15 Best Paper Towel Napkins

Whether you need to absorb that spill or wipe your hand dry, these top rated paper hand towels are known to get the job done.

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Paper Towel vs Hand Dryers

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There is no shortage of the variety of paper towel brands in the market today. Some are disposable, some multifold, some paper towels feel like cloth, some linen, some sparkle, some feel premium and luxury and some are just cheap disposable paper towels. However, the main job of paper towels is to wipe your hand dry. So, if you are looking for the best disposable hand towels, check out the reviews below:

15 Top Rated Paper Towel Napkins

Brawny TearASquare Paper Towels Options, Quarter Size Sheets
Product Highlights:
  • brawny tear-a-square paper towels offer three sheet sizes (quarter, half, & full) so you can use just what you need without the waste
  • each 2-ply double roll has 128 sheets and is equal to 2 regular rolls
  • unique quarter-sheet option for smaller tasks so your roll can last longer
Amazon Brand Presto Count = 30 Regular Rolls
Product Highlights:
  • up to 75% more absorbent versus leading 1-ply brand
  • includes 12 huge rolls (2 packs of 6 huge rolls) of 158 2-ply sheets per roll
  • 12 huge rolls = 30 regular rolls (based on a regular roll with 63 sheets)
Bounty QuickSize Paper Towels 12 Family Rolls
Product Highlights:
  • pack contains 12 family rolls of bounty white quick size paper towels, 12 family rolls equals 30 regular rolls
  • this pack contains 60 more sheets per pack which means 6 extra days’ worth of paper vs. 12 of bounty select-a-size double plus rolls. estimated based on manufacturer data. actual usage may vary by household
  • bounty, the quicker picker upper
Bounty QuickSize Paper Towels Rolls = 20 Regular Rolls
Product Highlights:
  • pack contains 8 family rolls of bounty quick size paper towels, equal to 20 regular rolls
  • this pack contains 40 more sheets per pack which means 5 extra days' worth of paper vs. bounty select-a-size 8 huge roll estimated based on manufacturer data. actual usage may vary by household
  • bounty, the quicker picker not flush
Seventh Generation White Toilet 240 Sheets Per Roll, Pack Of 2
Product Highlights:
  • 2 ply bathroom tissue designed for softness and strength
  • made with 100 percent recycled paper, no added dyes, inks, or fragrances
  • compatible with low flow toilets in rvs and campers
Sparkle Paper Towels 24 White, Pick-a-Size Plus
Product Highlights:
  • clean any size mess with sparkle pick a size plus paper towels: now with wider pick a size sheet
  • sparkle pick a size plus paper towels deliver a little something extra without breaking the bank
  • wider sheets are perfectly sized for food prep, holding more chips, placemats, large hands & more
Pacific Blue Select Multifold Paper Towels Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Case
Product Highlights:
  • premium multifold paper, towel, perfect for class a office buildings, healthcare and other businesses that want to impress guests, tenants and customers
  • unique emboss enhances appearance and hand-feel; folded paper towel (not rolled)
  • strong 2-ply design provides softness, strength and absorption for pleasant, thorough hand-drying and other tasks
Sparkle Paper Towels 18 Rolls, 116 2-Ply Sheets Per Roll
Product Highlights:
  • sparkle paper towels with thirst pockets are just the thing for an affordable, effective clean
  • each pick-a-size plus roll has 116 2-ply sheets and is equal to more than 2 regular rolls.
  • with pick-a-size plus sheets, you get a wider sheet vs our regular pick-a-size sheet.
AMERICAN HOMESTEAD Disposable Hand Reception Or Dinner Party Pack Of 200 Quilted Soft White
Product Highlights:
  • premium softness & comfort – thicker and softer than standard paper towels, these are essential for providing guests high-end comfort and luxury.
  • disposable convenience – though these white hand towels look and feels like real linen, they’re disposable and affordable which makes them cost effective.
  • superior absorbency – just like a good bathroom hand towel, these disposable cloth napkins provide greater absorbency and won’t fall apart. perfect drying size as each towel folds out, giving you and/or guests ample drying space after washing your hands or face.
SofPull Regular Centerpull Premium 324 Sheets Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case
Product Highlights:
  • versatile all-purpose paper towels; good for drying hands, wiping surfaces and cleaning up spills
  • efficient 324 sheets per roll help reduce run-outs and refills
  • hygienic one-hand dispensing helps avoid dispenser contact, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
Perfect Stix Paper Towels Paper Towels
Product Highlights:
  • 2 ply paper towels with 80 sheets per roll
  • each package comes with 8 rolls
  • 11" x 8" sheet size for big spills or messes
VIVA Signature Cloth ChooseASheet Per Roll, 6 Rolls Pack Of 1
Product Highlights:
  • each roll has 58 sheets; 348+ sheets in total for your all your cleaning needs
  • new look, yet the same soft viva paper towel you know & love – absorbent paper towels with smooth texture and cloth-like durability
  • soft and strong, absorbent disposable paper towels with micro-texture to lift away the toughest mess
Pacific Blue Basic Recycled 800 Feet Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case
Product Highlights:
  • envision brand is now pacific blue basic
  • dependable absorbency, thickness and strength ideal for hand drying, wiping and general cleaning
  • economical to help you keep costs under control
Scott Essential Multifold Paper Packs/Case, 250 Multifold Towels/Pack
Product Highlights:
  • each case 16 packs of 250 trifold paper towels (4,000 total)
  • each white multifold paper towel is 9.2" x 9.4" / 23.4cm x 23.9cm (substitute for c fold paper towels)
  • exclusive absorbency pockets soak up water fast, so these trifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste
Pacific Blue Basic Multifold 20204, 250 Towels Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Case
Product Highlights:
  • acclaim brand is now pacific blue basic
  • ecomonical to help you keep costs under control
  • dependable absorbency, thickness and strength

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