9 Best OBD2 Gauge Displays

OBD2 gauge displays are a combination of automotive trip computer gauge and diagnostic scan tool. It can display up to a hundred sets of engine real-time parameters, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, fuel level. It can also read engine fault codes and turn off the check engine light.

9 Best Selling OBD2 Gauge Displays

Benefits of Getting New OBD2 Gauge Displays

1. Accurate Info

Investing in a new gauge display will give you more accurate and precise information about your vehicle. It is now easy for you to know the air temperature inside in just one look.

2. Improved Settings

An advanced and newly improve gauge display will let you play with multiple settings in your vehicle. Also, you can now get all the status of your engine boost, performance, overall health, and the trip average of your car. Just remember to get an improved version so you can easily know the details about your vehicle.

Gauge Display Buying Guide

1. Compatible Device

It is very important to check the gauge display compatibility first before purchasing. You must be sure that it is compatible with most vehicles and with your own vehicle.

2. Gauge Display Features

A gauge display may cost you a lot, that is why you have to make sure that you are spending your money on a gauge display that gives outstanding features as compared to the rest in the market. It is better to ask for a test run so you can be certain that the gauge gives a promising performance.

3. Ease of Set-Up

Lastly, you don’t want a device that will burn you out when installing, a perfect gauge displays are easy to set. You don’t need to go through its manual guide many times just to know how to fix one screw, so it is best to choose a device that is easy to fix. 

Here are the best OBD2 Gauge Displays available in the market today:

Top 9 OBD2 Gauge Displays

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OBD Fusion Car Diagnostics Diagnostics
Product Highlights:
  • clear your check engine light (mil/cel)
  • read diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs)
  • estimate fuel economy and usage
  • create customizable dashboards
  • graph vehicle sensors in real-time
Dr Prius HV Battery - Bluetooth OBD2
Product Highlights:
  • 1. real-time battery monitor with clever charts and numbers.
  • 2. life expectancy test with proprietary algorithm to find out battery remaining life.
  • 3. full battery test to run diagnostic on battery system.
  • 4. print or share test certificate with customer.
  • 5. read error codes, reset error codes in a breeze.
Bimmer App Immer App
Product Highlights:
  • connect with true bmw fanatics and experts
  • browse and organize the specific topics you want to read
  • set up your profile and join in the discussions
  • customize the settings
  • english (publication language)
ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black
Product Highlights:
  • cel doctor: the ancel ad310 is one of the best-selling obd ii scanners on the market and is recommended by scotty kilmer, a youtuber and auto mechanic. it can easily determine the cause of the check engine light coming on, quickly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, read live data & hard memory data, view freeze frame, i/m monitor readiness and collect vehicle information. instead of taking car to mechanic shop, you can use it to check the trouble code and show code definition by yourself.
  • sturdy and compact: equipped with a 2.5 foot cable made of very thick, flexible insulation. it is important to have a sturdy scanner as it can easily fall to the ground when working in a car. the ad310 obd2 scanner is a well-constructed device with a sleek design. it weighs 12 ounces and measures 8.9 x 6.9 x 1.4 inches. thanks to its compact design and light weight, transporting the device is not a problem. the buttons are clearly labelled and the screen is large and displays results clearly.
  • accurate fast and easy to use: the ad310 scanner can help you or your mechanic understand if your car is in good condition, provides exceptionally accurate and fast results, reads and clears engine trouble codes in seconds. if you want to find out the cause of the check engine light, this device will let you know immediately and fix the problem right away without any car knowledge. no need for batteries or a charger, get power directly from the obdii data link connector in your vehicle.
  • obdii protocols and car compatibility: many cheap scan tools do not really support all obd2 protocols. this is not the case with the ad310 scanner as it can support all obdii protocols such as kwp2000, j1850 vpw, iso9141, j1850 pwm and can. this device also has extensive vehicle compatibility with 1996 us-based, 2000 eu-based and asian cars, light trucks, suvs, as well as newer obd2 and can vehicles both domestic and foreign. check compatibility with your vehicle model before purchasing.
  • home necessity and worthy to own: this is an excellent code reader to travel or home with as it weighs less and it is compact in design. you can easily slide it in your backpack as you head to the garage, or put it on the dashboard, this will be a great fit for you. the ad310 is not only portable, but also accurate and fast in performance. moreover, it covers various car brands and is suitable for people who just need a code reader to check their car.
BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII For IPhone & Android
Product Highlights:
  • [pro obd2 scanner] - bluedriver is the easiest way to scan and understand your vehicle like a professional mechanic. read and clear your car’s trouble codes and check engine light.
  • [read & clear all the codes] - bluedriver's enhanced vehicle diagnostics gives you access to information normally available only to mechanics on their obd2 scan tools. now you can read and clear abs, airbag, srs, tpms codes, and many more.
  • [get the right fix] - much more than a car code reader, bluedriver is a diagnostic tool. get unlimited specific repair reports containing possible causes, reported fixes, and more for virtually every vehicle make and model.
  • [wireless & bluetooth enabled] - say goodbye to wires. bluedriver connects with bluetooth via your phone/tablet to a sensor that plugs into your car's obdii port. get all of the capabilities of an expensive code reader & scan tool without any annoying wires.
  • [user-friendly app and repair videos] - bluedriver gives you more ways to scan and fix your vehicle. our ios & android app connects you to a large database of repair videos with step-by-step directions of repairs.
FIXD Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Engine & Fix All Cars & Vehicles ‘96 Or Newer 1 Pack
Product Highlights:
  • easy-to-use obd2 app & car code reader - the fixd car scanner and obd app instantly translates 7000+ engine fault codes into plain english on your phone. wireless bluetooth connection. set up in minutes. no car knowledge needed.
  • find out what’s wrong with your car - even beginners can use the fixd obd2 scanner and app to find out what the check engine light means, how serious it is, and possible fixes before going to the repair shop. you can even clear the check engine light, saving time and money.
  • save money & avoid rip-offs - walk into the repair shop confident with the accurate info you need to save on car repair. the fixd car scanner and obd2 app provides helpful how-to guides and video tutorials so you can save with diy repairs.
  • fixd works with your car - fixd obd2 reader is compatible with all gas-powered vehicles made in 1996 or newer and all diesel vehicles 2008 or newer. perfect diagnostic scan tool for toyota, honda, chevrolet, ford, mercedes-benz, jeep, bmw, porsche, subaru, nissan, cadillac, volkswagen, lexus, and more. compatible with iphone, ipad, & android.
  • know when it’s time for your next oil change - fixd is the only car code scanner that also tracks maintenance and wear items and automatically notifies you when your car is due for service.
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Car Check Engine Light Code Reader
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with a wide range of third-party obd apps including obd fusion, torque pro and car scanner, which can turn your iphone, ipad or android phone/tablet into a sophisticated car scan tool and performance monitor.
  • read diagnostic trouble codes along with definitions, freeze frame data and other diagnostic data (including mode 05, 06 & 08), view real-time sensor readings & i/m readiness, create customized dashboard and estimate fuel economy, and more to do.
  • compatible with obd ii / eobd compliant cars and light trucks (model year 1996 or newer in the us, including cars, suvs, mini vans, pickup trucks; hybrid and electric vehicles may require special apps).
  • compatible with ios (no bluetooth pairing needed; please connect in the app) & android devices (head units not recommended). no complex settings or tricky connections plus much lower power consumption compared to wifi, and it does not block internet access for other apps.
  • easy to plug in and unplug design. note: a third-party app is required and not included; not compatible with bmw g series via bimmercode (check app recommendations in the description or user manual; some may require separate purchase). comes with one-year hassle-free replacement warranty and mini carrying case.
OBDLink MX OBD2 Bluetooth Android, And Windows
Product Highlights:
  • turn your iphone, android device, or windows pc into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool
  • recommended adapter for forscan, torque, bimmercode, dashcommand, alfaobd, carista and many more
  • enhanced oem support for ford, gm, mazda, nissan/infinity, toyota/lexus/scion, honda, hyundai, kia
  • clear check engine light and get more live parameters (abs, srs, tpms, etc) than any other scanner
  • over-voltage and battery drain protection, firmware updates
KONNWEI KW208 12V Car System Tester For Car Truck Marine Motorcycle SUV Boat
Product Highlights:
  • 【automotive car battery tester】 as one of the most cost-effective products of konnwei, it's a perfect christmas gift. kw208 can test all 12v 100-2000cca batteries including regular flooded, agm flat plate, agm spiral, or gel batteries. provide overall analysis of batteries’ health and help you know their status in advance before it dies. kw208 battery tester support cranking and charging system test also alternator and starter test.
  • 【display overall batteries data】kw208 12v battery load tester gives you the basic battery parameters such as voltage, internal resistance, cold cranking amp and ah capacity, battery health and charge status. additionally, battery cca tester will also show you professional advice whether to replace or charge the battery.
  • 【 >99.5% accuracy】thanks to kw208’s powerful and smart chip, it provides more than 99.5% precise testing reports within milliseconds(testing results refer to us midtronics), greatly improved the testing speed compared to other battery testers.
  • 【plug and play】 kw208 battery load analyzer allows you to test batteries both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle, and even test dead batteries. just connect the tester’s clips with battery then it will turn on and ready to test and analyze battery. it’s that easy!
  • 【starter& alternator tester】kw208 not only a great battery load tester that tests batteries cranking & charging system but also can test alternator's charging and starter's cranking conditions. and it can switch up to 8 languages for different needs.

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