7 Best Pcooler Fan

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Top 7 Pcooler Fan

Pccooler 120mm Fan Moonlight ( With Controller For PC Cases, CPU Coolers (Multicolor))
Product Highlights:
  • 【intelligent speed control-upgradeable to 4-in-1 kit】 3 ×120mm full function pwm fans. the intelligent temperature control mute module controls the speed at 1000~1800±10% rpm. please order a single supplement fan in the variant if you want to upgrade this to 4 pack.
  • 【dual light loop design】addressable rgb leds can be controlled - 6 brightness levels 10 lighting modes 6 different colors and provide colorful streamer lighting effects.
  • 【shockproof design】8 silicone shockproof pads ensure that the fan will not vibrate when it is running.
DEEP COOL RF120M 5IN1 ( With 12V 4-pin RGB Header, No Wired Controller)
Product Highlights:
  • rgb plugs of these fans can be daisy chained and the last one can be plugged into motherboard 12v 4-pin rgb header. no cable controller
  • multiple control modes: breathing, static state, or multi-color cycling
  • support up to 6pcs of deepcool rgb devices, including: gammaxx gt/gt bk, captain ex rgb, rgb 200ex, and so on
Antec Prizm 120mm Addressable ( 3 Pack And 2 RGB Strips)
Product Highlights:
  • package included: individually addressable rgb case fan 120mm x 3, 400mm rgb strip x 2, control hub x1
  • convex designed dual addressable rgb ring offered best lighting effect: convex design kept rgb lighting effect at a optimal point and left tolerance for other rgb components such as, mobo/ ram/ gpu, water cooling components, and ssd plate;
  • 16. 8 million colors & 18 independent controlled leds: with dual ring, total 18 separately controlled rgb leds smoothed out the overall rgb effect and leaves no gaps between leds;
LEDdess Addressable RGB LED ( Strips, 2nd Gen RF Remote Control, A Series))
Product Highlights:
  • multiple modes: rf wireless remote controller, one key to adjust speed, mode and color
  • features: leddess rgb control box can support up 10 x rgb fans and 2 x rgb led devices
  • easy install: 120 mm fan tuned for high-airflow and large volume cooling
UpHere Computer Case Fan ( Quiet,Triple Pack Colorful Case Fan,F03)
Product Highlights:
  • 1.innovative design, five color on one fan. make your pc colorful !
  • 2.high efficiency, mute-combination of high efficiency heat dissipation and mute,11 pcs bionic shark fin fan vanes,there is cut back processing on both external and internal of the fan frame to make a large amount of air and improve the heat transfer, corner breakage design of the fan vanes is to reduce the noise and increase wind pressure. in addition, the fan vanes have been polished, not easy to stick ash.
  • 3.standard 12cm size-compatible with all types of chassis,suitable for water cooling,cold discharge light effect, cpu radiator, side through version of mod light efficiency of fan position in cabinet,different angles and light show different visual effects.
UpHere 3Pack Wireless RGB ( Cases, CPU Coolers,Radiators System,RGB123-3)
Product Highlights:
  • 1.rgb case fan: unlimited color transformation, one key to change rgb color,
  • 2.high airflow: 120 mm fan tuned for high-airflow and large volume cooling.
  • 3.super quiet: equipped with rubber pads and hydraulic bearing, which greatly reduce operating noise and improves efficiency.
UpHere 6Pack 120mm Silent ( With Controller And Remote,T6C63-6)
Product Highlights:
  • customizable rgb led lighting:with 8 ultra-bright rgb led lights, provides full lighting for your build, achieving magical lighting effects with multiple-choice controls and multiple different modes like breathing, static, and multi-color cycling.
  • long service life:wear resistant hydraulic bearing construction makes the fan run noiseless and the air aolume larger with an astounding service life of more than 40,000 hours.
  • fan blades design:the 9 blades are designed for high-volume air delivery while keeping noise to a minimum level. very quiet operation with noise of 14.8 db(a) .

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