9 Best Plyo Boxes

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Top 9 Plyo Boxes

BalanceFrom 3 In 1 Exercise Regular, 16 Pounds
Product Highlights:
  • two styles - regular style weighs 16 pounds, heavy duty style weights 60 pounds
  • three in one - simply rotate the box to get 20-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch
  • no injuries - durable foam material so you dont have to worry about getting injured
Jfit Plyometric Jump Box 18, 24 & 30 Inches
Product Highlights:
  • indestructible plyo boxes: our plyo boxes are made from high quality materials so as to last for the many years to come. the heavy duty steel construction guarantees safe and dynamic performances.
  • stable rubber stoppers: excel your routines but keep your posture safe with our plyometric boxes. the rubber stoppers on the bottom are screwed for optimum safety and will keep boxes from sliding.
  • choose size plyo box: 4 sizes plyo boxes that satisfy all needs.12" box-13x13" top, 14x14" base / 18" box-14x14" top, 18x18" base / 24" box-15x15" top, 21x21" base / 30" box-16x16" top, 23x23" base.
Yes4All Wood Plyo BoxWooden In 1 Plyo Box/Plyo Jump Box 16/14/12
Product Highlights:
  • available in 14 inches 16x14x12- save more space with one box only that can be used to vary your desired jump height to 3 height levels
  • pro-duty wood construction: goes with internal bracing (on 3 largest sizes) for maximum strength; guarantees for a non-slip surface on the top and to support heavy-weight athletes
  • ideal for plyometric exercise, crossfit, mma: plyometric moves are the ones in which the strength, elasticity, muscle innervations get used to jump higher - throw farther - hit harder. perfect for step-ups, box squats, crossfit work and mma
Yes4All Foam Plyo BoxPlyometric Jump Box/Soft Plyo Box 3 In 1 20/24/30
Product Highlights:
  • strong and sturdy construction: the thick, durable vinyl cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use. you do not have to worry about dirt & footprints as pvc covering allows you to wipe clean the box quickly & conveniently
  • build strength and explosive power: perfect for all kinds of plyometric & hiit exercises, mma & crossfit workouts, 3 different height settings let you control the difficulty levels for push-ups, step-ups, box-squats, squats, lunges, dips and many more
  • benefits of plyometric training: increase the elasticity and muscle strength thus reduce the risk of injuries; it also improves physical speed and helps your body burn calories and hasten weight loss effectively
Rep 3 In 1 Conditioning 16/14/12
Product Highlights:
  • box size is 16x14x12 inches - highest grade plywood - 3/4 inch thick. assembly screws are included. each box allows for 3 different heights.
  • please note: 16 inch side is a small landing surface. you will need to land softly or use that side for step-ups. if intending to use 16 inch for box jumps with beginners, we recommend our 16/20/24 box.
  • puzzle box design. does not include internal brace--box is small enough that it doesn't need it.
Rage Fitness Steel Plyo Fully Welded Frames
Product Highlights:
  • solid platform constructed of heavy gauge tubular steel, 3/4" plywood surface and 1/4" rubber top
  • easily "nests" for storage to maximize space
  • recommended for plyometric routines, box jumps, agility and stamina training workouts
Titan Fitness 3in1 Portable Jumping Exercise Equipment
Product Highlights:
  • versatile workout: its time to step up your conditioning workout and rise to a new challenge. it doesnt matter if youre at home or the gym, this compact workout box is the best in the business. this is going to give you the edge you need in your cross training, aerobic exercises, or physical therapy. it doesnt matter if its box jumps, push-ups, dips, or step-ups, this box has you covered!
  • 3-in-1 sizes: our light plyo box was designed for people who are looking to get fit and improve performance. start it on the 20 side to get an idea of what your vertical can handle. if (and when) that gets too easy, simply rotate the box and add 4 to 10 inches, pushing yourself to jump higher and burn those calories! now you can save money and burn calories with this convenient workout equipment.
  • durable foam construction: if youre going to put in hours of effort to improve yourself, you should expect professional durability from your workout equipment. by using durable foam in our construction, weve created a solid foam platform that can support countless hours of workouts. compact and durable, this box is the tool you need to take your workout to new heights.
REP 3 In 1 - 20 Inch
Product Highlights:
  • no more scraped shins: you have chosen the 20x18x16 inch size. our soft plyo box helps prevent injuries to shins on missed jumps. cut open shins is a common problem with traditional wood plyoboxes, not with ours!
  • maximum stability: wood and foam construction allows for stability on all sides of the box compared to only foam! other soft plyo boxes are too light and flimsy to stay stable, ours have the stability of a traditional wood box, with the added benefit of foam for protection.
  • safe: overcome fears of missing a jump when you're tired at the end of a workout, or when you push yourself to try a new height. our specially developed textured cover adds more traction to prevent slips. no slick glossy vinyl covers here!
Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box
Product Highlights:
  • durable non-slip jumping surface
  • adjusts to four different heights: 12"|16"|20"|24"
  • heavy-duty steel construction

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