14 Best Pranks

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Top 14 Pranks

Liquid Ass (iquid Ass)
Product Highlights:
  • liquid ass is made in the usa and never ships from china.
  • highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray.
  • smells like ass ... only worse.
The Ultimate Prank Kit ( Kit No.1)
Product Highlights:
  • the ultimate prank kit no 1. just got even better!!
  • giving this as a gift could be a highlight of any party or holiday break!
  • loaded with lots of classics and also exciting new pranks that will cause tons of laughs!
PIZZA Delivery Fake CALL ( CALL Prank)
Product Highlights:
  • - simulate fake incoming calls from pizzeria.
  • - pizza answering .
  • - options to reject or accept the call.
Forum Novelties No Tear ( Unrippable Toilet Paper Roll)
Product Highlights:
  • material: crafted from premium quality paper and fabric composite which makes it impossible to tear.
  • no tear: our no tear toilet paper doesn't get ripped or torn, no matter how hard you try.
  • for pranksters: this toilet paper roll proves to be a great component for pranks and practical jokes.
BE Life The Potato ( Gag Gift Prank Large Size (Potato Chip Style))
Product Highlights:
  • 8.5 inch tall can with realistic graphics
  • even has fake nutritional facts
  • huge 4 foot 5 inch snake that soars out of the can!!
TJ Wisemen Remote Control ( Funny Gag Gift Joke Prank)
Product Highlights:
  • remote controlled fart machine no. 2, blows our original fart machine away
  • new boom box technology features 15 louder sounds and works up to 100 feet away
  • caution: you may die laughing
FUN Delivery Meow Hear ( Prank Gag Joke Sound)
Product Highlights:
  • 2 different cat sounds: regular and urgent
  • sound plays at irregular intervals, about 15-20 minutes apart so it is hard to locate
  • included batteries will last for 2-3 days
12 Fake Roaches Prank ( Bugs Look Real)
Product Highlights:
  • eek! there is a cockroach in my soup! listen to the squeals with these hysterical fake roaches
  • this is a wicked gag at parties. scatter them across the buffet table to shock the guests
  • these are really perfect for a halloween party. include them with the food to freak out the guests
Loftus New Hilarious Rubber ( Turd - Funny Gross Prank)
Product Highlights:
  • best prank ever
  • you are buying 1
  • toy
Tigerdoe Prank Kit ( And Gags - 25 PC Prank Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • this hilarious gag joke set includes 25 different shocking pranks.
  • perfect way to shock or scare family members and friends.
  • harmless fun pranks that will guarantee laughs and a shocked audience.
FMPLT Fake Joke Prank ( Ultimate Prank (Multi-Pack A))
Product Highlights:
  • every scratch ticket appears to win from $25,00 to $50,000.
  • makes a great present! (put one in a greeting card for a laugh)
  • great white elephant gift & office party prank.
Stinky Ass Hand Sanitizer ( Funny Gag - Great New Prank - Guaranteed Laughs)
Product Highlights:
  • real hand sanitizer - looks real because it is real. this is a real hand sanitizer, but it doesn't smell like flowers. it smells like ass. unsuspecting label.
  • funny new prank - nothing like it anywhere - brand new prank that no one will suspect - smells really bad and gross.
  • leaves hands smelling like ass - your victim won't suspect a thing when they use this stinky ass hand sanitizer, until they slowly start to smell something gross. they will freak out when they realize it is on their hands.
Scary Peeper Menacing Creep ( Creep Cling)
Product Highlights:
  • scary peeping tom face prank mask for halloween party;
  • this realistic creepy window peeper is staring at you through the window and smiling;
  • easy to apply, remove and reattach again multiple times - repeat this prank over and over!
Shocking Gums Tricky ( Toy Fool's Day Gift For Halloween(3 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • -battery operated (included).colors selected at random.
  • -not suitable for children under 14 years of age, please use the item responsibly.
  • -it looks like a real pack of gum.give your friends a quick and mild electric shock when they reach for this gag stick of gum.

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