9 Best OBD2 Gauge Displays

OBD2 gauge displays are a combination of automotive trip computer gauge and diagnostic scan tool. It can display up to a hundred sets of engine real-time parameters, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, fuel level. It can also read engine fault codes and turn off the check engine light.

9 Best Selling OBD2 Gauge Displays

Benefits of Getting New OBD2 Gauge Displays

1. Accurate Info

Investing in a new gauge display will give you more accurate and precise information about your vehicle. It is now easy for you to know the air temperature inside in just one look.

2. Improved Settings

An advanced and newly improve gauge display will let you play with multiple settings in your vehicle. Also, you can now get all the status of your engine boost, performance, overall health, and the trip average of your car. Just remember to get an improved version so you can easily know the details about your vehicle.

Gauge Display Buying Guide

1. Compatible Device

It is very important to check the gauge display compatibility first before purchasing. You must be sure that it is compatible with most vehicles and with your own vehicle.

2. Gauge Display Features

A gauge display may cost you a lot, that is why you have to make sure that you are spending your money on a gauge display that gives outstanding features as compared to the rest in the market. It is better to ask for a test run so you can be certain that the gauge gives a promising performance.

3. Ease of Set-Up

Lastly, you don’t want a device that will burn you out when installing, a perfect gauge displays are easy to set. You don’t need to go through its manual guide many times just to know how to fix one screw, so it is best to choose a device that is easy to fix. 

Here are the best OBD2 Gauge Displays available in the market today:

Top 9 OBD2 Gauge Displays

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OBD Fusion Car Diagnostics Diagnostics
Product Highlights:
  • clear your check engine light (mil/cel)
  • read diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs)
  • estimate fuel economy and usage
  • create customizable dashboards
  • graph vehicle sensors in real-time
BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Reader For IPhone And Android
Product Highlights:
  • more codes: to understand the problem with your vehicle you need the complete picture. with an up-to-date modern scan tool, you scan deeper to read, understand, and clear more codes. access information normally only available to professional mechanics on their most expensive scan tools.
  • real fixes: get unlimited vehicle specific repair reports, generated from our database of millions of fixes verified by professional automotive technicians. save time and money.
  • no cords: all the capabilities of an expensive scan tool (extended vehicle coverage, live data, etc.) combined with the power and convenience of your smartphone or tablet. no cords, no subscriptions, and regular free updates.
  • live data: view live data and monitor your vehicle’s health in real time. configure the data sources, customize your view with various displays and colours, and log and export live data as a file.
  • bluedriver is proudly american owned and is the obd2 diagnostic scan tool trusted by professional mechanics and developed and supported by professional engineers.
ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool-Black
Product Highlights:
  • classic design, fast scan and erase trouble codes, even a beginner can use it read the error code, find out what the problem is and perhaps fix it. save money and time. it can not read and erase abs, srs(airbag), and other systems fault codes.
  • works on most 1996 us-based, 2000 eu-based and asian cars, and newer obd ii & can domestic or import vehicles. supports english, german, french, spanish, finnish, dutch, russian and portuguese.
  • easily determines the cause of the check engine light. i/m monitor readiness test, turn off the mil (check engine light) as well as view freeze frame data. read hard (memory) / pending (intermittent) and historic codes and show definitions.
  • the ad310 scanner is well built with a large lcd display (128 x 64 pixel) that has white backlight and contrast adjustment, indicates test results directly. no need any batteries or charger, gets the power directly from the obdii data link connector in your vehicle.
  • it's equipped with a 2. 5 feet long cable and made of a very thick flexible insulator. there are 4 buttons on ad310. the up and down button for scrolling the menu, the enter and exit button allow for navigation back and entering menu.
FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Reader Tool For Check Engine Light
Product Highlights:
  • 【vehicle cel doctor】the nt301 obd2 scanner enables you to read dtcs, locate bad o2 sensors, access to emissions readiness status, turn off cel(check engine light) or mil, reset monitor, read live data and retrieve vin of your vehicle.
  • 【accuracy & streams】live data graphing and logging. accurately read error codes for most worldwide cars, suvs, light trucks and 12v diesels equipped with obd2. graphing live vehicle sensors data allows you to focus on any suspicious data and trend.
  • 【worthy to own】recommended by mechanic scotty kilmer on youtube. codes analysis and printer compatible. unique patented design, 2.8" color screen, free lifetime update and 1-year seller assurance with exclusive tech and service team.
  • 【smog check helper】read/erase and i/m readiness hotkeys make it easy to use the car computer reader right out of the package. red-yellow-green leds and build-in speaker indicate the readiness status for confident emissions test.
  • 【home necessity】open to global customers. no battery required, nt301 obd scanner is charged directly from the 16pin dlc in your vehicle. it is recommended as a necessity in your toolbox and one of the best gifts for home and autoshop mechanics.
Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic OBD2 Compatible OBDII For Android Devices ONLY
Product Highlights:
  • [compatible] our automotive obdii diagnostic engine reader works with all consumer automotive vehicles, cars & trucks in the usa that are model year 1996 or newer! compatibility varies depending on vehicle country of location. see product description to check your vehicles computer compatibility based on your country of location. (not iphone / ios compatible)
  • [simple to use] plug our obd2 diagnostic scanner into your vehicles automotive obd2 port; pair diagnostic scan tool with your android phone via bluetooth; download an app to use it with; then connect & start scanning for live sensor data like a professional direct from your vehicles on board computer! (not iphone / ios compatible)
  • [fix & service your car for less] using our diagnostic code reader you can read, reset & clear your check engine error light fault codes with your android phone (does not read abs or srs). check and fix your emissions system readiness, know if you will pass emissions & smog test before you go with our diagnostic tool! (not iphone / ios compatible)
  • [live data] monitor live real time live gauge data direct from your autos computer systen with our diagnostic trouble code reader such as o2 sensors, fuel pressure, engine load & more; freeze fram data; map based sensor tracking plus so much more! making it extremely easy to check up on the health of your vehicle just like the pros! our automotive health tool will help you keep your gas or diesel vehicles running many miles longer!
  • [guaranteed] unlike other obd2 car diagnostic scanners we guarantee ours will work on all obdii protocols including j1850 which many have problems with! works on both gas & diesel vehicles. reads at faster speeds than most other obdii wireless bluetooth obd 11 readers.
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Car Check Engine Light Code Reader
Product Highlights:
  • compatible with a wide range of third-party apps such as obd fusion, torque and car scanner which can turn your iphone, ipad or android phone/tablet into a sophisticated car scan tool.
  • read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data, reset check engine light, prepare smog check, view real-time sensor readings, create customized dashboard and estimate fuel economy.
  • works with obd ii / eobd compliant cars and light trucks (year 1996 or newer in the us, including pickup trucks, hybrid and many electric vehicles; may require special apps).
  • compatible with ios (no bluetooth pairing needed; connect in the app) & android devices (head units not recommended). no complex settings or tricky connections plus much lower power consumption compared to wifi, and it does not block internet access for other apps.
  • easy to plug in and unplug. a third-party app is required (check recommendations in the description below, some may require separate purchase). comes with one-year replacement warranty.
70mai Smart Dash Cam G-Sensor, WDR, Powerful Night Vision
Product Highlights:
  • 【1080p full hd night vision & sony imx307】the smart dash cam 1s enables you to achieve 1080p full hd resolution, records every detail on the road for you. equipped with the sony imx307 image processor and f/2.2 aperture, the dash cam is pulled in more light to brighten up low-light scenes, provide you the clear images even in the dim light
  • 【built-in g-sensor & emergency recording】equipped with the built-in g-sensor, the 70mai smart dash cam 1s can automatically record an emergency situation and have the videos saved. all of the emergency videos are safely locked as 'event file' to prevent an overwrite
  • 【voice control dash cam】to provide you a safe and hands-free using experience, you may use voice commands to use your cam. this car cam recorder can let you easily control it to take pictures and record video just with your voice
  • 【loop recording & evidence protection】the dash cam automatically overwrites the oldest videos with the latest ones. the videos can be automatically saved and stored locally on a microsd memory card while driving, which ensures the video evidence will be captured and safely secured from overwriting. it supports high-endurance class 10 (and above) microsd memory cards from 16gb up to 128gb (not included)
  • 【built-in wi-fi & app control】with built-in wifi, it can connect to the 70mai app, which simply enables you to watch real-time footage, play recorded videos as well as download files to your phone. also, this function enabled you to achieve continuous ota updates by automatically fixing bugs and updating software
Autel MS300 OBD2 Scanner Monitor Status CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool
Product Highlights:
  • easy 2 button design to read and clear codes
  • cd catalog of 7000 trouble codes and descriptions
OBDLink MX OBD2 Bluetooth Android, And Windows
Product Highlights:
  • turn your iphone, android device, or windows pc into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool
  • recommended adapter for forscan, torque, bimmercode, dashcommand, alfaobd, carista and many more
  • enhanced oem support for ford, gm, mazda, nissan/infinity, toyota/lexus/scion, honda, hyundai, kia
  • clear check engine light and get more live parameters (abs, srs, tpms, etc) than any other scanner
  • over-voltage and battery drain protection, firmware updates

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