8 Best Paper Towel Fridge Magnet

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― Ruby Granger, Erimentha Parker’s To Do List: A Bullying Story

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8 Top Rated Paper Towel Fridge Magnet

Fridge Spice Rack ( Organizer Magnet Shelf, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • simple and stylish design, sturdy and looks great on the side of refrigerator.
  • perfect for holding spice, paper towel rolls, vatamins, salt & peper shakers, and hanging small scrubbers or other lightweight tools. keeps your cooking utensils within your arm's reach.
  • made of powder-coated steel & strong magnet, supports up to 10 lb.
Katzco Magnetic Paper Towel ( Benches, Storage Closets, Grill Or In The Garage)
Product Highlights:
  • nice and practical: a great add on to any bench, storage, closet, kitchen, grill, or garage. keeps your towel paper roll nice and handy, and accessible whenever you want it.
  • stays forever: each piece of the holder has 3 strong, rubber coated magnet pads. the strong magnetic power will ensure that it stays where it belongs until you decide to remove it. plus, the rubber coating prevents scratching of attached surfaces.
  • easy assembling: absolutely easy installation with high grade magnet - no need to bother yourself with drilling or nailing your wall! our paper towel holder is held in place by strong magnets that will stick sturdily to any metal surface with magnetism.
Haturi Fridge Spice Rack ( Refrigerator Storage Rack (Small,White))
Product Highlights:
  • 【small space solution】keep your spices, jars, condiment organized with haturi's magnetic fridge organizer. great for the one lacking cabinet space or living in an apartment.
  • 【easy to install without tools】magnetic spice rack can be directly applied to the refrigerator sidewall or any other metal surface because of equipped strong magnet on the backside. no drilling or screws required.
  • 【wooden holder】magnetic paper towel holder made by moisture-proof rubberwood, perfect for storing a paper towel, plastic wraps, and trash bags.
EhomeA2Z Magnetic Paper Towel ( Duty Steel (Black, 1))
Product Highlights:
  • functional and reliable : this professional magnetic paper towel holder is an essential add-on to a workshop, storage, closet, bathroom or kitchen. you can attach it to any ferrous surface, such as a toolbox, fridge, washing machine, metal bathroom shelf. it ensures that the product on the roll is accessible at all times
  • stays securely in place and protects surfaces : each piece of the holder features 3 strong magnets to keep it in place . the pads are coated with rubber to prevent scratches even on delicate surfaces. it does not leave stains.
  • easy to install and remove : simply stick the holders to any ferrous surface and adjust the distance to fit the length of your towel roll. there is no need to drill, nail or glue anything because it is kept in place by magnetic forces. you can reinstall it whenever you require in a matter of seconds.
Spectrum Diversified Spectrum Diversified ( Holder White, 10.9 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • fits standard and jumbo rolls
  • magnetically mounts to metal surfaces
  • frees up cabinet and countertop space
TCP Global Magnetic Paper ( Refrigerators, BBQ's Or In Garages, Workshops And Kitchens)
Product Highlights:
  • 2 piece professional paper towel holder that attaches to any ferrous surface
  • it's ideal for keeping paper towels and shop wipes within easy reach
  • each side of the holder has three strong magnets that hold them firmly in place
VIAV Refrigerator Magnetic Spice ( With Paper Towel Holder, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • free up space: this kitchen rack organizer save time for find spices, baking supplies, and soy sauce are within reach to keep your kitchen looking organized.
  • sturdy and high capacity: the fridge side organizer is made of iron and wood, a good organizer. the dimension is 12"l × 4.7"w × 7''h. will hold 6~7 bottles of spice jars.
  • foldable simple design: the spice rack organizer does not require a cumbersome installation, you just need to gently put it close to the refrigerator or iron oven or microwave.
Yukon Glory Premium Magnetic ( To Grills RV's Fridges Tailgate And More)
Product Highlights:
  • paper towels by your side this paper towel holder is designed with a powerful, built-in magnet that attaches sturdily to any mangnetic surface. use on your grill, fridge, tailgate or anywhere you need paper towels on hand.
  • built to last the paper towel holder is made from the highest quality durable stainless steel and was uniquely designed for long lasting use.
  • poweful magnet the powerful, built-in magnet makes this paper towel holder perfect for use on your magnetized metal grill refrigerator tailgate on your truck or any area that has a metal surface that can use a paper towel holder

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