12 Best Physics Textbooks

Top 12 Physics Textbooks

Fundamentals Of Physics Mechanics ( Open Yale Courses Series))
Product Highlights:
  • yale university press
  • r. shankar
  • publisher: yale university press
Physics 5th Edition ( Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • james s. walker
  • publisher: pearson
  • edition no. 5 (01/24/2016)
University Physics With Modern ( Physics (14th Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • note: you are purchasing a standalone product; masteringphysics does not come packaged with this content. if you would like to purchase both the physical text and masteringphysics search for isbn-10: 0321982584/ isbn-13: 9780321982582. that package includes isbn-10: 0321973615/isbn-13: 9780321973610 and isbn-10: 0321997751/ isbn-13: 9780321997753.
  • the benchmark for clarity and rigor, influenced by the latest in education research. since its first edition, university physics has been revered for its emphasis on fundamental principles and how to apply them. this text is known for its clear and thorough narrative, as well as its uniquely broad, deep, and thoughtful sets of worked examples that provide students with key tools for developing both conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • the fourteenth edition improves the defining features of the text while adding new features influenced by education research to teach the skills needed by today's students. a focus on visual learning, new problem types, and pedagogy informed by masteringphysics metadata headline the improvements designed to create the best learning resource for physics students.
College Physics ( Physics)
Product Highlights:
  • paul peter urone, roger hinrichs
  • publisher: openstax college
  • edition no. 1 (06/21/2012)
Physics For Scientists And ( Modern Physics (4th Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • physics for scientists and engineers: a strategic approach with modern physics (4th edition)
  • randall d. knight (professor emeritus)
  • publisher: pearson
Conceptual Physics 12th Edition ( (12th Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • paul g. hewitt
  • publisher: pearson
  • edition no. 12 (01/16/2014)
Basic Physics A SelfTeaching (Self-Teaching Guide)
Product Highlights:
  • wiley
  • publisher: j. wiley
  • edition no. 2 (01/01/1970)
Fundamentals Of Physics (undamentals Of Physics)
Product Highlights:
  • david halliday, robert resnick, jearl walker
  • publisher: wiley
  • edition no. 10 (08/13/2013)
Physics Principles With Applications ( (Book And Access Card))
Product Highlights:
  • used book in good condition
  • douglas c. giancoli
  • publisher: pearson
College Physics A Strategic ( Approach (3rd Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • randall d. knight (professor emeritus), brian jones, stuart field
  • publisher: pearson
  • edition no. 3 (01/18/2014)
College Physics 10th Edition ( (10th Edition))
Product Highlights:
  • hugh d. young, philip w. adams, raymond joseph chastain
  • publisher: pearson
  • edition no. 10 (01/09/2015)
Physics Holt McDougal Physics (McDougal Physics))
Product Highlights:
  • used book in good condition
  • raymond a.serway, jerry s. faughn
  • publisher: holt mcdougal

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