8 Best Nut And Bolt Extractors

When investing in a nut and bolt extractor, look for a professional, tight grip and high-quality tool to make sure they can provide maximum gripping power. With the help of this list, you can make sure you will end up with the best one.

8 Best Selling Nut And Bolt Extractors

Types of Extractor

1. Bolt and Stud Extractor Tool

This extractor has a special fitting that is commonly used on drills and drives. It comes with both cylindrical and cone shapes. It is also simple to use, you just have to attach one end to the drive and push the other end over your stud then it is ready to use. Its cone is adjustable so you can have a better grip.

2. Bolt Extractor

This type of extractor has a resemblance to regular sockets. But its inner edges are rounded instead of straight, it also has spiral teeth on the inside. If you have a problem removing bolts because the heads are badly rounded, this is the perfect extractor tool for you because they are very easy to use.

You just have to attach the extractor tool to the ratchet then place it over the damaged head. You can also strike it with a hammer or wrench as well. Then, simply turn the wrench to extract your bolt.

3. Pliers

These pliers come with different shapes that are seemingly normal-looking pliers to tongs. It is best to use it when screws or bolts are sticking slightly out, as it needs some grip on the tool.

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So without further due, Check our best nut and bolt extractor below:

Top 8 Nut And Bolt Extractors

ENTAI Damaged Stripped Bolt Removing Damaged, Rounded Bolts Nuts And Screws
Product Highlights:
  • made of high-hardness chromium-molybdenum steel for durability
  • all the bolt extractors are precision engineered to easily extract damaged bolts, nuts and screws even if they are stripped, rusted or frozen
  • tight grips and won’t let go, the internal thread design provides excellent torque, the more you turn, the tighter the socket grips
Eapele Impact Bolt Nut Socket Tool Set 13pcs
Product Highlights:
  • maximum gripping power --- reverse spiral flutes are designed to bite down.
  • 40cr chrome vanadium steel --- is tougher than tool steel,ensuring longer life and greater durability.
  • metric & sae sizes---1/4", 5/16"(8mm), 3/8", 10mm, 7/16"(11mm), 12mm, 1/2", 13mm, 9/16"(14mm), 5/8"(16mm), 17mm, 11/16", 3/4"(19mm). can be used on sae and metric sizes.
THINKWORK Impact Bolt Damaged, Frozen, Rusted, Rounded-Off Bolts, Nuts & Screws
Product Highlights:
  • each bolt extractor is made of high hardness chrome-molybdenum steel for superior durability and longer life. it will easily extract damaged bolts, nuts, and screws even if they are stripped, rusted, or frozen.
  • the internal thread with reverse spiral flutes design to bite down to provide maximum gripping power, the more you turn, the tighter the socket grips.
  • standard 3/8-inch drive and hex adapter to let the extractors compatible with common to heavy-duty power tools, drivers and screwdrivers handle tools.
Impact Nut And Bolt SAE And Metric Sizes For 3/8 Inch Drive With Case
Product Highlights:
  • 13 metric & sae sizes: this orion motor tech extractor tool set includes both metric and sae sockets in the most commonly needed sizes, all clearly marked on each socket: 1/4", 5/16" (8mm), 3/8", 10mm, 7/16" (11mm), 12mm, 1/2", 13mm, 9/16" (14mm) , 5/8" (16mm), 17mm, 11/16", and 3/4" (19mm)
  • 6-point spiral grip: each part of this socket set for stubborn nut removal has six points of contact and an interior spiraling design to offer maximum grip and torque as you pry off damaged, corroded, and coated nuts, bolts, lugs, studs, hex screws, and more
  • 3/8" drive: our nut and bolt extraction tools easily pry off rusted, stripped, and frozen fasteners, working with manual and power tools with 3/8-inch drives including impact wrenches, air ratchets, and breaker bars
REXBETI Impact Bolt Set With Solid Storage Case
Product Highlights:
  • made of high hardness chrome molybdenum steel for durability
  • all the bolt extractors are precision engineered to easily extract damaged bolts, nuts and screws even if they are stripped, rusted or frozen
  • tight grips and won’t let go, the internal thread design provides excellent torque, the more you turn, the tighter the socket grips
MAXIMUM 12 Inch Drive Inch 22-24mm, 15/16 Inch 24mm, & 1 Inch 25mm
Product Highlights:
  • the maximum 1/2 inch impact rated bolt, nut & lug nut remover/extractor set is the perfect toolkit for removing stripped, damaged, rounded off and rusted bolts & nuts, and as a stripped lug nut remover for shorter profile lug nuts. superior gripping power, with sharp cutting edges
  • multi-functional uses: has hexagonal flats for use with flat wrench, pliers, adjustable wrench, sockets or vise-grip locking pliers. 1/2" impact rated square drive, which can be used with air tools
  • impact rated with thicker wall construction: made from impact rated 6-point high carbon steel (chrome-molybdenum steel, with black-oxide finish). thicker walls to provide the strength needed in a socket to remove larger sized nuts or bolts. the high carbon steel construction provides superior durability, corrosion resistance & maximum gripping power.
IRWIN Tools Bolt Extractor 1/2-Inch Drive 53916
Product Highlights:
  • bolt extractor is built for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers
  • high-carbon steel helps ensure long bolt extractor life and great durability
  • universal lobular design fits most types of fasteners
Eapele Impact Bolt Nut Center Punch Bar 6pcs
Product Highlights:
  • eapele lug remove set with easy-out technology and a left-hand spiral design for superior gripping power to remove broken bolts, screws, and studs.the 5 pieces in this bolt extractor set will remove a stripped bolt of numerous sizes (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22 mm, 26 mm) with minimal effort using a 1/2 inch drive.
  • high-strength 40cr--- each socket is made of heat-treated 40cr vanadium steel and coated in manganese phosphate for industrial or mechanical use and meets or exceeds ansi/asme standards.
  • handy to use---to remove the bolt, simply attach the extractor to a ratchet and place over the damaged head. you can tap it on using a hammer or wrench as well. then, simply turn the wrench to unscrew your bolt.

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