10 Best Natural Dog Bones

Top 10 Natural Dog Bones

SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews ( Chews (10 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • now made in vietnam; made with real peanut butter, chicken and vegetables
  • rawhide-free
  • easy to digest
Himalayan Gold Yak Dog ( Dogs, Keeps Dogs Busy & Enjoying, Indoors & Outdoor Use)
Product Highlights:
  • perfect to keep your dog busy and enjoying - these chew sticks are healthy, delicious premium organic chews that keeps your dog busy enjoying the sticks. they are made out of totally natural material hence they are easily digestible. they are best alternative to any other similar pet chews....and a great value! the more you purchase, the more you save!
  • natural ingredients -the chew sticks' source is nepal; they are made in and imported directly from nepal. the chew sticks are made from 100% from yak milk with no artificial ingredients and chemicals, as well as they do not contain any preservatives. the sticks are absolutely free from gluten and lactose making them very gentle on sensitive stomachs.
  • exclusive chews from ancient recipe - these are 'a' grade yak chews sourced from the himalayas that sink into dogs teeth. this is ancient tried and tested recipe from the mountains of nepal. these are totally natural and very nutritious dog chews made from yak's and cow's milk. milk is processed to remove lactose and make the chews easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs.
Pet N Shape All ( Large Sized Dogs, 2 Count)
Product Highlights:
  • delicious, single-ingredient, protein-rich bone your dog will crave
  • completely digestible and satisfies your dog's natural instinct to chew; helps to clean teeth and freshen breath, effectively removes tartar build-up and plaque, and strengthens gums and jaws
  • made and sourced in the usa from free-range, grass-fed beef
K9 Connoisseur Formerly Lilly ( Who Struggle With Boredom Best Upto 50 Pounds 6 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • hand inspected - to ensure each bone endures chewing without any early onset of bone breakage
  • healthier choice - cleans your pets teeth and gums while they chomp away
  • add peanut butter -refill the center with pb for a long lasting treat your pup will continue to love
Filled Dog Bones Flavors ( American Made (Variety Pack, Large (5-6") - 3 Flavors))
Product Highlights:
  • this variety pack includes 1 peanut butter, 1 cheese & bacon, and 1 beef filled bone. our filled bones for dogs are made in the usa to ensure the healthiest and safest possible dog chews. our midwest processing plant adheres to the strictest of quality assurance standards and sources free range, grass fed cattle. additionally, our facilities are audited, inspected, and approved by the fda, usda, and outside 3rd party inspectors.
  • each white femur bone is approximately 5 to 6 inches long and has been hollowed out to make room for our tasty filling. we take the time to slowly roast our american-made white bones for dogs to lock in the natural meaty and smoked flavor that dogs love. this bone is guaranteed to keep your dog busy!
  • dog dental care is important! these natural dog dental bone chews help to remove harmful plaque and tartar leading to improvements in overall dental health. let your dog chew on these clean dental bones and watch his teeth sparkle.
Nature Gnaws Small Bully ( Grass Fed Premium Beef Dog Chews)
Product Highlights:
  • made with 1 ingredient - 100% natural grass-fed beef
  • natural alternative to rawhide treats
  • daily chewing supports dental health
REDBARN NATURALS White Bone ( Chew, Real Femur Bone)
Product Highlights:
  • has a great taste to help keep them chewing and gnawing away at boredom and tartar
  • ideal for any size dog
  • cleaned of meat to help keep your carpet clean
Nature Gnaws Large Bully ( Free-Range Premium Beef Dog Chews)
Product Highlights:
  • single-ingredient grass fed beef bully sticks
  • natural alternative to rawhide dog bones
  • daily chewing supports dental health
JackPup Premium Grade Roasted ( Treat Chews - Savory Smoked Beef Flavor)
Product Highlights:
  • rich meaty flavor - jack&pup beef marrow bone dog treats are slowly roasted and naturally smoked along with pieces of meat, to enhance its flavor and provide a hearty and savory meaty dog treat. all jack&pup marrow bones are fully packed with high-density marrow. your canine will be entertained for many hours, chewing away on these marrow bones and enjoying its' delicious flavor!
  • 100% natural & healthy - full of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and manganese). bones are filled with 100% natural bone marrow, without any fillers or additives.
  • top quality - sourced from grass fed, free range cattle, and raised without any added hormones or antibiotics, resulting in a healthier and better tasting treat. processed in a usda human grade certified and inspected facility. each beef marrow dog bone treat is handpicked and inspected to ensure quality and perfect consistency. naturally odor free, without the use of any preservatives or chemicals.
Nature Gnaws Tripe Twists ( Premium Beef Dog Chew Treats)
Product Highlights:
  • single-ingredient grass fed beef tripe treat
  • natural & healthy alternative to rawhide chews
  • daily chewing supports dental health

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