9 Best Prank Kits

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Top 9 Prank Kits

The Ultimate Prank Kit ( Kit No.1)
Product Highlights:
  • the ultimate prank kit no 1. just got even better!!
  • giving this as a gift could be a highlight of any party or holiday break!
  • loaded with lots of classics and also exciting new pranks that will cause tons of laughs!
The Mega Prank Kit ( Jokes In A Gift Box)
Product Highlights:
  • the mega prank kit - 35 funny pranks and jokes in a ultra cool gift box, perfect pranks for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • old time classics meet the hottest new jokes and pranks - from classics like rattlesnake eggs, the whoopee cushion, and chinese handcuffs to modern pranks like shocking prank gum and squirting toilet seat our prank kit is sure to make a great gift!
  • gags galore - need we say more? a prank pack like no other totaling 35 fun pranks! shocking pranks, scary pranks, fun pranks, and more! these prank toys are sure to satisfy!
TASS The Master Pranksters ( Funny Classic & New Novelties Jokes)
Product Highlights:
  • kit package comes in a re-usable cardboard box and storage pouch so you can take your show on the road. classic and new gags. only the best, none of the useless filler items you see elsewhere.
  • guaranteed laughs! great fun for any social gathering like parties, holidays, outings. and more.
  • includes mouse attack, one of the newest and best pranks around. not found in many kits if any.
Practical Jokes KitChristmas Gifts ( Stuffers And Funny Gift Set Advanced Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • this advanced practical joke kit features a whopping 26 items total (items may differ from the photo and will be chosen for you)
  • includes everything your prankster needs for practical jokes, gags, gifts, prank toys and hours of hilarious fun!
  • includes jumping candy, fart horn, bug ice cube, money snatcher, fake bullet hole, nail thru finger, coin trick, squirt ring, auto scratch, trick dice, creepy ants, exhaust whistle, trick nail, squirting toilet seat, rubber tip pencil, glow maggots, cockroach chewing gum, fake cola, horrible ketchup spill, zombie teeth, hand buzzer, fake dog turd, secret message pen, prank prank ketchup/mustard and more!
Joker SOCOPRANKS Full Of ( 14pc 22" Gift Set, Red)
Product Highlights:
  • give the gift of a sac-o-pranks this holiday season
  • contains: one bagel with roach, a hand buzzer, a trick candy, one dog poo, one fake roach, one squirt prank, one bill snatcher, one fake chewed gum, one bar bug in a fake ice cube, one carded pack of worms, one whoopie cushion, one tube of disappearing ink, one snotty nose, and one snapping chewing gum
  • they come in a 21" mesh christmas stocking with 14 fun pranks
Schylling Joke Box (chylling Joke Box)
Product Highlights:
  • for ages 6 and up
  • 8 classic gags in one package
  • measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 7.75
Laughing Smith Ultra Prank ( Jokes Prank Kit For Kids And Adults)
Product Highlights:
  • the ultimate prank set – get ready to pull hilarious pranks on your friends and family! laughing smith ultra prank and joke box contains 28 classic and new prank toys that are guaranteed to cause tons of laughs
  • 81 total pieces – a giant kit of prank stuff that is a prankster’s dream. our pranking gag kit arrives in a large box with 81 prank toys for kids and adults so you can share in the fun with all your friends
  • keeps the kids entertained – get your kids off the phones and other electronics and teach them to have a fun sense of humor! watch as their laughter erupts after they pull off an epic prank on someone
Fun Time Products Dave ( Gifts For Men, Women, And Kids)
Product Highlights:
  • learn how to do the pranks: look under 'product information' below to see a video on the right way to perform all the pranks in the kit!
  • great for all pranksters: these boxes have tons of crazy stuff that is sure to get people’s attention. if you are new to the world of pranking, these funny gags will be quick to learn with the help of our online video tutorials.
  • entertain all ages: these classic practical jokes are sure to trick people of all ages, from adults down to toddlers.
Practical Jokes KitChristmas Gifts ( Stuffers And Funny Gift Set Starter Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • this awesome practical joke kit is chuck full of gag gift fun... 16 pieces in all and arriving in our signature prank nation box
  • a great way to get started as a practical joker!
  • includes hot pepper candy, blood soap, fake chocolates, squirting gum or flower, bug sandwich bags, kitty crap, zombie teeth, joker's coin, bloody finger, fake bugs, broken cell phone and more!

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