbo fan] - features 3 turbo cooling fans to draw heat out of sony ps4 slim and maintain its working temperature, keeping it cool in heavy duty games in hot summer - the cooling fan is for playstation 4 slim edition only! it’s not compatible with regular ps4 and ps4 pro!
  • [two working mode] - [auto sensor mode] will be fully controlled by its built-in temperature sensor. it turns on when it gets 40 degree celsius and goes off when it cool down - keeping your console cool automatically; [manual turbo mode] will enhance airflow at higher rpm than in auto mode. choose this mode when ps4 is in heavy duty games in hot summer or limited room
  • [easy installation] - designed to be an original part of ps4 slim - silent, sleek, seamless fit the console; tool-free and a ‘click’ easy installation; dc 5v from console’s usb port, tool-free installation and no extra power supply needed
PECHAM Vertical Stand For Controller Charge Station, 3 HUB Port Not For Pro
Product Highlights:
  • [all-in-one] ps4/ ps4 slim console vertical stand + two cooling fans + controller charging docks + three additional hub ports
  • [dual cooling fans] this vertical stand has 2 built-in fans to dissipate heat from your playstation 4/ slim console keeping it working functionality. no need to worry about your ps4/ ps4 slim overheating and burning your table from long hours of game playing
  • [dual charging station] the stand has 2 slots for holding the controllers when you are not using them or when they are being charged. you can charge your dual shock controllers simultaneously, saving your time when need to charge the controllers
PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Controller Charge Station & 16 Game Storage
Product Highlights:
  • 🎮 🎁【cooling & storage your ps4 console, chargers and games】-- multifunctional ps4 stand, storage and fits well with your ps4/ ps4 slim/ ps4 pro+2 controllers+16 games. saving space design, it keeps your controllers charged, cools your ps4 slim/ps4 pro/ps4, stores games, keeping everything neat and tidy.
  • 🎮 🎁【ps4/ ps4 slim/ ps4 pro cooler】-- built in 2 high speed mute cooling fans. high efficiency & low noise design, cooling your console and preventing from over-heating. this ps4 cooling fan is quite and no affecting your rest.
  • 🎮 🎁【dual controller charger with led indicator】-- charge 2 ps4 controllers simultaneously within 2.5-4 hours. two led lights clearly indicate the controller charging status respectively. red light means charging and green light means full charged. security chip prevent controllers from over-charging/over-heated/over-current/over-voltage/short-circuit even continue charging several days.
OIVO PS4 SlimPro Cooling Storage For Playstation 4 Console Regular/Slim/Pro
Product Highlights:
  • all-in-one for ps4/slim/pro console: : vertical stand+ fan indicator lamps.+ controller charging station+ games storage+ usb hub ports+ 30 inch usb cable.
  • fast charging speed & led indicators: they are charged through the ext ports in 2 hours, say goodbye to be charged with usb dongles for 4hours, more reliable and much faster to charge dual controllers, the green light turned to red while actively charging and stays green when fully charged.
  • compatible with ps4/slim/pro console: put your playstation 4 consols on the cooling stand, more tight design for the ps4 pro, much reliable to secure your console. (note: need to use the extra horder included for ps4 slim.)

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